Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally it’s Friday!

Good morning all my blogging buddies I hope your week went well.
Mine did but it was rather busy with my wholesale order and other orders in between…gotta keep everyone happy so it’s a fine line…but I love the challenge.

Yesterday was a running around day looking for fabric to cover the backs of my Ivory Penny Runners…I’m very particular what I use and last week I found this wonderful fabric at JoAnn’s that works PERFECTLY with my Ivory Wool Felt and I purchased all they had and wouldn’t you know I loved it! So yesterday we were on a mission to find more.

THREE JOANN’S later and no fabric. NOW WHAT!

The fabric is a QUILTER’S FLANNEL and the name on my sales slip says: Tan Scrolls and the number next to it is 400015394444.
The girls all said to me if I had that number they could have helped me further to find it but I didn’t have last weeks sales slip with me.  On the salvage edge it says it is designed for JoAnn Fabrics.

Here’s a picture of it – this is a Cream and Tanish Gold swirl design. So if anyone sees this in their JoAnn’s please let me know and I’ll send you money to buy it…I’M SERIOUS!
E-mail me at


Now, onto the business at hand…I have a few pictures of my stoneware/jugs and some more Salt Glaze Pottery to show you.
I will save the rest of my Salt Glaze for a future post…still haven’t unpacked the rest to take pictures.

The following pictures you might have seen before…our son uncovered these old beer bottles and ink bottles and jugs at a landfill. They date back to the early 1800’s.

1800s Beer Bottles

 1800s Beer Bottles 2

1800s Ink Bottles

Small Ink Bottles

Three Jugs

When our first Grandson, Jesse, was born we bought him this bank which measures 9 inches across and 13 inches tall – he’s now 20 years old

Now just more of my treasures





The next two are the only two antiques crocks I ownLargeCrock



Today is grocery shopping and cleaning plus getting more of my wholesale order finished and mailed.

Tomorrow Darren and Dan and their families are coming over for the day and evening to help get Darren and MaryAnn’s grill assembled.
We gave it to them as a Christmas gift but it’s still in our garage…WAY TOO HEAVY FOR THEM TO GET THE BOX HOME…especially with Darren not being able to lift….so we’re making a party out of it! All the guys will be working on getting it put together which will make it easier to get it to Darren’s house in Dan’s truck.

What’s going on with all of you out there??? Keeping warm, busy and happy I hope. I’ll be checking in on all of you soon.

OMGosh I just saw I’m one away from having 400 followers! Wowzer!!!

Hmmmm, wonder what that will bring here…Keep watching…you never know!

Hugs, Karen

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A ‘Just Because’ Gift and Soup Supper

A couple days ago there was a package stuffed in my mailbox and I knew I didn’t order anything so I was very anxious to open it so in the house I hurried and inside were some wonderful gifts from a very sweet blog friend and she said she did it just because…ISN’T THAT SWEET?

Thank you Dale Elizabeth of A COUNTRY SHOP BLOG 
Here’s what she sent me!
Just look at the detail on the Candle Paddle – it’s a rusty tin candle holder tacked onto the wood…I love it!
So in the package was the Candle Paddle, Battery Candle, Wooden Egg with a Star painted on it and an adorable Pip Berry Candle Ring…that is supposed to go on the Candle Paddle but I didn’t want to cover up the detail…and the colors in the ring match the star!

oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1

We woke up this morning to more of that good ole white stuff – got about 2 inches and it’s supposed to snow again tonight.
Doug had a run to Indiana today so it was kind of a free day for me so I did some grocery shopping and then back home to make some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup – a good day for it too I might say…because it snowed off and on all day…felt like a snuggly day.
So the soup was our dinner this evening and oh did it hit the spot.

Yesterday we invited Darren, MaryAnn and Aidan to lunch in Lake Geneva at this darling restaurant called Egg Harbor. We figured with Darren still off work (yep…still no use of the right arm!) we would do this now and then with him off and little Aidan was such a sweetie – I don’t think I’ve seen such a good baby in ages…not a peep out of him the whole time and he sat and ate his lunch – by himself- quietly…but those little eyes never missed a girl! Whenever a waitress or a girl customer came by he watched her the whole way and then would grin! We all had to chuckle over that. I guess even at a year and a half he has an eye for a pretty girl! LOL

I will put the 2nd part of my Pottery and Crocks on a bit later. I need to go unpack some of the pieces that are in the basement and some are high up in my cabinets – so be patient!

oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1   oldglory1

I put a few NEW items on my website today
One of these days I hope to get
a couple new designs on as well

And…until March 20th
ON SALE FOR $7.00 reg. $10.00.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I said I would post my Salt Glaze today didn’t I??? Well here it is.
I have so much of it and most of it got packed away last Easter when we redid our dining room. It was lining the shelves above the windows and started to get very busy looking for my taste so I kept out my favorite pieces and packed the rest away.

The pictures probably don’t do it all justice because these are large pieces…most are at least 12 – 16 inches tall and about 6 - 9 inches around.

We started collecting Salt Glaze 31 years ago when we finally started traveling east on vacations. Our first encounter was with BEAUMONT POTTERY in York, Maine, and what a deal….we were just driving along and here was this huge red barn with the double doors flung open and what did we see but shelves of this beautiful pottery….WE WERE HOOKED.

I had never really seen or gotten into Salt Glaze Potter till this moment….and the hunt began!  Fortunately for us we purchased some of the ORIGINAL BEAUMONT POTTERY when the couple was still married and making it on their farm. Today I feel so lucky to have several of their original pieces…since the couple split up, the styles have changed so much. Oh I’m so happy with my pieces from them.

I will do this in two posts because I have 40 pictures and I don’t think will really stay with me that long! lol
So today it will be just the Salt Glaze. Sometime – my next post will be misc. crocks and jugs.

Crock1 Crock2 

Crock3 Crock4

Crock5  Crock6

Crock7  Crock8

Crock9  Crock10

Crock11  Crock12

Crock13  Crock14

BunnyCrock  HeartBowl

HeartBowl1  SnowmanCrock

SpoonCrock  SpoonCrock1


Eldreth Plates 

Most of my pieces are from Eldreth Pottery, Lancaster, PA…they are my favorite of all pieces although Beaumont being my first favorite only because I can’t get them anymore. Does that make sense? (the plates above are all from Eldreth….there are 9 plates that are just Christmas themed.

Years ago I joined a club from Wisconsin Pottery – it was a piece a month and I got about 7 pieces before I decided this was really costing me because normally I would buy a piece a year, not a month so I cancelled the subscription but I love the pieces I got in that time.

Well, enough rambling….please check out Beaumont’s links below…I even learned some new things.

You can find the Beaumont History here…VERY INTERESTING.
And…please, read Jerry’s little bio…very heartwarming….

Hugs, Karen

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Few Pictures and a Thank You

I am a bit late in posting my THANK YOU TO DEB over at
THANK YOU DEB for drawing my name in your last Give A-Way….the room spray is AWESOME…OMGosh it smells like Oranges and a whole lot of other wonderful aromas all mixed into one….It’s called Summer At Plimoth – I can picture the Colonial women dressed in their long homespun dresses and aprons and bonnets in their tiny little SUMMER KITCHENS working at the wood table in front of the open fireplace…summer or not they needed to cook and this scent gives me that picture in my mind.

And the tarts…oh man….they are goona be melting today! And I get the same picture in my mind with these…called 1620 Plimoth Kitchen.

Well, you just have to go order some for yourself because I’m not sharing! lol


I took a few pictures today of some of my favorite things – I’ll stop chatting now!  You can click on pictures for larger size.

BasketDrieds1  BasketDrieds2

BasketsPlatesHutch   BirdOranges

Chair   WoolBag

GabrialHornBlower   RedBox

Gathering   RedwareBowl  


My next post will be my Saltglaze Pottery

TaTa For Now!