Friday, February 12, 2016

A few new things

Sorry I haven’t been around much these past couple months.
Seems I always have good intentions but then the next minute I say “nope – need to get other things done first”.  Do you do that?  When I do I get more and more behind coming here to visit with you all.  I will try my best to change that because I really miss what you are sharing with us.

So…last Saturday we headed out for Pennsylvania to the Market Square wholesale show.
This was my first outing since my surgery.  Wasn’t sure if I could do it but I wouldn’t know unless I did it.
I had a few ouchie moments but they went away as quickly as they came.  I did amaze myself at my stamina with all the standing and walking for 2 days.
We have been looking for almost 2 years for a cupboard of some kind for my wool and this time we found it.
It’s the 2nd piece we have from this couple who makes wooden cupboards.  Red Fox Primitives out of Kutztown, PA.
One thing we liked about it was the depth of it. Sometimes you find one and it’s just the 12 inch depth from the one board.
It’s showing up blue but it actually looks like a dark teal – so it’s painted a dark aqua with a black over coat.

These 2 sweet lil ole ladies will be up for sale on my selling blog a bit later today.

And I finally found some unfinished wood boards for punch needle.

I don’t use too much brown in my home but this throw looked so rich and would make a nice table throw for winter.

We did a bit of shopping in Lancaster before we headed home.

Found this wooden box that I will use for my punch needle supplies.

We will start making gourd garlands this summer and found these faux nuts to string with the gourds.
Last time we were in PA we found 4 lb. bags of bay leaves at Amish Trader – great for using between the gourds or whatever drieds we use.

So that was our quick jaunt to PA…..on with other things.

A friend of mine asked me if I could make a penny rug for her from a kit she had purchased so I said yes I would do it.
It has become a favorite of mine!!!  I love all the dark colors used plus the dark gold velvet binding.

Some of the colors stop and another color starts up and sometimes there’s just one different color in with a row of a single color. My husband thought it to be incorrect but it’s how the design went.

When I was in the hospital my husband had the guest bed brought down to our room and put the poster bed in the basement. There’s no way I could have managed getting in to the high poster bed.  As it was I needed help in the regular bed.  But saying all this I was working up to the fact that I love this bed….I don’t want the poster bed back but we need to get the bed back up in the guest room and time for me to use our bed again (with a stool of course)
I love the old look it has.

That’s it for me this time around – hope I can come up with more worthy posts in the future.

Blessings to all