Friday, April 10, 2020


Anybody going stir crazy yet?
We aren't - but maybe that's because we have kept ourselves busy
plus we are used to being together all the time.
I feel for the poor parents that have their children home 24/7 these days.
I sure hope between the children's school work and free time that they are all getting along.
Hopefully it will bring families closer together.

Finished this sweet little kitty punch needle
Keeps me busy in the evenings working on projects.
Haven't decided how to mount it yet though.

And...when I'm not doing punch needle I'm working on my new hooked rug.
It originally had Aztec designs on the sides but I didn't like how it looked so I pulled
out the wool and drew half circles and like it much better.
The edges look a tad rough too because I pulled out the entire border and now need
to try and line up the rest of it  - wish me luck!

We finally finished the 'work' side of the basement!!!
What a pleasure it will be to be in here now.

After everything was done I decided to paint the ceiling.
It was really dirty and a whole lot of punch holes from pool cues.
We tried to replace some of the tiles but the original ones are sooooo old that the new ones
didn't work and there was no way we were going to replace the whole ceiling
because it goes way over into the other part of the basement.

The fold down work table is a blessing when I am laying out my wool and patterns.

Doug's workbench down there at the end needs to be organized yet!
The pine cabinet on the wall was from above our refrigerator in the kitchen 
and I didn't want to paint it in case we would ever need it again - it's holding some of my baking supplies...cookie cutters...piping bags, cookie sprinkles/sugars, coloring, etc. 
Being I don't use these items often it saves space in our kitchen cupboards.

Thank you for visiting!
I pray you all have a wonderful Easter weekend
Blessings to all