Saturday, August 24, 2013

What happened after the vacation…

Still more vacation pictures to come but thought I’d give you all a break…I haven’t put 2 posts in a week on in ages if at all.

I thought I’d show you what kept me busy or should I say NOT BUSY for this past week.
I knew going in to the vacation that when we got back home I was going to have just a week to get the vacation things put away, house cleaned and e-mails all answered because I was having surgery on the 20th.

But as the course always is for me – I GOT A MIGRAINE – whenever something like this is to be done or if I have a little procedure on my back, whatever…even company coming for a few days…I GET A MIGRAINE.  Now I don’t stress or even talk about what is to be happening but somewhere deep in this brain of mine I must stress without knowing it.
So shortly after getting home from vacation (a mere 3 days) I started getting a headache and the way it started in my eyes I knew what was ahead.
Sure enough by Thursday night I had a huge headache…I babied it for a couple days but by Sunday it was a full blown Migraine…I threw up all night Sunday night and into the morning.  After a couple calls to the dr. I got Imitrex but it wouldn’t stay down so he prescribed a pill for nausea – finally got that under control and took the Imitrex. Went into surgery on Tuesday with a horrible hurting head but the pain of it had gone at least.

(I did get feeling a tad better to go to my great-nieces wedding on Saturday night though) but we left early.

So on with the surgery – I was given a spinal to put me under instead of the tube down the throat.  Anesthesiologist was skeptical of my headache and nausea – thought this was the best way.
I felt pretty good when I came back to my room but then those meds are rather strong.  By evening I was hurting. 

Doug snapped the leg shot just after coming down – I really didn’t care – that’s how good those meds are! lol

 me in hospital

Then today the bandages got to come off
operation 2

I hurt in all the areas mainly because they had to cut through muscle.
What I have are Osteocondroma’s – or Calcium Deposits (bone tumors). Fortunately after having x-rays and bone scans he determined they were not cancerous (whew!!).

They have been hurting for the last year and a half at least and not only did the areas where the bones were but the entire leg ached and throbbed…so that along with my back issues put all the dr.s in a worry as to what to do first.  Eliminating one problem then another till I’m left with just one area of pain.  So that leaves me with the SI joint that I had RF (Nerve Ablation) done on last month so when that fully kicks in I should be good to go for awhile anyway.

Dr. said the largest one was on the femur at the knee.  The one below it on my leg was smaller but it hurt just like the other one.
The one on my hip was at the hip joint and he wasn’t sure if he could get it because of all that was in the way trying to get it but he did.  I have another one in the groin but that probably will not be removed…too much chance of something not good happening.

I was in overnight – came home on Wednesday afternoon feeling pretty good.
I’m on 2 fast acting Percocet every 2 hours if needed and a muscle relaxer for bedtime.
If it starts to stop the deep aching I can go back to the Vicodin to control what pain is left there and from the SI joint.  One day…ONE DAY…I hope to be off all of that stuff and feeling 100%.
I do not let it get me down though…I will push through and do what I like doing….just grit my teeth a bit more some days.

So what’s fun now that I laid that on ya…things we bought on the vacation I guess which wasn’t much at all now that I think of it.

Got this sweet combination ‘hooked/applique’ pillow at In Grandma’s Attic
hooked pillow

At my friend Cindy’s shop in Lititz, PA – Days Gone By Creations I got a fantastic table throw.
Family Heirloom Weaver product…Tan and Red and I think she said it was called Log Cabin???
log cabin table throw

From the craft show I can’t remember the name of the booth  another throw in reds
Red tan table square

A string of Okra from Teresa’s Primitive Treasures booth at the craft show
Okra from Teresa

One booth at the show was selling hand loomed throw rugs and we bought this 5 ft. one for the screen room.
If she’s there next year I will buy other ones now that I know how nice it is.

At Cocalico Creek I bought a Black/Mustard table square
Black Mustard Table square

I have a thing for nice mugs…I like my milk from a mug for some reason and when we were in Gettysburg and Emily was shopping around for a souvenir I spotted this one and I thought it was done tastefully for a gimmick/souvenir item.
It’s a really dark Blue and the inside is a beautiful Aqua.


Then we stopped in at Primitives By Kathy’s so I could get some note pads – I like sending one alone with each of my orders and I spotted this oval tray set done in a really rich Gold.  Price said $12.00 – thought it was for the smaller tray…nope, it was for the set.
When I checked out I see I paid $5 for the 2 pieces…wishing I was selling more things like this now because I would have bought several.  They are 16 inch and 14 inch. 
set of platters 

I totally forgot we purchased a Grapevine Trellis from Teresa’s Primitive Treasures booth
grapevine trellis

I’ve wanted to grow my own Bittersweet for so long now and our garden center finally started carrying it and the great thing is that now there’s a species that has both male and female in one plant.  I purchased one but we will let it grow for a few years to vine out before cutting it.  So until then I’ll still keep looking for some that people sell.
Bittersweet vine 2

And here’s what we did with it – it’s in the garden at the side of the yard.
We tied it up on the trellis to help guide it so I’m hoping this works.
Not where I intended for it to be but it works best there…and yes, the garden is in bad shape.
bittersweet and trellis

bittersweet and trellis 1

I guess this small post turned into one as big as the vacation ones…but is that any surprise???

See ya,


Friday, August 23, 2013

Vacation – part 2 New York

Are you ready for this one….probably not when you see all the pictures.
I’ll try and just keep pictures going and not much chatter (but you know me!)

I’m going to have just New York in this post as it has the most pictures of all the trip and our most favorite day too.

We left Lancaster at 6 am after getting Dunkin Donuts for breakfast that we ate on the way….we had a schedule we wanted to keep and as the day progressed and finally got to the end we were spot on with timing – worked out beautifully.
We drove for 3 hours getting to Staten Island at 9 – easiest way to get into NY by any means is taking the Staten Island Ferry across to Battery Park – and it’s a pretty and also FREE ride as well.

Isn’t she a beauty – what a fantastic thing the state of NY does for its people offering this commuter ferry into Manhattan 24/7

Staten Island Ferry 
Emily and Joe on the ferry
- it was a most windy ride…even Joe’s short hair is blowing -
Lady Liberty in the background
kids statue of liberty

kids on ferry statue of liberty 

The first thing we did was head to Ground Zero
It was a challenge trying to find how to get the Free (donation) tickets to get in to view but after asking many wonderful helpful New Yorkers we finally found it.
Right across the street from the ticket place was the beautiful St. Paul’s Chapel built in the 1700’s that stood among all the chaos that took place on 9/11.
Here’s what the display said inside: “St. Paul’s Chapel, near the site of the Towers, opened its doors to the emergency responders, and volunteers appeared with food and socks, massaging hands and praying hearts. Volunteers continued to staff the Chapel for months afterward, and prayers were offered as human remains were sought and retrieved in the ruins of the Towers.”
People are still leaving flowers and mementos on the fence surrounding the church yard.

I didn’t get a picture of the outside but got one of Emily inside with the displays.

Memorial 1

Ground Zero just made you want to cry at what took place there and the memorials that are now being put there are incredible.
The Reflecting Pools are so beautiful. I had more pictures but this is enough
reflecting pool

us at reflecting pool

kids at refling pool

Freedom Tower
memorial 2

Then we took a cab to Time Square…kids thought this was the ‘ultimate New York experience’
Our cab driver was a bit funny too – and the close calls had the kids in constant giggles.DSC01129

So on to Time Square – lots happening there!
This ‘thing’ I think it was a man – took Emily and had a little fun with her.
lady liberty and emily


time square 1

new york 1

Police Segways
Police segways 

us new york 1

And then a bit of the ‘unbelievable’
I don’t know what this was about but it speaks for itself…strange!!
angel lady

After our tour of Time Square we headed for lunch at Ellen’s Stardust Diner
This is a fun-overpriced restaurant where your servers entertain you while you eat
and then pass the bucket for tips along with getting a tip on the bill!
Our lunch which was 2 Patty Melts, 1 Cheeseburger and a bowl of Macaroni & Cheese and 4 sodas and tip was $93.00 OUCH!!!
But the kids enjoyed it even though we were on the 2nd level
the servers entertain up there as well. They all try and get seen and get a part on Broadway
at Ellens Stardust Diner 

at Ellens Stardust Diner emily 

Then we got on the subway…another first for them…and headed up to Central Park.
first subway ride

first subway ride 1
We knew ahead of time that we would take a carriage ride in the park but when we got there a young guy hit us up for a Rickshaw ride and we were so glad we did that instead of the carriage.  We opted for the one and a half hour tour and so happy we did that as it took us through most of the park.
us in richshaws

fountain central park

carriage central park

john lennon Strawberry fields memorial

And of course we could not leave the park without seeing another ‘oddity’
I don’t have a clue!!!  He was just doing all sorts of Yogo moves – sort of reminded me of a sundial

man in jock strap

We then stopped into the lobby of the Plaza Hotel.
I do so want to do this one day. 
They have several different types of Teas they offer but these were my favorites.
Now mind you this will never happen but it’s fun to dream!

Cucumber, Radish and Green Herbs
Smoked Salmon and Endive on Black Bread
Roquefort, Shaved Red Grapes and Watercress
Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Pesto
Roast Beef and Horseradish on Pretzel Roll
Freshly Baked, Warm Seasonal Scones
Double Devonshire Cream, Lemon Curd and Preserves
Black and White Cookies, Apricot Rugelach, Chocolate Cupcake,
New York Cheesecake, Lemon Tea
$60 per adult

or this one…

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Cucumber, Buttered Bread
Organic Peanut Butter and Jelly
Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich
Freshly Baked, Warm Seasonal Scones
Double Devonshire Cream, Preserves
Assorted Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes, Pink Pink Jello,
Eloise Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
$50.00 Per adult

$20 dollar will be added per person for sharing

Wouldn’t it be fun to have one of those menus sitting in this grand dining room?
I see there were a couple of tables enjoying one of these special menus.

plaza dining

Then off to FAO Schwarz Toy story
Kids enjoyed the walk through there too – had their picture taken with some Legos
Statue of liberty legos  emily legos

Oh and despicable me…isn’t he cute!!
emily toy store

After that it was on to the Empire State Building.
kids empire state bldg

view from empire st bldg



And just when you think you are over a thousand
miles from home someone yells…
’Well if it isn’t the Martinsens.’
Friends of Emily’s were there too…now what
are the odds of that happening again.
emily and friends

This was the last of the tour for them in New York…and for you too!
I know this was a long one but I never lied to you that’s why I broke it up for ya!
The next post will be of the last 3 days…not much going on just Hershey, Amish country and the Lititz Craft show.

Thanks for joining me again