Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am asking for help finding the make of these dolls - they are made by hand:
Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin and the Headless Horseman dolls
I have a customer who wants to purchase some for her shop.

They were made by a lady in Ohio, but she can't make out the rest of the words on the tags.  But it looks something like: V Mattoney but it could be something else. She purchased them in Lancaster, PA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
E-mail me if you know something


Monday, March 26, 2012

You’re Invited

Hello Everyone!!!

Robin from The Primitive Hutch
and Imyself, Karen from My Colonial Home
planning a get together!

When:  Sat. May 19th

We are trying to get a group of our blogging friends together to go antiquing for the day!!!

"Oh What Fun That Would Be!!!"

So if you're from Wisconsin or from the surrounding areas you are more than welcome to join in the fun!!!
(Everyone is Invited)
Where: We are planning to meet at the
Columbus Antique Mall
239 Whitney St.
Columbus, WI 53925

Time:  8:00 a.m.

After our antiquing adventure and if time permits we would like to go to
Cottage House Primitives
120 S. Main St.
Lodi, WI 53555

There is also another shop located in Lodi
Three Bats in the Belfry
203 Portage St.
Lodi, WI 53555
might be interesting!

Or if anyone knows of other prim shops near Columbus, WI that would be fun to visit please let us know!

So if anyone is interested in going ~ Please ~ contact Robin or me via email to get signed up!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Quilt tops, more sheep, winnings

I guess it wasn’t enough that I posted a long post already this week…there’s more she has to say you ask yourself…oh yes, there’s more…MORE SHEEP THAT IS…like I don’t have enough – maybe I do – but isn’t there always room for ‘just one more’?  But in this case TWO MORE…oh my….where will they end up!

Well, one is a PINCHUSHION – I just had to have it. You know how that is when you see something and say THAT’S MINE!!!!
Yep, I ordered this little cutie from Cathy at
Red House Wool Studio

She also has a blog
Orange Sink

And don’t forget…you can also fine her at
Primitive Handmade Mercantile

This lady does awesome work…now I ask you…is this not just too sweet…see why I had to have it.
It’s pure wool and Pennies…oh yes, Pennies – and buttons!
Sheep pin cushion 2

Sheep pin cushion

 Sheep pin cushion 3


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And this adorable gal named Beulah…from Carol over at Buttermilk Creek Farms ( http://buttermilkcreekfarm.blogspot.com/)
Remember the Mouser, Miss Maggie Sue that I posted earlier this week – she was part of a swap?
Well this is her little friend Beulah – Now tell me I didn’t need her…Maggie Sue said she needed her so home she will come soon.
She’s a tiny one and all hand made by Carol…approx. 2-1/2 high by 3-1/2 long. How does she do that!!!
Thank you Carol for letting me use your picture.
beulah Carol Buttermilk creek Farm

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So what else is happening here at the home - (oh gosh, that’s sounds like I’m in a HOME…lol)
Well, maybe I am – feels like it sometimes!

I must have the stars all lined up for me this month because I won another give away
I won these wonderful treasures from Michelle at
Simple Pleasures (
http://simplepleasures317.blogspot.com/ )

It all came wrapped and presented so pretty…I couldn’t wait to open it all.
The giveaway was for her bowl of handmade waxed eggs – but Michelle added a few extra treasures.


In the little cloth bag were some waxed bowl fillers…so cute!
All winnings

Look at this awesome Gooseberry Patch Cookbook – too sweet!
Cook Book

And the wonderful bowl of hand made waxed eggs…adorable!

THANK YOU MICHELLE….you spoiled me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

YOOOOO-HOOOOO….Angieberry…look see….
Yesterday was a beautiful day (one of our last for awhile) so I took advantage of it and grunged the quilt tops – just look at them blowing in the breeze – I love that look. 

This one here is my favorite…I love how the blue darkened from the coffee dye. If it didn’t have so many tears in it I just might consider completing it – but the fabric is so think I don’t think it would hold up.
I think what I will make from this is pillows from the squares – at least that’s what is in my head ‘today’.
Quilt 1

This is the way it looked when I received it
Quilt 1

This one didn’t darken as much but for real it looks darker than the picture
Quilt 2

This is the original look – doesn’t even look like the same quilt…but it is!
Quilt 2

 Quilts 3 


Thanks for hanging in there with me today – I really didn’t know I was going to do a second post
but thanks to all my wonderful friends I have ‘food’ for a post!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just a little thing to think about…Robin from The Primitive Hutch
http://primitivehutch.blogspot.com/ )
and myself are trying to get a day get-together with all the Wisconsin bloggers
( and anyone else who would like to join in )

We’re in the process of picking a day and then we’ll post the details for signup…
not sure where we will be meeting for our days outing but it
probably will be somewhere easy for EVERYONE to get to.

One date we thought about was May 19th…keep it in mind.

So keep watching – we’re hoping for mid May or there about.
We have about 10 on the hopeful list so far!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday’s Display Chain

I jumped on board and thought I’d do Misi’s display chain this week…http://1890gablehousemusings.blogspot.com/
I pretty much never have my thoughts together enough to join but I do have this one I can join in on.
Lions/Lambs…well, I have the Lambs (sheep)….no Lions, just kitties.

But after looking at several blogs out there I don’t compare
(How about that Robin??? 
I don’t think anyone can beat your collection!)

White sheep

Little gathering in the pie safe
Sheep in pie safe 2 
Sheep in pie safe 1

Some extras that I pulled out for the photo shoot…
they are packed away again now
Extra sjee[

  One of my favorite Sheep pictures in the den
Sheep picture

On the shelf of the old cupboard in the dining room
Sheep pull toys

And of course my beautiful sheep from Teresa
Teresa’s Primitive Treasures
 Gray sheep

Sheep towel

 Sheep pillow

Sheep 1

 Sheep plate

Another favorite I had made by Maurine
 Sheep 2

I made these last year to sell
Sheep with sheep runner

Sheep picture 1


I bought this last year from Brenda
Sheep from Brenda

My Sheep mat that I sell and my adorable sheep from my friend Linda in PA
Sheep Lamp Mat 3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you put off buying things you really need but buy things you don’t? 
I do that quite often but last week I bough some sheets for our bed…sorely needed too –
Got lots of them but the ends don’t want to stay on – well maybe you know how that is – you keep putting it off –
sheets aren’t cheap!
We went to Sam’s Club and I found these gorgeous 450 count Aqua Blue sheets…
they feel like Silk and they’re mine!
Can’t get the color just right with a photo but it’s close!
It’s like a cross between Robins Egg Blue and Aqua…a very Colonial Blue
Sheets 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few weeks ago Kendra from Stone House Primitives
hosted a ‘Towel’ swap that I got in on

I received a beautiful gift from Carol my swap partner over at

I couldn’t believe what she sent along with the beautiful towel.
 Gifts from Carol - towel swap

Included were some hand made eggs by Carol and this
beautifully scented 1890 candle made by Misi at
Candle and eggs

And this adorable MOUSE
I can’t stress enough the beautiful workmanship Carol
puts into her pieces. The detail on Miss Maggie Sue is beyond words
Mouse 4 

Mouse 3
I put my adorable eggs in a bowl with some Bunnies
Eggs and bunnies 1
And a big THANK YOU Kendra for hosting this for us.
It was so much fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, I finally got my acceptance letter to be in the Lititz Craft Show
I wasn’t sure if I’d get in this year – as it is I’m leasing a spot from a friend
So now I can feel comfortable to actually be in legally.
I have two spaces now – what do do, what to do!

AUGUST 11, 2012
8 - 4
(my leased space is the first one on Rt. 501 coming into Lititz by the Police station
Don’t know where my second space is yet)

Location of my space to be determined later

Thanks for stopping by today – enjoy your early Spring


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winnings - Family treasures – projects

My New Kitties…
Nothing more fun than to be driving up the road and see a large package sitting by your door from the mailman….and today was one of those days…that’s right – I won again and this time from Carol from Firecracker Kid Primitives 
http://firecrackerkid.blogspot.com/ how lucky am I ?

Remember those adorable fabric stuffed Kitties she had up for a Give A-Way…well they found their way to my home. Now I have 4 kitties…yikes – well at least they don’t eat much – they’re quite stuffed already!  Not sure where they will end up but they are in my bedroom for now.

Now tell me…aren’t these just too sweet…and oh my goodness they are much larger and heavier than they looked on her blog. And each one has its own special decoration around its neck. I think they’re happy here…look at those sweet smiles.
Thank you so much Carol - you were very sweet to do this for us.

Cats closeup

Cats on dresser 1

Family Treasures…
How blessed we have been to have received special treasures from my last living aunt…Friday while were visiting her she gifted me with a Bowl and Pitcher that was in my uncles family for generations. It was his grandmothers and dates back to 1892.
It is English pottery made by J.H.W & Sons Hanley, England.
The stamp on the bottom says it’s the Daisy pattern
Bowl Pitcher 3

I put this candlestick next to it so you can see the size
Bowl Pitcher 1

These normally were set on a wash stand and used in the bedroom in the 19th century to wash up….similar to this

Lots of work ahead for me…
For the last few weeks I have been purchasing fabric so I can cover my Mache stacking boxes for the show I’m doing this summer…I love the combinations I have come up with and now I’m anxious to get working on them.
Blue Fabric 1

Blue Fabric 2

 Green Fabric 1

Rust Fabric 1

 Blue Fabric 3 

Brown Fabric 1
I know I posted these boxes before…but as you can see they never got done then…please send me wishes that I get them done this time!
Shaker Boxes_thumb[1]

Birthday Time…
Our granddaughter Emily turns 14 on Tuesday and today we all went to breakfast for her birthday…didn’t get pictures of the group but did get one of her with her gift from us.  She wanted anything to do with the new The Hunger Games…we got her a couple books and then added a gift card for Kohls (she had a specific list this year – we couldn’t miss getting her something she loved).
Don’t know what The Hunger Games is…here’s the link http://www.thehungergames.co.uk/ it looks awesome and the movie comes out next week March 23rd.

Ems gift
Em gifts 2

Aidan was intrigued with Joe’s IPod Touch.
Joe is showing him how it works – it took him just a few seconds to learn how to use it.

Aidan 2

Aidan 1

Jesse, Darren and MaryAnn
Darren MaryAnn Jesse 

Hope you are all enjoying the thoughts of Spring soon arriving…I know I am.
Thanks for joining me