Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winnings - Family treasures – projects

My New Kitties…
Nothing more fun than to be driving up the road and see a large package sitting by your door from the mailman….and today was one of those days…that’s right – I won again and this time from Carol from Firecracker Kid Primitives how lucky am I ?

Remember those adorable fabric stuffed Kitties she had up for a Give A-Way…well they found their way to my home. Now I have 4 kitties…yikes – well at least they don’t eat much – they’re quite stuffed already!  Not sure where they will end up but they are in my bedroom for now.

Now tell me…aren’t these just too sweet…and oh my goodness they are much larger and heavier than they looked on her blog. And each one has its own special decoration around its neck. I think they’re happy here…look at those sweet smiles.
Thank you so much Carol - you were very sweet to do this for us.

Cats closeup

Cats on dresser 1

Family Treasures…
How blessed we have been to have received special treasures from my last living aunt…Friday while were visiting her she gifted me with a Bowl and Pitcher that was in my uncles family for generations. It was his grandmothers and dates back to 1892.
It is English pottery made by J.H.W & Sons Hanley, England.
The stamp on the bottom says it’s the Daisy pattern
Bowl Pitcher 3

I put this candlestick next to it so you can see the size
Bowl Pitcher 1

These normally were set on a wash stand and used in the bedroom in the 19th century to wash up….similar to this

Lots of work ahead for me…
For the last few weeks I have been purchasing fabric so I can cover my Mache stacking boxes for the show I’m doing this summer…I love the combinations I have come up with and now I’m anxious to get working on them.
Blue Fabric 1

Blue Fabric 2

 Green Fabric 1

Rust Fabric 1

 Blue Fabric 3 

Brown Fabric 1
I know I posted these boxes before…but as you can see they never got done then…please send me wishes that I get them done this time!
Shaker Boxes_thumb[1]

Birthday Time…
Our granddaughter Emily turns 14 on Tuesday and today we all went to breakfast for her birthday…didn’t get pictures of the group but did get one of her with her gift from us.  She wanted anything to do with the new The Hunger Games…we got her a couple books and then added a gift card for Kohls (she had a specific list this year – we couldn’t miss getting her something she loved).
Don’t know what The Hunger Games is…here’s the link it looks awesome and the movie comes out next week March 23rd.

Ems gift
Em gifts 2

Aidan was intrigued with Joe’s IPod Touch.
Joe is showing him how it works – it took him just a few seconds to learn how to use it.

Aidan 2

Aidan 1

Jesse, Darren and MaryAnn
Darren MaryAnn Jesse 

Hope you are all enjoying the thoughts of Spring soon arriving…I know I am.
Thanks for joining me



  1. Happy Saturday Friend
    Oh what adorable kitties. Love all the new treasures. The pitcher and bowl is beautiful. The fabrics are beautiful too. Happy Birthday to your sweet Granddaughter.
    Hugs Trace

  2. Hello Karen- Love your new kitties. So Sweet!
    Those fabrics are Beautiful. Here's hoping you get them all finished. Can't wait to see them when they are done!
    Happy Birthday to your Grand daughter.
    I Love your bowl and pitcher. I remember when my Grandma had a set at her home. They certainly are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Oh Karen you always have the best posts.I love the bowl and pitcher. I remember my grandmother having one similar, hers set on a stand with a mirror attached (not sure what that is called) and the colors are great.Speaking of colors, I kept going down though your pics of fabric choices and saw several I have picked out or are on my list for next time. Great minds think alike. You have a lot of those boxes to cover, can't wait to see them finished, I am sure they will look great!! I love parties for family members, so fun and so much love to go around. Don't they grow up so fast??!! Blessings for a great weekend. ~Sara

  4. Hi Karen,
    Love the kitties that you won in the very cute!!
    Oh my...what wonderful fabric!! Can't wait to see them on the boxes when you get them done.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. Congratulations Karen - I know those kitties will have the best of homes - they look PURRFECT how you have them displayed! I totally missed out on that one....It's a rare feat to get to a blog post the same day it was posted these days. (So consider this comment a rarity!) I LOVE your fabric choices....oh yikes - I'm going to be so jealous that they won't be available to us.....Happy birthday to Emily (my - don't you wrap a pretty package...why doesn't that surprise me???) ;o) I love how close-knit your family is - you must have a family "doing" every week! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Wow Karen where do I start.. I love the Kitty's they actually look adorable right where they are..

    Love Love Love the Pitcher and Bowl how blessed you are that your aunt gave them to you...they are Prim beautiful!!

    Love all the fabric choices you made.. I have many of the same fabrics I had hoped to cover book stacks with but like you I never got to maybe we should wish each other luck...Thinking I might cover books while I recover from surgery...

    don't the little kids amaze you how quick they pick up on how to work all the new gadgets that take us days and weeks to figure out..My nieces will say..I know how to do tht let me show about feeling old holding my phone, game or camera and they quickly let me know they know exactly how it works...hehe

    Take care my friend and have fun working on the Stack boxes...


  7. Congrats Karen, the kitties are wonderful. Sending wishes that you get all those boxes done...can't wait to see them. How wonderful to have been gifted a family treasure, I'm sure it will be cherished and admired. Thank you for visiting and following my blog.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  8. Karen: Another interesting post from you. Love the pitcher and bowl, your 14 yr. old grand daughter (I have one, too) and Aiden with the ipad. Wow, those little kids are smart today.
    I want to know how you actually cover those you use spray glue or ??? I have done a few with mediocre results. Please share with us. (In your spare time, of course! LOL) You do great work and are amazing. {{HUGS}}

  9. I love your kitties and the pitcher and bowl is beautiful! The boxes will be so nice covered in that fabric.

  10. Karen~ Your grandaughter is beautiful.I haven't heard of the hunger games yet but sure it's coming LoL..The brown calico fabric is beautiful.Now quit reading comments and go get busy on those Sunday!~Amy

  11. Congratulations on winning your kitties, they are adorable. Your pitcher is beautiful! Love the fabric you have picked out, can't wait to see your fabric boxes. Happy Birthday to your Granddaugher, your grandsons are sooo cute, you have a lovely family. Hugs, Lecia

  12. Karen,

    I love the kitties. Your blog is always inspiring. Good luck on the boxes. I enjoy making them, too as well as painting and stencilling them.

    Your granddaughter is lucky to have a grandmother who shows her that she listens.


  13. Enjoyed seeing your photos. :)
    I love fabric covered boxes. Never tried to cover any for myself tho. Is it difficult? (Not asking for your secrets on how you do it.)

  14. Oh I can't wait to see those covered boxes! Happy birthday to Emily! And I so love your kitties!!! I have actually been sewing again. Hopefully getting better everyday! I hate being sick. Hope you are doing well.

  15. What beautiful grands you have!
    Your new kitties are very sweet as well.
    Sending good wishes for you and the boxes. Love the fabric and know they will be gorgeous!!!

  16. Great fabric choices your boxes will be beautiful. Cute grandchildren too!

  17. Karen ~
    How lucky to have the bowl and pitcher gifted to you!!! It's beautiful...and so is your granddaughter. I've never heard of hunger games. Aidan is so dang cute and how quickly they catch on.
    Happy Sunday to you.
    Hugs :)

  18. Cute kitties and they look right at home where you have them. Congrats on the win!

    Wow, another fabulous family treasure! Those are by far my favorite antiques. It's a beautiful set in excellent condition!

    You have picked out some beautiful fabrics Karen, love all the color combinations you have here! I think your upcoming show will give you good incentive to get them done. I know they are going to turn out wonderfully prim!

    Pretty package for Emily! My daughter is around the same age and if she saw that pretty package, she wouldn't want to open it, hehe... very cute! Looks like Emily is happy with her gift. Those boys are so cute. Little Aidan looks like a whiz already, haha. Family breakfast get-together would be a fun way to celebrate, I'll have to remember that for my upcoming birthday. =]

    Enjoyed visiting with you, as always. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend... now get busy on those boxes, lol!

  19. Happy Birthday to Emily! What a beautiful young lady!
    Can't wait to see all those boxes finished...your fabric choices are wonderful!

  20. Ah, the kitties made it to their new home and I can tell they're very happy.
    A beautiful pitcher and basin and so precious it was handed down to you. I have a set too and love them.
    I've seen previews for that movie "Hunger Games". Looks sad. I like to see the youngsters reading books though.

  21. Hi Karen
    It sure was a beautiful day today!!!
    Love that beautiful pitcher and basin you received such a wonderful treasure.
    Congrats on your win from Carol ~ they sure are cute.
    Happy Birthday to Emily!!! Hope all her wishes and dreams come true!
    I'll say a little prayer that you will get all those boxes done ~ love all the fabric combinations ~ they're going to look wonderful. I purchased some small paper mache' boxes and thought I would try to cover them with fabric and make some pinkeeps ~ I haven't started them either.
    Prim Blessings

  22. Karen ~~
    Fingers Crossed the Boxes get Done this time. LOL
    Happy Birthday to your Darling GrandGirl, Love the wrapping so Sweet. The two little guys are Adorable too.
    You are one Lucky Girl... another Win ... Woo Hoo !!
    Love the Kittens they look Great where you
    placed them. Congrat's !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  23. Now those adorable kittens I could live with. Love all the fabric colors and patters. Praying you accomplish much and get those done. Post pics. Isn't it amazing how quick kids pic up all the new technology? My Grands are always playing with something new. They know more about my gadgets than I do. Blessings and get to work on those soon to be lovely boxes. Blessings!

  24. Love your new kitties !

    Congrats on your win !

    Love the blue fabric you found !

    And your washstand pitcher is so nice.


  25. Always love your posts, Karen. Love the cute! I love, love, love the fabrics for your to get them finished. Can't wait to see how they turn out! Happy b'day to the grandgirl..she is a doll! Always love to see your family gatherings...having such a small family makes me long for more kin! Perhaps I can adopt some of yours? LOL Lucky you to have your family wash bowl and pitcher... Hope you're having beautiful weather as we are here in mountains of NC. Blessings!

  26. WOW what beautiful pieces of fabric artwork.. my goodness. what a treat to get that on your porch coming home! My daughter is on a hunger games craze too.. the Hunger Games was one of the books my daughters teacher last year had them read in school.. and whola its a crazy thing..

  27. All your fabric is very pretty Karen. Good luck with the boxes.
    Wonderful family memories too and the kitties are so cool.


  28. Hi Karen

    The pitcher and bowl are beautiful. I see them a lot around here, but I like the colors and flowers on yours.

    It's amazing how fast little kids can work with ipod, ipad, iphone. My 7 year old son answered my iphone last week while I was outside. I was so suprised to see that he was able to do that.

    I'm interested in a 'tutorial' on those stacking boxes. I have never covered a box with fabric and don't know how to start.


  29. Hi Karen, just found you through Tolen Treasues - I love those cats, congrats on the win! Your fabrics are great and I can't wait to see them on those boxes, please give us a pic when you're finished. I'm pretty new to blogging, stop by and visit :)

  30. Those kitties are adorable! And I bet they wouldn't bother my kids allergies one bit!! :-)

    I hope to see the finished boxes - those fabrics are just yummy!!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet grand daughter. Seems the Hunger Games craze is spreading like wildfire!!

    Isn't it amazing how quickly the young uns catch on to electronics? Lili is not even 3 and she does so many things on my Ipad! I am floored sometimes!!

    So nice to catch up with you again!! Warm hugs!

  31. Love the kitties, the beautiful fabric, and esp. the pitcher & bowl, just beautiful!

  32. Hi, Karen:
    How are you this morning? You know I love family heirloom photos, and you didn't disappoint me! Gorgeous bowl and pitcher, so many times one or the other piece doesn't survive so that you have a set. I love it.
    Fabric covered stacking boxes are beautiful, but you have so much work ahead of you! Your fabrics are gorgeous.
    Sweet photos of the kids. Isn't it amazing how fast they can work the electronics?

  33. I LOVE your fabrics!!!! The boxes will be amazing.

  34. Hi, Karen, It is a beautiful day here in Ohio, in the 70's. I hope it is nice up there in Wisconsin for you too. What darling kitties, nice that you have 4 now, and, they Don't Shed!!! All of your family heirlooms are just wonderful. I am also fortunate to have a lot of family things, and treasure them also. The bowl and pitcher is just spectacular!! Would you be kind enough to share how you grunge fabric in the oven? If it is a trade secret, I'll understand....

  35. Karen, your pitcher and bowl are absolutely beautiful - what a wonderful family treasure.

    I love the fabric you have chosen for your boxes - can't wait to see the finished product.

    Emily is adorable - how wonderful that you were able to celebrate her birthday with her. We will be celebrating our oldest granddaughter's 21st birthday on Sunday.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week,

  36. Karen, such a wonderful post. So many fun things and your style is so warm and inviting!!!!
    I am so happy to find you!

  37. Great fabric choices!!!! Can't wait to see them finished.


  38. Cute cats! Love the pics of the family. Those little ones figure out the technology way quicker than we do. The pitcher and bowl is such a nice keepsake! and...that is a whole lot of boxes! Wow! You better get busy!
    Your granddaughter is so pretty! Hunger Games, my daughter keeps telling me to read the books..haven't been convinced yet.


  39. Love those kitties. Love, love, love the wash basin and pitcher. Have been looking for a stand like that for a set I have. Yours is priceless as it is a family heirloom! So beautiful. Blessings to you!

  40. The kitties are adorable and I love that pitcher and bowl! You have a beautiful grandaughter!

  41. Karen,
    LOVE the cats! The pitcher and bowl are beautiful also. I have one that is White that was my great-grandmother's. I have seen a lot of people putting them on their dining room tables with flowers. I might try it to see and what a nice change. As usual I enjoyed reading your blog!

  42. Adorable kitties and very sweet looking pitcher and bowl. The fabrics are very pretty.


  43. Hi Karen...Love the little kitties and all your wonderful goodies. You really have your hands full with the making of those boxes, but I know you will work that magic as you always seem to do. I've wanted to give it a try, but just scared...I'm beginning to research them; who knows, I just may give it a try. Personally, I just love looking at your chosen fabrics as they are. :D
    If you will...pack Aiden's bags, I need that kid here so bad. So amazing how they catch on to all the new Tech out there. So Sweet.

    Wonderful post as always. TFS.



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