Monday, March 23, 2015

Wooly Post – and a Gathering!

Sure thought Spring was here for a bit – but that’s all we got was ‘a bit’ – several nice days of beautiful weather when you could even have some windows opened a bit as well – but nope, this morning there’s lots of snow on the ground!  But then I guess just because Spring came just a few short days ago, the weather guru didn’t get the message!!

A week ago Thursday Doug and I went up north to my brothers for a little outing – and we went to Wisconsin Rapids to Country Freckles where I found wool and a hooking pattern.
Tulip pattern

And then on Friday we all drove up to Rice Lake to visit my friend Cathy Greschner from Red House Wool.
Found some jummy Wools there.
Red Wool

Tan Wool

Then on the way home to our house we stopped in Lodi, WI at Cottage House Primitives and I bought some yards of wool and some more fat Quarters.
Yards of wool

Brown wool 1

Blue wool

Now I guess I had better start HOOKING!!!

If you remember I started having a ‘gathering’ here the first and third Tuesday of each month.
Well the actual first one was last Tuesday and there were 5 of us.  I know in April there will be more because the ones who couldn’t make it this time said they would be here…yeahhhh!
We had a fun time getting to know each other by taking a turn around the table telling about ourselves – we enjoyed that a lot.  We saw we all had a lot in common, not just the love of wool and stitching.

I served a chicken salad lunch and some awesome Chocolate cupcakes from a ‘Wacky Cake’ recipe.
gathering group


Then this past Thursday Doug and I took a drive up to Menasha, WI to Primitive Gatherings – been told a lot about this place and had to see it for myself.  It’s basically a fabric shop full of wool and homespuns and other fabrics and patterns galore!

I did find 3 punch needle patterns and some Valdani threads.
Bunny punch needle

 House and crow

Sheep and Clover

The colors of these threads are not coming out true to color – but here they are anyway.Valdani thread

I also bought some beautiful Turquoise over dyed wool to make this beautiful Penny Rug. I took a picture of it but for some reason the wools didn’t show up true.  But they are almost exactly as in the picture.
I bought the pattern from Lake View Primitives

Pointed tab penny rug 
So there you have my outings and purchases!

I was going to put some pictures on from around the house but this post is long enough! Next time !!

Blessings to all and enjoy your week doing whatever it is you do.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Keeping it brief….And IT’S AAALLLL DONE!

Four weeks later – aching bones – no more fingers left – but no major injuries during the process…the bedroom is FINISHED.
It seriously was a fun process working together on this room – I will say when my husband decides to do something he does it complete!
The bedroom started out just as painting walls – but it turned into a complete job.
His idea on everything this time which made me feel might good about that one!!!

The bed had to go back to the same spot no matter what but we did switch the dresser and Armoire out to give a tad more room to get in the door – it’s tall and so it looks like it’s in the way but it’s 1-1/2 feet shorter in width.  I love it.
Also left out one of the bedside tables and the bench that sat at the foot of the bed. I miss it for some things but not for the space it took up.
Also left off the peg board around the room.
There will be no decorations on the walls – I like the plain look and the stencil is all that’s needed for decoration anyway.
Doug gave the best description of it the other day – he said he finally figured out what the room looked like….’an old farmhouse bedroom’…I’m good with that!!!

Here’s the original
Bedroom Original

So no more chatting – here’s the final…now some may think it doesn’t look much different but I think that’s because the wall color is very similar (in the pictures anyway) but if you saw it for real you would see the difference.

Bedroom finished 1




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tuesday was the first ‘gathering’ day but we had a big snow that started ‘early’ in the a.m. so I basically called it off because everyone had to drive anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.
But at 10 a.m. when it was normally to start a lady showed up at my door!!!
But we had a great time…snug and cozy sitting in the den doing our rug hooking and punch needle and had a great lunch to boot.
I’m so glad she didn’t receive my cancellation and attempted the drive – can’t wait till the 17th for the next one – hopefully there won’t be anything to stand in the way.  I believe there oar 8 or 9 of us if everyone shows up!

Thanks for visiting me today
if you are in the ‘bad weather’ area please take caution and stay safe and warm