Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wow, time got away from me!

I didn't realize I haven't done a post since April 23!!!
Not so sure much of anything' interesting' has happened since but I'll try and get a post done here or you all will forget I'm here!!!

After we finished the bathroom remodel it felt like we were searching for things to do - we loved being busy, strange right? But we both love projects.
Two weeks ago a friend from NC came here for 4 days and just as soon as he left we were out of the house an hour later on our way to Pennsylvania.
We decided that we are having another IN-HOME SHOW in October and then hopefully one again in November, like we did back in 2006-07-08 and 09.
We shopped at the wholesale places looking for HAND-MADE items to go along with things that we will make and we did find a few things.
Monday is the wholesale cash & carry show and hopefully we will find a few more hand-made's to add to what we have.
We want mostly our items though so shopping is very selective.

We stayed at the Clarion Strasburg Inn in Strasburg, PA and enjoyed it so much there - our room overlooked the parking lot but also just  beyond that was beautiful countryside.
So lovely this time of year. 

The food at the Fireside Tavern was exceptional!!
One reason we went when we did was because we had always wanted to go to a Mud Sale and there was one that very next day after we got there at the firehouse in Kinzer's, PA - just a few miles east of Lancaster.
We really didn't know how one operated and were surprised that so many auctions went on at the same time from tools to antiques to quilts to flowers and soooo much more.
We did get a case (12) of Kraft Marshmallow Fluff at .25 per jar LOL
But that's good - I use a lot at Christmas making fudge.

We did get permission for some pictures so please don't think we don't know proper etiquette with the Amish.
We took most of these photos early on like when it first started - it got quite packed by noon.

Crafts and quilts were in this building 

The flowers were gorgeous and went for so little...made me sad we couldn't get some to bring back home.
These here are the small ones. There were huge pots with several types of flowers in them going for $35!

We met up again with Lisa and Jerry Thrush - friends from Lancaster and Mattie and Lydia the two Amish sisters we met when we were there in Feb.
We went back to the sister's house after eating and had another wonderful visit.
I guess we can now say we have some wonderful Amish friends.
One thing for sure in Lancaster is we never hurt for food...
no matter where we went the portions were huge and delicious!
Our favorite place to eat is the Rt. 30 Diner
but you must go in hungry because the portions
are huge and home made.

This chopped steak was over a pound!!

I had the Patty Melt...

This was the only food photo from the Inn - Nacho's!!!
And I didn't even get 1/4 of it eaten - I wasn't feeling all that well and nothing sounded good but they were very good.

We did get a new supply of gourds while we were out there for our gourd garlands.
We are making them earlier this season because we are having the In-Home show and need to have them made ahead.

Our sweet little great-grandson Zayne's 5th birthday was last Saturday and tomorrow is our grandson Aidan's 10th birthday - a busy birthday month here at the Martinsen's.

Check out my selling site to see the finished items I posted for sale.

Thanks for visiting!