Friday, November 20, 2009


Well this just isn’t like me but the past week has been such a turmoil I haven’t had any time to put things in their proper place….things are sitting everywhere from deliveries, making products (which I don’t do outside of the craft room) but I have been this week – hence the work tables in the family room and den.

I hate living in messes like this but if I put all the shipments away I will just have to bring them back out to mark prices and whatever else I have to do with them.

I feel so PIGGY! THIS IS JUST NOT ME! I need help…lol
So please don’t think this is how I live – normally it’s very picked up and company ready – tomorrow I clean and organize so I can start setting up my show….oh, you’ll see what I mean – look below! Very blurry though.

Den2 Actually I have been sewing here in the den so it is REALLY a mess.


Diningroom1 Deliveries that came today still in dining room

Yep!!!! 2 RUGS on the floor….we brought the top one down from the closet a couple days ago and laid it here so it would flatten out - The ends want to curl and Doug has been programming the cash register so that has been sitting here …HAVE YOU EVER!!!!

And here’s another dropping point. Window painting waiting to go up on back of house.
Now you know my dirty little story!


Today we received 3 shipments of orders for the show and my house smells like a Primitive store.
One was from a friend of mine who is having some of her Prim products at the show and I hope they last for the show – there are so many things I see that I want….YOU SHOULD SEE HER PRIMS….AND THE PRICES ARE LOW!

Then I received an order from Pine Patch  Primitives.
I received the little candles I posted about in another post and dried sliced whole oranges rolled in cloves and packaged so cute! The aroma is intoxicating girls!!!

And another order was from Miss Maddie Maries Dips – new this year for us. We will have some of each made up for testing – I hope they sell.

Hopefully when we get the show set up next week I can get some real good photos of all the products and set-ups.


Now about Darren….he went up for surgery yesterday at 5 pm and came back down to his room at 10:45 – long haul for Doug and MaryAnn who was up there waiting. They had a bit of a time trying to get him comfortable. The surgery was from the back of the neck so he was on his stomach and then after surgery they had to turn him and that caused the pain. Last months surgery wasn’t painful he said but this one is deep because they had to cut all the muscles.

They scraped the bone and removed a bone growth and removed fragments from the last surgery…all of which was causing the nerve to be pinched and very little use of his arm. And put in a rod.

They knew this surgery would be needed but not so quickly – they normally don’t do the front and back at the same time for good reason!
But his muscles were atrophying quickly and this was needed too prevent permanent damage

Doug went up this morning and he was up by himself and walking around. Still very painful but he feels good. Dr. said he can come home tomorrow.
I told him there were many prayers out there for him and he said THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Finally I’m feeling my self again so hopefully I can  go see Darren when he gets back home.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Doug decided to put live garland around the screen room yesterday and today he added lights - glad he did it really perked it up. Looks a bit shabby right now because we have to clip some long stragglers and clean up the screen room.

I wish the propane heater didn’t have to be in the center of the room but there would be no staying out there without it. We are able to use the room through Christmas by having it there….and the fact he puts plastic on the screens. I didn’t want windows that went up and down because it took away from the real open look.

Can’t wait to get it all decorated with our Christmas decor….it is going to be the entrance and exit for the show

Garland 1 

Garland 4

Garland 3 candydivider Darren found out today that there are bone fragments and some growth on the right side of his neck - opposite of where they operated - so he goes in again tomorrow afternoon to Milwaukee for more surgery.

This time it will be from the back side of the neck so it will be painful for him this time because instead of moving muscles, etc...they will have to cut through the muscles. The first surgery was not painful he said, just discomfort and only hurt if he sneezed.

This is what is causing him to have no function in the right 4 weeks there has been little or no results with therapy.

Please keep him in your prayers again/yet!

Unfortunately I can't go to be there because I have a bronchiole infection - it's a week old but still has me miserable. Doug will be able to be there along with MaryAnn so he'll be in good hands.

And as you probably already know - I'm still busy sewing for my home show next Friday/Saturday. Wish I had some fun pictures for you all to look at.

Take care and I’ll be back…..


Monday, November 16, 2009


The first thing we did this morning was head out to Home Depot to buy our roping for the fences and the screen room and some boughs to put around throughout our decorating.

We buy them there every year because the price is wonderful…30 ft. of fir for $9.99 and it’s put together beautifully.
So we ended up buying 9 of those beauties and also 2 of the Spruce/Fir roping for inside decorating and around the interior of the screen room where our check out is going to be.
Oh, and 4 bunches of Spruce and Fir boughs for here and there.

So Doug spent the entire day putting the roping and lights on 5 corner sections of picket fences…I just heard him come in the door…and it’s cold and windy out there today – glad it was him!

He asked me to come outside a minute ago to ‘approve’…lol and so I took my camera – NO GOOD PICTURES. Total blurr but I did get a fascinating one – not sure what was happening but I love the effect. I probably couldn’t do this again in my life. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?What is this

I got to spend it indoors sewing and packing up orders and listening to wonderful Christmas music!
I love having the SOUNDS OF THE SEASON music channel on and the pictures change every 30 seconds or so and this year they are exceptionally pretty….here’s a few samples.
TV 1
TV 2 TV 3 TV 4
TV 5

So every now and then when I would come up for air I would see a cute picture on the screen and also I forgot to mention – I grunged some price tags as well and added a bit of cinnamon so it smells like I’ve been baking all day long.

Right now I have scalloped potatoes in baking to have with our burger patties along with some peas. Not a very well put together dinner but it fills the void!

Oh the cutest thing I forgot to show you…my snowman I bought at SPINNING WHEEL on Monday. I did some wholesale shopping and had to get him.
Snowman 1
He’s something like 30 inches tall and really heavily weighted in the bottom.
Spinning Wheel has gone back to making their own products again and I’m so loving everything. If you need American Made Wholesale check out their site.

Guess that’s about it for me today – thought I’d check in and let you all know I’m still here.

Darren had the dye put in his spine this morning and things are a tad closed off on the left side – he’ll know more after his dr. apt. on the 20th. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and e-mails and comments. He’s his normal cheerful self that’s getting very antsy to get on with his normal routine. The one thing that bothers him the most is not being able to pick up Aidan. Oh, and sneezing hurts like the dickens. So I guess I won’t be seeing him none too soon…I have been nursing a chest cold that has now traveled to my head.

Have a great evening everyone!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Now – my 18 Inch SNOWMAN PILLOW….I think I could look at him all day, all year.

He’s not going on my site until after my show at the end of the month. I don’t want to sell out of what I have made before the show cuz there’s just no time left to make NEW ONES.

If you think you might want one – let me know and I’ll put you on the list for when they go on my website….or you can e-mail me for a purchase.
They are the standard $24.00 plus $6.50 shipping.

Snowmanpillow 07-freebiepipberrydivider-PRIMLICIOUS


Grungy Hanging Votive Lights.
Does anyone know where I can find something like it – I need about 8 or 10 of them for my show and I can’t pay over $4.50 each, wholesale.


I have been searching on the internet for a wholesaler to buy these from. I had them last year and ordered them from a wonderful Prim place but it says she’s all sold out – HELP!!

They are just the cutest darned things but I had to have the price so high because of what I paid for them…I’m trying to keep lots of my items under $10.00 for easy shopping.

Customers will pick up and buy 4-5 little items $10 and under versus one $50 item.
Anyway…I need help here.
E-mail me at:


Sunday, November 8, 2009


I thought I would post again so soon after my last one because this week is going to be busy with orders, cleaning and STUFF!

Doug has been retired for 14 years now from management with UPS but since then he has been a part-time driver for LDV a place here in town that makes the SNAP-ON TOOL TRUCKS, GOVERNMENT VEHICLES of all kinds and now the biggie!!!!

He delivers the Tool Truck and lots of different command vehicles all over the US…but this one below he isn’t delivering…they are getting it themselves!

DR. OZ’S BUS! Yep, right here in little Burlington….it has been such a huge boost in the company, although they make lots of other vehicles that are just as impressive. Our son Darren works with these vehicles as well. So here’s the bus – it’s a doozy!

He drove me over there yesterday before going to the store so I could get some photos.


Dr.OzBus3 It looks like the design has stripes across the bus but it’s grayish/white words that barely show up…sort of subliminal messages


They also make bomb squad vehicles, police command vehicles, drug enforcement vehicles…and lots of others.

LDV has also been contracted by the BLUE MAN GROUP to make RIDE NEW YORK busses – they have several of them in the process and a couple already finished.
Here’s what they are – wish I had interior photos….they hold sideways theater seats so everyone can see the views as they are touring NY and there are TV monitors and plush leather seats – nothing left out.

RideNewYorkBus2 This is a view of the seating that’s in the process of being constructed.

Hope you enjoyed these!

Yesterday afternoon we visited Darren and his family – he looked pretty good but his week was a rough one – he’s getting a bit depressed because of the arm not working. This week he goes into Milwaukee and they are going to inject a dye and see if there is something besides swelling in there to cause the lack of use this far past surgery.
I think he looks pretty darned good though.
He has his right arm crossed but he has to help it to get there.
He took his brace off for a couple minutes while we were there to show us where the incision was  - it’s only about 3 inches.

Guess that’s all for me for now – I know it’s not decorating or crafting but it’s all I got girls.
I keep forgetting to take a picture of my adorable snowman pillow – maybe tomorrow if I remember. I finished them and packed them with the show items.

I really want to thank all the girls who have asked for an invitation to our home show – I can’t believe all the one’s wanting to come from so far away…I promise it will be worth it and you better let me know the second you walk in here!!!!

Hugs, Karen