Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had placed an order from Hammelman's last week for some Sweet Annie and some Lavender and today it arrived.
I could smell the aroma before I even got the box opened - oh my I didn't know how beautiful the Lavender was going to be. It said they came in 3 oz. packages so I ordered 15 of them...I didn't expect the stems to be as long as they are or the length of the flower part....they're just beautiful. They are approx. 20 inches tall.
I would have opened one up to take a picture but they are packaged so nice I didn't want to disturb them.
Oh and the Sweet Annie...this is my second shipment of that - I bought some in October for some projects and still have several pkgs. left. And they come in 4 oz. packages.
I probably will sell them at my home show all tied up with homespun and or some other decorative pretty.
Just thought I'd share this with you along with the post below with the winner of my Give A-way....
Still sewing on orders - hoping to get them all finished in at least a week so I can get back to a normal pace....this was a phenomenal go-round!!!
Hugs, Karen


I used a Random Number Generated system for the winner of my 100th post and here's what came up when I did the RNG:
Random numbers generated Apr 30 2009 at 19:35:24 by educational resources for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic #42
I posted the results so you know I did this as fair as possible with 105 entries...

So that being done....CONGRATULATIONS goes to: KATHY S from BITTERSWEET FARM BLOG: she was guest #42

Kathy please e-mail me with your mailing address!

I do wish it could have been each and everyone of you!
Hugs, Karen

Monday, April 27, 2009


Good morning everyone...yes, I'm still here.

But I think you can all guess what I've been doing....NOPE, not the dining room...I've been sewing orders. Since the magazine article it hasn't slowed down so I haven't had a chance to get my fingers in the DR thing.

Yesterday Doug did a final coat on the trim where all the nail holes were and our son and grandson came over in the afternoon to bring all the cupboards/pie safes back in and I must say I'm loving it.

They put everything where it was before but it all took on such a different look with the wood floor.

I told Doug I just might keep the room very bare and minimal and keep an old Colonial look going.....but we have soooo many pretties that I love looking at....oh, what to do!
No the cloth doesn't belong on the table but we had something sitting on the table so it was under it and I didn't take it off.
And I still have the piddling kitty (not the one in the picture, although it's because of her that LOLA is doing it. It's a territory thing with her)....she only goes in the DR over by the tall cupboard - on either side....she knows what her litter box is for - she doesn't go anyplace but in that area now and then.
Not much to report today but wanted to let you all know I'm here and kicking! I do get on and read and comment on your blogs though - I have my little routine in the morning but needed to say HI to you all today!
Hugs, Karen

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I finally got my camera out today to finish taking pictures of things I have been not able to do.
I won these adorable Prim Pillow Tucks from Cindy of but I don't have them 'tucked' where I want them but I did so want to share my winning from her.

And I also bought and received an adorable doll from Robin - I purchased it from her through Lemon Poppyseed (and through Robby of they have a sale going together).
I have to say I do not remember Robins last name but she did a wonderful job on this adorable doll. But thank you Robin for shipping this to me so quickly.

I sewed all day again and was pooped tonight and Doug was on a day run and on the way home he stopped at Panera and brought home my favorite dinner from there....Asian Chicken Salad and Chicken w/wildrice doesn't get much better than that! Yummmmm.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is one long process I must say!
It has been two weeks today since we started the dining room re-make but yesterday the floor was layed.
Our daughter in-laws brother is a floor installer so he said he'd do it for us (much to Doug's relief) and he came at 7:45 and was finished by 11. I guess when you know what you are doing the job goes way lots
When he was finished I had a lunch ready of BLT's, fresh sliced chicken for sandwiches and all the fixins for both plus, chips, beans, strawberries and homemade brownies with real fudge frosting....he said he was glad we ate 'after' laying the floor or he'd be ready for a nap!

Here's the floor finished

Close-up Pretty huh????

Now Doug has to put all the new trim on that's sitting in the screen room - boy I'm glad the weather isn't good enough to be lounging in there cuz it's filled with all our dining room things.

Hope you aren't getting bored with this - I've nothing else to write about if you are cuz between the dining room re-make and my sewing everyday it's just the 'same ole, same ole'!

I have been getting multiple orders a day since the magazine article so I don't ever see the light of day...or even the dark of night either! (but it's a good thing - I'm so greatful for the orders!)

I just read Lea's post from Farmhouse Blessings that she's closing her Blog....I'm so sorry to see her leaving. She's been such an inspiration to me. Her journals seem to come to life with her words. LEA I WILL MISS YOU DEAR ONE.....but I understand.

Hugs, Karen

Friday, April 17, 2009


As I was reading the comments on my 100th post I noticed several of you don't have a blog and didn't leave me an e-mail to notify you in the event you won!!!!

Soooo - if you are one of them can you go back and post your e-mail or send me privately your e-mail address....Send to

I'm sorry I didn't state this in the original post.

I appreciate the extra effort....and THANKS EVERYONE WHO COMMENTED AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Not a whole lot happening here today - but thought I'd post the 2nd phase of the dining room re-do.

My brother came over Easter Sunday evening so he would be here bright and early on Monday to help paint the room - however we didnt' start as early as planned.

I put a sample of the Antique White on the wall and it was like blinding snow compared to what was on there originally - although the old color wasn't dark...but anyway we took the two gallons back and had some yellow put in and it and it took that bright stark look away so finally around 9 they started.....I was loving the new look.
The trim stayed the same...just a tad darker.

So the day went well and I made Cream of Potato Soup and Corn Bread plus some carved Ham and Hard Salami for sandwiches so it was a good hearty lunch.
And some wonderful Chocolaty (is that a word??) Fudge covered Brownies!

Then yesterday Doug painted all the new trim so after the floor is laid on Saturday he can start nailing it on.
I'll take pictures of the floor progress on Saturday.
Are you all bored yet????

So I want to thank everyone who commented on my GIVE A-WAY POST - I wish you all luck.

(Doug - on ladder, and my brother Gene getting things ready)

(Doug doing all edging work)

(Gene in between paint rolling - look at the difference in the walls - the light is the new)

Thanks for visiting me today!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today I celebrate my 100th post! I joined blogging in December of 2007 but forgot all about it until this past summer so, YES, I’m a chatty person as you can tell but look where it got me….lots of new friends and a chance to share some of my designs with you….so if you want to win this gathering of goodies I have for you just post your comments.

I do ask that you don’t put this on your blog as I want my followers and those who ‘find’ my blog through other blogs or on their own to be eligible….and I welcome all new followers!!!
I will draw the name of the lucky person on May 9th - early in the morning, one month from today!
Look at the bottom for the goodies you will win.
I have found through blogging that most of us are so much alike - we all love the past - and we bring it to the present to work for us in a decorative way unlike our ancestors who used these items for general daily living….thanks to them we can decorate our homes in much the same way they did but with all the modern conveniences thrown in.

Now on to the meeting this past weekend about my new business venture….IT’S A GO!
I rather knew from the moment Linda and I talked that this would work but we still needed to meet each other and work out details.

Linda and a friend of hers, Kathy, arrived here Friday around 4ish - we felt as if we already knew each other - do you ever feel that way about someone you have never met, but finally did after e-mails and phone calls? Linda is from Ellwood City, PA near Pittsburgh.

Well, they no more got here than we had to eat dinner because we needed to be out of the house by 5:45 to go to our granddaughters play and our new found friends joined us….I was so happy they said they would love to go with us because I felt horrible about having to leave them an hour after they arrived - so all worked out well. I do believe they enjoyed the play….it was ‘Tom Sawyer’.

Then Saturday we talked and planned the entire day - coming up with an arrangement that suited us both.

She will do in-home parties much like the Pampered Chef, Tupperware idea. Hopefully starting sometime in May if I can get my product line made up and sent to her by then. It’s a rather full schedule ahead of me but I think I’m up for it.

Linda arriving

Me and Linda...yes, I look tired - it's very early in the a.m. because they were ready to head back home to PA and had a full days drive ahead of them

Isn't this rose just beautiful? We took roses to Emily on Friday night for after her performance in Tom Sawyere and our daughter in-law sent me this picture of one of them's the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

Well our floor isn’t in yet - it has been a busy time for Doug with getting all the nails and staples out of the floor, the tacking strip on the edges and ripping off old wood work for our new wide Colonial Pine. It's scheduled to be laid on Saturday the 18th.

Isn’t it so, that one thing leads to another? We had no intention of new woodwork but I think you all know what I’m talking about…..’well, as long as we’re doing this, why not blah-blah-blah…..we might be sorry later if we don‘t….blah-blah-blah” LOL Sometimes Doug just looks at me and I can tell what's going through his mind but I just turn around and pretend I didn't see the

So today Doug starts painting the new trim….his one thing he really detests doing. Normally it’s my job - I love painting and all the prep work he has been doing but it’s impossible with all the orders I have to work on.

Then Monday my brother is coming to help with painting the rooms walls, ceiling and stairway.
We debated for several days on whether to change out the color of the trim and walls to match the den and kitchen’s deep red but after talking we thought it would be best to have the room different plus we love the grayish green of the trim. But the walls will be a cream this time.
Well everyone, here is what you will be winning by posting on my blog
A set of 4 Beehive Mug Mat/Coasters
A Beehive Jar Candle Hugger
A Willow Tree Wall Hanging with candle and Sweet Annie - hanging on a Cinnamon stick

Thank you everyone for sticking with me and visiting my blog faithfully…without all of you and my new friends I wouldn’t be taking the time to do this.

Hugs to all.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well girls it's getting close....OMGosh - this is my 99th post!

I still don't know exactly what it is that will be in my surprise package for my 100th post but you will like it I'm sure.

A couple weeks ago we decided to put wood floors in the dining room.

I've wanted them forever and finally got Doug to start thinking like

So we ordered it and it will be here tomorrow but oh the work that needs to be done before it can be laid....pulling up the old carpet, pulling out the nails, cleaning the floor, painting all the trim, walls and stairway before the floor can be laid. I'm tired just thinking about it.

As we were getting things packed up from the hutches and pie safes our kitty 'Baby' takes over one of the boxes - she's lucky she isn't packed up in one and tossed's because of her and her sister that we are taking up the of them is piddling and not sure which one but when I do find out - well, let's just say we will be one less kitty that's a given.

Room with carpet still in it - and no, that's not a seam going down the center - we had to tip our long table on its side to take it apart and it lef the line...but I wasn't about to worry about something that was going to get ripped out.

Doug rolling up carpet sections for trash!

NO...THIS ISN'T THE NEW FLOOR but it isn't too bad looking is it?
Carpet and padding all pulled up. It's the same color as the new floor we are putting down.
Even though this is oak, it looks like it's stained same from the looks of it.
Still have to pull out the nails and all the edging.
Our new floor will be Rustic distressed Pine plank laminate.

I won these adorable wax bunnies all grungied up and tied with rafia! There were 6 of these cuties but I gave two away this weekend in a goodie basket for our house guests.

THANK YOU DEB! Visit here at: for drawing my name.

I also got a bonus in the package of 12 wonderful smelling minty candles.

And a wonderful gift that came all the way from South Africa - I won one of Lynda's MARCH MADNESS drawings....the cutest handmade fabric bag with 4 fabric eggs and a darling fabric gift tag. THANK YOU LYNDA. Go visit her wonderful blog:
Guess the next post will be number 100! So see you all then.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I see this is my 98th post - imagine that!

Soooo close to my 100th and counting so what am I going to do.....hmmmmm
Guess you all will have to check back and keep

Is it going to be a Give A-Way to just one person - or possibly two people?

It's going to be a surprise even to me because this crept up on me and now look I'm at 98 - imagine being so gabby that you celebrate it.....LOL

I've also made some wonderful friends because of it and I'm so thankful for it.

So come on back and check in now and then to find out what I will be doing.
Hugs, Karen