Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Happy Tuesday to you all!

Not such good weather here lately - lots of wind and rain for days. But it makes for good sewing and being inside.

BEFORE I FORGET....being 'blogger' or 'google' deleted many people from posting comments and also made many people a 'no-reply' so we can't reply to their comment I would like it if you want a reply to your comment below your comment, to put a capital R at the end of your comment.  It would help me an awful lot to get back to you or leave your email for me - somehow let me know how I can get back to you.

I am still working on orders so I have been busy with that but in some down time I did get a new design made up from an adaption of one of my penny rugs.
My latest one is the Bee Skep and Purple Coneflower.
Getting my designs adapted into punch needle is a very time consuming feat so it is slow going for me.
I'm hoping to get the PDF made this week yet and get it listed on my selling sites.

Being Spring is 'supposed' to be here I have added my Strawberries again to my selling site.

Years ago when Doug and I went to Florida bought a jacket for our now 26 year old Jesse - and it has been handed on down to all the little guys since.

He and his grandma Jamie stopped over the other night and so we gave it to Zayne - it was his turn to have it....it's a tad too large for him but come early Fall he will fit it perfectly.

Our grandson Aidan will take his first communion the end of the month and they had a rehearsal of tasking the wine...

Aidan also has glasses now for reading!!

We haven't been anywhere to purchase anything new for the house, mainly because of being busy and also we just don't need anything else!
But we did get out on Friday for a rotten rainy day getaway and went to Gurnee Mills to see how that place has changed over the years since we had last been there - forgot how HUGE that place is and we walked the entire place. Needless to say when you reach the end YOU HAVE TO WALK BACK lol

After purchasing a pair of summer Keds we stopped at the Rainforest Cafe for a late lunch and to get more energy for the walk back.

I did a counted cross stitch way back in 1988 on one of the first 'girls trips' to Lancaster, PA.
It is Central Market in downtown Lancaster. It's one of my favorite pieces I have stitched but didn't like the frame after so many years so I re did it last week and like it much better. It might need a mat but not sure - what do you think?

That's all I have for this week.
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week