Wednesday, March 30, 2011


But if you want to know what I messed up on I left it on!

I was putting a picture as a header for my list of BLOGS on my sidebar and thought I was deleting the 'words' that I had on there, I clicked 'delete' and WALLA....NO BLOG LIST!
I'm so sorry to everyone who might think I deleted you!
It was not intentional...just a huge OOPPSS!
Now it's going to take me a month of Sunday's to get them all back on.
It will be ongoing for a day or so. IF you see you are not on here let me know...I had probably 30 or more.
curvem As long as I'm on here I might just add that we went to Madison to the Wholesale Market yesterday. It was nice but small. Seems the larger ones are in the east or Ohio even.
This was her first time at the Madison show - she has such wonderful Primitive goodies.!/toofargoneprimitives
I bought some Easter Tin Chocolate Molds (Chick and a Bunny)  and a sheep picture along with a glass Chicken candy dish - the kind that the chicken is the top of the covered dish, Purple flowers, a hand painted Spring flower picture and lots of wonderful goodies for our website. It was a long 3-1/2 hours on our feet...guess we could have done it in less time but you always have to make that second trip through.
curvem I want to say how wonderfully my E-Patterns are selling...I'm in awe of how many have sold in just the short 12 days I've had them listed.
Don't forget you can order from me directly - just go to the tab at the top and see what's available at the moment...more are being worked on.
curvemEnjoy your wonderful Spring like weather. It's 45 here right now and the sun is shining nicely. Doug is out raking and I'm inside and stumped at how silly I could be to delete all my favorite blogs!!!
Have a good one.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Finally Did It!!!

Yes…I finally got my patterns going…and they are being sold on THE PATTERN CUPBOARD.

I’m so happy that Terri accepted me and so yesterday I spent quite a bit of time getting them drawn up and scanned and then turned into PDF files…lots of work but so worth it.

So please go on over to The Pattern Cupboard: 
OR….you can go to the top of my post here in the ‘tabs’ and click on E-Patterns and order from there.

I have just 7 going right now…but many others are waiting for me to have time to sit at the printer and computer.

So that is what has been taking my time the last few days

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two weeks ago we went to one of our cousin’s birthday party – it was a 50’s theme as well….so there were a few of us who dressed – others chickened out. Here’s the few that did dress.
50s group

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then on Wednesday night there were 9 of us at a Corned Beef &  Cabbage dinner at our cousin Gail’s house (the girl next to me in the photo above – she has her arm around me…it was her house).
My goodness she had so much food it was incredible.
A roaster full of potatoes, carrots and cabbage. I think she said she had 15 lbs. of red potatoes, 5 bags of carrots, 4 heads of cabbage and 3 large Corned Beef. Yummmm.
roaster of potatoes

Corned Beef

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And  a lonely little Red Cardinal sitting in our Service Berry bush Thursday morning…how pretty!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My water classes at the Fitness Center are doing good for me…I think I’m strengthening my lower back some…seems to feel some better so I’m glad I’m sticking with it….and who wouldn’t want to be in 85 degree water on a cold morning just floating and moving free. I love it.

I had to buy a new swim suit today because the chlorine has ruined my suit(s). So we drove down to Zion, IL to Kiefer’s Swim Wear and I must say if you can’t find a suit or any kind of water wear then they just don’t make it.

This is the one I ended up with but it’s showing it blue and it’s actually 3 different shades of Aqua.

So that’s my week!

Hope you all are having a great weekend.


Friday, March 11, 2011

I received some special gifts

I saw the box, knew who it was from…but wasn’t prepared for the treasures inside.
Oh Grace, you were too good to me!

Grace (from Lancaster, PA) and I had planned a swap and if you remember I made her the ‘cabin’ runner and I also made one of the ‘weaver cloth Feather Tree pillows’ – well I feel I didn’t do enough in this swap – I THINK I GOT THE

Take a look at these wonderful goodies!
The box was full!!
What more can I say…pictures finish my words!

Box of gifts

Wrapped 1

Wrapped 2

Heart Pin Chushion


Tooth Wash Box 

All Gifts

The Tooth Wash and Fever Cure are going on a shelf in our bathroom and the pillow and heart pin cushion are going in our den – so you see I can look at them whenever I’m in these room.

Girls at fence

So what’s happening here and why haven’t I been out and about visiting the forums and blogs…well…

I don’t know for sure when they will be ready because now I need photos of all the ones I’m doing patterns for….all the pictures I have were sized to fit my website so they don’t turn out will in a photo. So I’ll be sewing for awhile to get the product made to be able to photograph. Wow, this is work!

I need to find outlets for selling now – anyone know how to go about this? I do know there are a couple sites but the Pattern Cupboard isn’t taking new accounts right now. That just leaves The Prim Pattern.

Girls at fence

Come on over to my website:
I have a sale on my
Bee Skep & Black Eyed Susan Runners
It goes to the end of March
Ivory or Black
Bee Skep & Black Eyed Susans

Daisy and Beeskeep long runner1

Daisys and Beeskeep

Well everyone – that’s it for this week!



praying hands 
Let us take a minute out of our lives to PRAY
for all those involved in the horrendous
earthquake and Tsunami


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I won this adorable doll!

And I owe it all to KAREN from:

She also has a selling blog: 
So go on over to both her blogs and visit.

And here’s the wonderful package I found in the mail yesterday – all the way from Kilburn – Derby United Kingdom!
I blocked out my address for reasons we all know – one can’t ever be too safe on the internet.

package 1 
Inside was a sweet note card and my gift was all wrapped in pretty blue tissue paper.
package 2

And here’s my adorable Primitive Faceless Doll – she was bigger than I thought when I finally got her. Look at her darling Prim Onsberg dress…so cute!package 3
THANK YOU KAREN – I love it!


I want to invite all of you over to my Popular Selling Blog and visit all the wonderful talented artists over there.

In the last few days I added 4 new members. Do you know the membership is up to 88. It was one year February 13th.
Thank you to everyone who has joined and if anyone else out there wants to be listed just let me know – it’s easy – I do all the work and it’s FREE.


Wishing I could say there’s a lot going on here but there isn’t – just waiting for Winter to wrap up so I can feel like getting some Spring things out. While there’s snow on the ground the flowers and such are staying packed away.


We have been going to our Wellness Center for well over a month now and I’m loving the Warm Water Pool Exercise classes – it feels so good letting the weightless feel of being in the water wash over you. I feel pretty good after the session is over in my lower back/hips but soon the pain comes back…but for a little while it feels so darned good. We have one of the finest centers in Southeast Wisconsin.

Maybe my next post will have something interesting.
Enjoy the rest of your week.