Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little bit of shopping

I haven’t put much ‘fun’ things on my posts lately so this one will be just some good ole eye candy – things we bought yesterday at a show.
I went not knowing if I was going to purchase or just browse but the first three booths were overwhelming! So I bought!  Is that any surprise…(smiles)
The first thing that caught my eye was this bear – bears were in large quantity at this particular show.  I think they may be coming back popular again…I love the old antique look of his fur and he’s a tall one…about 30 inches.
 Patriotic bear 1
 Patriotic bear 1 face
And at the same booth my lovely little Pumpkin Girl.
She stands about 20 inches
Pumpkin gal 1
Her bucket is filled with mini pumpkins
(Putka Pods)
closeup of basket
Two great Pumpkins – one Green the other Brownish
And some wonderful large dried gourds for
$2 each!
I paid as much as $9 for a dried gourd
like these last year!
This pillow is larger than it looks here…
measures 15 x 22
You can remover the cover for cleaning
and inside is a ‘feather pillow’
The color is much darker than it’s showing –
it’s more Brownish like the backside
tree pillow 1 
(Backside)tree pillow backside 1
And a cement Snowman…have wanted one of these for a couple years now.
Last season I bought a cement Bee Skep
I need to find new sticks for his arms though…
these are very badly miss matched!
He’s going to sit in the middle of our birdbath for the winter.
 cement snowman
Two sweet aged fabric crows
I just put them in the Geraniums for showing
And some wonderful candles from ‘Renderings’
Now I thought I had the scent I had purchased from them last time…nope, bought the wrong one.
I’m hoping they will exchange these for me.  This is a great scent but the one I thought I was buying smells just like Cinnamon Buns baking.
And last…I didn’t purchase this but a friend who has some of  my products on consignment was at the show and she said she had  a surprise for  me in the car – she had purchased quite a huge  amount of  Wool on Craig’s List and gave me some. I m hoping to over dye it to take way the bright look.
 Navy Green Wool
I have more tidbits I could add but will leave it for another post – it will be old news by then but I do get carried away with posts! So I’ll give you a break and just leave it with my purchases.
And I also have 2 of the Americana sets left…check it out here:http://kmprimitives.blogspot.com/
Americana Penny Rug and hugger

Sunday, June 23, 2013


~ Ready for immediate delivery ~
I have just 3 2 of these available and with the
4th of July FAST approaching I am offering them at a
but the good deal is this…you get the
Penny Rug AND the Candle Hugger as a set
Approx. size 8” x 24”
Candle Hugger fits the large size jar candle
$35.00 Set
Regular price of these items separately
$30 Penny Rug
$10 Candle Hugger
That’s a $40 value…
but that’s not all…you will also get
So this is a great savings
E-mail me to place your
order and I will send out an invoice
Americana Penny Rug and hugger

Thursday, June 20, 2013


What in the world to put as a heading when it’s just a bunch of mish mash of things….I guess Hodgepodge is good as it gets.

Two days ago I was playing around with my camera and had the camera card out – but not realizing it I went to view photos and the only ones that showed up were on the camera’s internal memory – and what to my surprise were photos of our neighbors from Christmas Eve day when they brought over their traditional tray of home baked cookies!  I had wondered why I couldn’t find those pictures on any of the files before….so I got them off quickly!!!
I’ve told this story before that the dad and 5 daughters are the cookie bakers, mom doesn’t like baking. And they treat all the neighbors to a cookie tray every Christmas.

The other daughters were making other deliveries

Cookies from aldrichs 
Needless to say they don’t last long on Christmas day with all our gang here….and they always look forward to see what they made us each year.

Pineapple line art[3]

Oh and then putting the camera card back in the little gold thingy that slides up and down to lock the card…BROKE OFF…well thank goodness I had just downloaded all the newest photos so none lost.
I purchased a new one immediately and didn’t pay attention to the size…well I went from a 2 GB to a 32 GB…lol   It says I can store up to 25 thousand photos – Not a chance!!!!

Pineapple line art[3]

Yesterday Doug went to a golf outing the whole day and evening – and shortly after he left I heard this horrible scratching and clawing in the downspout by the screen room next to the kitchen…thought it might be a bird on the gutters – heard it again a few minutes later on the other side of the screen room.  Well by then I knew it was a chipmunk but for the life of me I could not figure out how he got in there because there are screens over the gutters.
This went on for hours!  He’d scoot from one side to the other because they connected UNDER THE SCREEN ROOM and under the driveway – we had the tubes buried and they run into a drain that runs underground to the back of the house…so I didn’t know what to do and finally I got a crow bar and got the lid off the drain, put a board next to the drain hole with some peanut button on it and waited.  Within 10 minutes he must have smelled the peanut butter or maybe saw daylight at the end of the tunnel…really he did!  And I saw him pop his head up from the board and climb out!  Gave my heart a good feeling knowing he wouldn’t be stuck in there till he died.

Love my creativity? lol  Don’t know how he squeezed his little body through the grate slits but it’s the only way he could have gotten in there.
chipmunk board 1

Pineapple line art[3]

Like I said in the title…this is a hodgepodge!

Being Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were upon us it got me looking through some photos last week and I came across this one of my Mother and Father.
It’s dated Memorial Day 1936…Dad was 20, Mom was 17. Goodness they were so young!  I always thought my dad looked rather like a movie star!
Mom and Dad 1936  2 

Pineapple line art[3]

But now for the good stuff….
Yesterday I received a wonderful package…it was the wool I ordered from
Margie of Hungry Hook Primitives

I also ask for continued prayers for Margie as she is still not feeling well and spends most of her days in bed with so much pain.
She is asking to hang in there and don’t give up on her and her blog…she is still selling wool and doesn’t want to loose her customers so if you buy wool from Margie – she’s still there, just needing some time.

When I opened it up I saw this green metal object…oh no! She didn’t!
Yep…Margie said there was a surprise in the box and you guessed it…
She received a new one from her son for Mother’s Day and sent me her old one.
My heart was beating so hard…not only from the sight of seeing it but from the generosity of this dear, dear friend…who is hurting so badly right now and still had time to think of her friend! A thousand times THANK YOU Margie

  Wool margie 1

And this Teal and Taupe check wool…just because she thought I would love it…well ya!!

Wool margie 2

She got my wool just perfect in dying – the Reds are just perfect…
lots of Brown in them.
And a sweet little sample pack of her wools/colors – cute idea.

Wool margie 3

Oh happy girl I am!!!

Pineapple line art[3]

Well I will leave you all with a couple pictures of our newest family member.
great grandparents

Uncle Jesse…oh my goodness he hasn’t stopped smiling!
I think Uncle Jesse is going to spoil him terribly.
jesse alex zayne

And of course or son Dan…GRANDPA! 
Dan you are not old enough to be a grandpa!
dand and alex 

Bye Bye and have a great rest of the week and weekend.
We will be going to Darren’s on Saturday to celebrate
Miranda 1 year and Aidan 5 year birthdays


Pineapple line art[3]

Monday, June 17, 2013

Just stuff and a big surprise yesterday!

Pineapple line art[3]

We live in our screen room most of the summer (and weather permitting sometimes in the other seasons we enjoy it as well because we put up the propane heater) always fun to sit out there and watch the snow come down and we’re all cozy inside.  Even though it’s just screen Doug puts plastic all around the screen and it acts as a wind block as well as keeps the screens from caving in with snow and wind.

So we did our first of the summer cleaning where we take all the furniture out, wash it, hose it and then wash the screens, floors and walls – other times of the season we just wash the floor and screens.  It’s a big undertaking the first of the season but you can probably imagine all the pollen and dust that accumulates when Spring hits.

We wash the floor on our hands and knees because a mop would just streak the floor – we do it 2 times over and then I wonder if we get it all.

empty screenroom 

furniture 1

screen room 1

 screen room 2

screen room outside 1

screen room outside 2

I added 2 more potted plants since I took this picture
courtyard 2

courtyard 1

My gardens are coming along just okay…I’ve never been happy with them because of all the shade and it’s hard to find good shade perennials – I have mostly Yellow, White and Purples but did find a few Red Annuals that seem to be doing okay in the shade.
Well that’s enough of the outdoor stuff – not real interesting huh?

Pineapple line art[3]

Friday night we took the family out to dinner for Father’s Day…Brett and Heather couldn’t make it because Joe had BB tournament so we went with them Saturday night for Mexican.
Doug was happy he got to spend it with all of them at some point.

The 4 guys

Alex and Tylor…
Alex Tyler

Dare I say what this conversation was about….Alex and her brother Jesse are talking about how her underpants fit under her belly– he didn’t get it! lol
Just ‘one’ of our weird topics of conversation!
Alex 2

 Alex 1 

A friend of Alex’s has been taking monthly photos of her and this is the last one from a week ago.
Alex in flowers

And then WALLA!
Yesterday this…!
Yep…Zayne David born 3 weeks early – 5 lbs. 15 oz.
How’s that for a Father’s Day gift to Tylor…
Alex’s water ruptured instead of the water breaking and they aren’t sure why.
During contractions Zayne’s heart rate dropped way low and
they couldn’t get it back up fast enough so she had a C-section.
Alex and baby are doing great!

Pineapple line art[3]

My decorating has been at a stand still so I don’t have any new home photos to share – I haven’t felt much like tackling things and irritating my back…like we need to paint, re-paper – things like that – they would make a huge difference but I need to be in working order to be able to do it.  Maybe in the late summer I’ll be more apt to tackle things and then you will see some changes.

Pineapple line art[3]

I have been working on my Wool Runners from the sale I had…
thank you everyone who ordered.

If anyone else would like one I will honor the sale price for 3 more days!
Have enough wool left for 2 runners and would like to use it up.

I love working on these – the colors of the pennies look strange just laying on the runners but when they get stitched they just blend so well.  I know you all will love them.
I had an assembly line going which made things much easier.

For the first time I used Pellon – I ironed it on the wool so it wouldn’t stretch when I cut out the pennies – plus then I could trace my pennies onto the paper side, but I don’t iron it on to them when I stack or when I put them on the runner – I don’t want to flatten the wool – I like a more full look.

I normally don’t work in the dining room but the table worked well for the amount of wool I needed to work with – plus I didn’t want to be stuck upstairs working!!
Thank goodness I have one of the larger size cutting mats to use on the table.
I have two other smaller ones for upstairs.
I looove these mats! AND WOOL!!!
Wool 5 

Wool 4 

Wool 2

Wool 3 

Pineapple line art[3]

So for now it’s just ‘stuff’ to post about and nothing very interesting I know, but I sure do appreciate all my followers and friends who comment regardless.
I like keeping up with all of you as well – I know FB has taken over but I still think you get more out of the blogs when it comes to ‘knowing it all’ – there’s a complete story on the blogs!!  So thank you all of you for hanging in there in blog-land.