Tuesday, May 26, 2015


FIRST…I want to say that I don’t know why Blogger or Google+ doesn’t let some of you post a comment.
I have it open to ANYONE except ‘anonymous’.
And…some of you are getting a ‘no-reply’ and I’ve been seeing that more and more.
I’ve done all the ‘fixes’ I can think of.  So…if you can’t comment, just send me an email – I’d still love to hear from you!

Pineapple line art

Oh what an experience – but you really need to go there to get the real feel…the pictures don’t do it justice…if there is ‘justice’ to a place like this…basically all I saw was ‘stuff’ but others might see ‘treasures’.
There are buildings and stuff everywhere, so one would think it’s chaos…but HIPPY TOM has it all in order according to him.

If you are not familiar with’ Hippy Tom’ he was on American Pickers quite awhile back and since then he has become even more popular


I went to his place about 30 years ago when it was just a large building and he sold lots of perennials and annuals and a little yard art. Goodness has it grown since.  Not sure why I haven’t been to his place since because it’s just the next town over!

Normally we see him at the Elkhorn flea market and he has some nice things to pick through but I didn’t really see one thing that caught my eye except for a stained glass window – oh how I would to have  brought it home but there’s no place to put it so it stayed.

Hippy Tom being over run with questions – and I’d like to say…he’s one of the nicest people I’ve met.  He lives with his wife in a beautiful old house on the property.
Serendipty 1

Serendipity 2

Serendipity 3

Serendipity 4

Serendipity 5

This church was my favorite building
Serendipity 6

Serendipity 7

Serendipity 9

Serendipity 10

Serendipity 11

Serendipity 12

Bicycles hanging in a tree!
Serendipity 13

Serendipity 14

The “Buoy’ tree
Serendipity 15

Serendipity 16

Serendipity 17

Serendipity 18

Serendipity 19

Serendipity 20

The ‘Christmas tree stand’ tree
Serendipity 21

Serendipity 22

The barn with chairs everywhere…even hanging from the rafters.
Serendipity 8

And that stained glass window I would have loved to have.
Serendipity 23

There were so many things I could have taken pictures of but I like the buildings the best.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of Serendipity Farm – if you get in the area of his next show stop in and see what new things Hippy Tom has.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Prayers for one of our Blog friends

I'm writing this post to send out prayers 
to Kendra Burno's family of  Stone House Primitives.

She lost her husband of 20 years on the 14th of this month.
Prayers would be helpful for her family.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I scored!!!

Sunday was the first of the season flea market at the Elkhorn fair grounds.
I went alone because my husband is on his annual golf trip…now I loooove going places with him but for some reason I MADE TRACKS Sunday!
I was in and out of the spaces quickly – I scan the tables and the ground and if nothing peaks my interest on I go to the next one.  I made three trips around that area and if you have ever been there you know it’s huge.  It also sprinkled the entire time and very humid.  My hair was a fuzz ball – heat and humidity turns my hair into CURLS…I dislike it so much. But,
I did find a few items in spite of that ole rain that I’m very pleased with – and some of the fun was seeing 2 friends I hadn’t seen in ages.  Again…SCORE!

Nothing happening in my life right now to share – it’s kind of boring for that matter but it gives me the opportunity to get  my sewing done for my two orders that I have.  And I love working on them because they are my ‘traditional style runners’ – I love sewing just pennies for some reason.

Okay – again I digressed…have you noticed I do that a lot in my posts?

On with my treasures.
First are my wonderful tin items – bought them from the same booth…I couldn’t believe this Pineapple mold was still there as well as the Turkey cutter.
She had $8 on the mold and $5 on the cutter – gave them both to me for $10!!!  SCORE!
Flea market 2

And this beauty – it’s a bit unlevel but that can be taken care of easily enough.
It was $28 - got it for $25.
Flea market 3

And these bread boards – no mark down on them…she was firm with prices.  $12 and $8
I’m going to sand them down, paint and distress them to use for my punch needle.
Flea market 4

And this picture just helps to see  the actual size of everything.  Oh I love it all!!

Flea market 1

I also bought some fabric for my church ladies guild for their quilts.  There is quite a bit in each bundle so they should be able to add another color and get a complete quilt from it.
I was fortunate to find two pieces that went good together.

Bought a couple of large potted flowers this weekend  - I love how it fits in the laundry cart.
Flowers 2

 Flower 1

Not sure where this one is going – wish I had another cart!!

Large flower 1

Son and daughter in-law brought this over for Mother’s Day
Flowers 3

This trellis had Bittersweet growing on it last year until the rabbits chewed them down to the base…no kidding. Not a  single piece of the Bittersweet was  left so this year the trellis is at the side of the garage – this would never have been my first choice of plant but it’s all that was available in our area. It’s a Honeysuckle.
Need to get more mulch for this area now.
Trellis 1

Made a wonderful cake this past week for Doug to take on his golf trip…Rhubarb cake is a tradition with the guys!!
It’s a buttery moist cake and you can put any kind of fruit in place of the rhubarb but I wouldn’t change it at all.
Hopefully I can get the recipe on my blog later today.
Cake 1

 Cake 2

Hope  you all are having a great start to your week – it was very warm and humid yesterday and today it is 50 and temps are dropping. Guess those plants will get covered tonight.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Anyone care to dye?

Oh I didn’t mean literally !!

I tried my hand at making a ‘natural’ dye.
It worked!!!

I got the idea off of Pinterest – you know that site that gets us on there and then KEEPS us there…
Seems I get on there and I can’t do much else until I have my fix.  I get going on it and all of a sudden I think of a new ‘board’ to make and then I’m off and running looking for great things to put on it.  There are few things on the internet that keep me entertained as much as Pinterest.
Okay – so I got off in another direction – back to what this post is about.
Making natural dye.
Now I’m not sure what I will use it on but I saw Cee Rufus use it on your videos and it made me want to use it on something.
Here’s how I made the dye.

After asking if I could do this, I scrounged through the onion bins at the grocery store for lots of skins – now mind you keep the yellow separate from the Red because they each make a different color.
I used Yellow onion skins
The skins filled the pot I was using – when I added hot water they squished down a lot as you can see from the 2nd picture.
Bring to a boil then turn to simmer for one hour.  I stirred them around now and then with a wooden spoon.
Now you need to drain / strain  them. I used my pasta insert.
I poured the liquid and skins into pasta insert that was in another pan – this made it easier to discard the used skins.
After it drained well I poured the liquid into pint jars and let cool before capping.
Store in refrigerator.

Onion Dye 1  

Onion Dye 2

Onion Dye 3

This dye has a very reddish color – this picture is what I found and put on my Pnterest page
And the link:  

When I decide what it is I’m going to use it on I’ll post it – but for now at least I have it to use.  I do know that it will dye some of my wool for my rug hooking and Penny Rugs.
Onion skin dye samples 

I hope I kept your interest today – seems friends don’t come around anymore – maybe it’s lack of interest, maybe other things in life – but whatever the reason I hope you at least come by and read even if you don’t leave a comment.
I feel our blogging helps others with ideas and leads them to interests they may have not thought of on their own.
I know it has worked that way for me.

See you soon!