Thursday, May 9, 2019

Getting ready for Fall ???

Yep, making things for the upcoming October show here and one needs to be
a season or two ahead of the game!
Doesn't much bother me though because last week and already most of this week has been cool and rainy so making Fall and Christmas just seems sad!!!

Anyway - I was busy this week making pumpkins and gingerbreads.
The pumpkins are painted and now some need to have faces sewn on them - not one of my finest crafts to do but much needed.  Last Fall we found many pumpkin stems and also purchased quite a few at the gourd farm in Lancaster, PA - I'll hot glue them on the pumpkins along with some excelsior moss around the base of the stems.

I made different gingerbreads this year from last years - I found a Jackie Schmidt pattern
in and old Mercantile Gathering magazine.

I hope mine turn out as nice as hers

In the evening when I'm not crafting things I do my punch needle.
I bought this pattern from a friend on FB - the design is taken from a Fraktur Peacock hooked rug from the early 1800's - it is becoming one of my favorites that I've done so far.
It's rather large (6-1/2" x 9-1/2")
so not sure what it will be mounted on - possibly just framed or on a pillow.

Last Saturday our youngest son Brett and our oldest grandson Jesse came to help Doug spread some topsoil (if you could call it that!!!) in the lawn...this year our lawn looked horrible - lots of bare spots and in the terrace under the maple trees the roots are so bad they are pushing up and all the grass is dead - so he bought 3 yards of topsoil and out of it there was about 1/3 of it that was TOTALLY HARD CHUNKS.
Doug built a sifter so they could sift out the bad - it was a long hard day for them but they got it let's hope the seed takes (it rained like crazy for two days after that).

Isn't that just awful waste? Doug complained when he went back and all they said was
"we're trying to fix the problem" - I don't think so!!

Before they spread the seed though they helped lay the flagstone path - Doug and I ran out of time when we planted the new shrubs...oh I forgot to mention that the week before this Doug and I dug out 13 old shrubs and planted 16 new ones! Now everything looks so small and bare but it doesn't take long for them to grow.

I guess that's about it for me this time around...
nothing real fun but it's what's happening here at home.
Thanks for stopping by