Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Great show - new treasures

Good Wednesday to all - it has finally gotten to feel like Fall today and none too soon.
I can not wait to get my gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn, Bittersweet and all that
is Fall out and start putting it around.

The past few months were totally taken up with creating for the In The Spirit of Friends show in Ohio -  oh what a show. It was fantastic. We met so many internet friends there. Some we knew and several new!

Our space in the barn could not have been in a better place. We were at the end near a fire lane exit and so we could spread out to our hearts delight - sideways and forward....and we did. We got almost another space by doing this.

Here are a few of the friends who stopped by to shop and say hi....some we couldn't get pictures of because of being busy and crowds.
With Linda Fiorita

With Sandy Wise...what a fun lady!!!!

With Kathy Wilcox Landes  

With Sandy Wise and Linda Firoita

With Carmen Erb 

With Lauren Fuqua...this sweet lady gifted me many years ago with
'tons' of rug hooking supplies so I could get started in rug hooking.
She's dear to my heart.

With Cathy Pope and her mother Joyce Mullikin

And a big shout out to 'Lisa' and also Karin Manuel who stopped in
and said hi and gave some wonderful compliments...
among other names I can not remember!

And we topped the night off with Alice Lamar Fraizer and her husband Sonny at the Malabar Inn for dinner.
Very HOT and WORN OUT but what a perfect ending to a perfect day.

I listed several items on my selling site:
This is just a peek!

Saturday was also our grandson Joe's homecoming
With his date Megan

We are taking a couple days starting tomorrow to go up north to unwind...
and take a few things to a shop in Wisconsin Rapids (Country Freckles).
And it is also our 54th Anniversary tomorrow (28th)
so we'll be with our very best friends in the world...
my brother and his wife. Couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate.