Sunday, July 16, 2017

You've got to be kidding!!!

Well if this hasn't been the most fun week I'd be lying - Ops,  I'm lying!!!!!

Our sweet little town of 10,000+ was hit with historical rains on
Tuesday afternoon and into the night.
We had 12+ inches in less than 6 hours and the town flooded.
It came on so fast the town really was caught by surprise but I must say
they jumped into recovery mode fast.
Back in 2008 the dam crested at 12 ft. This time it was at 15 ft.!!

All of Wednesday we were able to use the shop vac and get water out of the basement -
well, not out, just tried to keep up with it until around 4:00 when they did a shutdown of the sub was under water and they did it for safety reasons.
Our 4 bridges that run right in the middle of town were all closed -
the rushing water was incredible.

By early Thursday our town was full of Army National Guard standing at all intersections keeping people and cars from crossing plus there were search and rescue from 4 different cities plus WE-Energies from several cities to build 2 portable sub stations.
Power was restored around 7:30 Friday evening.

We were finally able to get back down to the basement to soak up the rest of the water and Sat. and today (Sun.) was bringing everything up to the garage so we can scrub down
the basement with bleach and then put up new paneling and paint...
it will be ongoing for a couple weeks I think.

But this they pulled together was/is incredible!!!

Here's the dam on Wed. - by Thurs. there was no definition of water flowing over it.

A few people had cars under water

This is our bank from the back side

Here's the reason the bridges were closed - the water was rushing against them - and it's near the top in this picture...they feared they were breached but as of yesterday 3 were opened up and just one is closed yet for further inspection

Oh...I just now saw this fish was jumping! Didn't see it before

This is our new Veteran's Terrace building they had a whole lot of damage...the whole bottom level was totally flooded

The out door wedding/reception area at the Veteran's Terrace - there was a wedding scheduled for Friday evening. Not sure what they did about not being able to hold it here

I won't bore you with more pictures - there are so many that I took off of the Burlington
site but just wanted to share a few.

On a brighter note - we got to enjoy Miranda's 5th birthday party.
It was a Moana theme and she even had the outfit!

Besides a sundress and some toys we gave her this pool turtle and she loved it!

Last night there was another storm that was to roll through - it missed us but got Darren and MaryAnn's place. They had hail damage on the car, house, pool cover, gazebo and deck.

Hope you all have a great week - thanks for stopping by