Monday, July 30, 2012

Coupon, Met a Blogger and more Winnings!

Hi all…for anyone coming to the Lititz Craft Show on August 11th
I hope to see you and also I’m offering this coupon worth 20% off your purchase!

As a reminder I’m in space D-54, in the 200 block of
Main Street by Sturgis Pretzel and Linden Hall School.

 coupon for show 1

Right click, save and print out…then fill out the information needed.

Hope to see you there even it’s just to say HI !

So what did I do today….I met a fellow blogger.
You all know her as Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan

I offered to take some of her gals/guys and some wonderful Fall prims to sell them at the Lititz show and we met up today so I could get them.
We had a wonderful lunch, visit and an exchange of gifts.
Marie is just as sweet and fun as her blog and her products are fantastic and fun.
We met half way for each of us in Crystal Lake, Il.
We decided on Applebee’s but I got a call from her at about the time we were to meet saying the Applebee’s was no longer there and luck had it that I was in the same mall parking lot as her and I saw a Chili’s and said meet me there….and it was a great choice because the food was perfect.
So after chatting a bit we both exchanged gifts and then the talking never stopped.  A great hour and a half and now I have a new wonderful blog friend!

Marie gave me an adorable Pumpkin with the cutest smile and in the bag was a beautiful tin candle sconce that hangs on a cupboard door and a battery candle (one with a timer!)

Marie in car 

Karen Marie 

In Chilis 

Could this Pumpkin be any more adorable?


Candle sconce


Last week when I was visiting blogs I saw I won Carol from Buttermilk Creek Farm’s giveaway…am I a lucky gal or what…meeting blog friend and winning great things from another blog friend.
You can find her here:
You must visit Carol’s blog if you haven’t already.  She is one fantastic creator and I will honestly say she is way too modest about her work – CAROL….your work is wonderful.  If anyone has received any of her work you would be able to attest to that too.
Her work is so meticulous – all details so perfect.
I received my package on Saturday and was soooo in love with it all…it’s time to be envious guys!


In the box was a set of 3 Gingerbread men – all decked out with Red checked Gingham and a bell.
And the aroma so yummy – you could almost taste them!
And…a bag of vintage Candy Canes – oh they are so sweet!

candy canes and gingers

candy cane closeup


And then the ‘glory gift’ – a beautiful hand made Santa.
He’s sporting a pure wool coat and that is a real sheep’s wool beard.
Santa from carol

santa closeup

Could I have had a better few days???  I think not!
Thanks so much Carol – I don’t want to put the Santa away ‘till Christmas.

Thanks for visiting and for all your wonderful comments.

And please, I hope some of you take advantage of my coupon or at least stop in to say hi…


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keeper of the Money…and Where did that come from!

Did you ever hear the term before?  It’s a biblical term about ‘Judas’ “Keeper Of The Money Bag”…well in my son/dil’s house it’s their dog KEEPER…he decided to feast on my grandson’s coin stash – yep…he ate 66 coins the other night and after surgery and a 2 day hospital stay he’s doing well.
It was a combination of meds he’s on that was causing him to act different and eat very different things…one being cardboard and well, the coins too.

Here’s what they got from him…the vet was very concerned after the x-ray and saw there were several pennies which can be lethal to an animal – so a quick surgery was done.  There were even some Silver Dollars in there!
Door 008

Star Divider 

On Friday we had Aidan here for the day – he has been begging to come here so Darren dropped him off and we had such a fun day.
He does keep us busy though – he’s non-stop and doesn’t stay with one thing too long so it’s go-go-go!

He did have to help with making his lunch – he wanted a knife to cut off the grapes – didn’t get too far and then gave up (no surprise).

Fixing lunch

In the afternoon he wanted to help grandpa water the plants.
Normally we don’t do it in the heat of the day but he wanted to so thought it wouldn’t hurt just once.
Watering plants 3 
Watering plants 1

Watering plants 5

Bike riding…or crashing…

Then it was playtime in the house…he’s trying to get a toy out of a basket that he tossed in the air.
Aidan playing 1

Playing horsy with gramps!
Aidan and grandpa playing

Then quiet time…getting close to ‘baby’ – who has just recently allowed him to pet her.
Aidan and Baby 2 
Aidan and Baby

Time for an ice cream break.
Aidan ice cream 1 

Looks like he’s zoning out!!!  Guess he played his little heart out!
Aidan ice cream 2

Star Divider 

We visited Darren and MaryAnn when Miranda was a week old…she changed in just such a short time. She’s 3 weeks old already!
gram miranda 1

daddy feeding

Such a little scrunchy face – she must have been tensing up
gram miranda 2

Well I guess that’s enough about ‘family’ – sorry it went on so long!

Star Divider 

On the 10th I celebrated another birthday and a friend from Florida sent me a wonderful package…she’s always so thoughtful.
There was a set of ‘old’ Pewter wine goblets, some wonderful scented soap and even a toy for the kitties…sweet!
gifts 2 
gifts 1

Star Divider 

They say you are never to old to learn but here’s one I thought I knew…since I was very little I have use this particular term when you refer to something that is diagonal from something…the term myself, my family and EVERYONE I know has used it this way…’KITTY CORNER or CATTY CORNER…well that’s not right.
Just found out a while ago (from a book Doug is reading) that the word is CATERCORNER.
As American’s we changed it to Kitty or Catty corner….

I get so tickled when I find out something new …but I’ll still use the term I grew up with!

Here’s something else I found out –(later in life)- I always thought the actor ALDO RAY was pronounced Al DORAY…did not know that the ‘do’ went with ‘al’ – Doug set me straight on this one.

And…if that’s not enough I also found out that when I was a teenager and dating Doug – I had always thought the verse in the song ‘Barbara Ann’ was Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob Maran.
Being it’s what I thought I never thought to challenge it. Funny what our ears hear isn’t it?
Barbara Ann The Regents 1961

Star Divider 

Getting ready for my Aug. 11th show has been a challenge along with keeping up with ‘life’.
I cut out many, many circles out of wool for my ‘traditional Penny Rugs’
I have 3 sewn so far and have to cut more!
pennies 1

Yesterday I painted 15 Mache boxes and what a job that was.
First I painted, then had to sand off some areas to make them look old.
Didn’t ever do this before so had no idea how to get it done.  Tried sand paper…nope – wouldn’t budge the paint so I got the idea to wet down the boxes and used a scrubby and WALLA…it worked!
I was a happy camper but oh my goodness what a mess - good thing I had plastic on the table.
And then last night I priced what merchandise I have finished.

Now ask me if I’m ready….NOPE…close, but not totally.

Star Divider 

Thanks for hanging in there through this long post…but that’s what happens when I don’t get on for 3 weeks!

Please don’t forget to check out my shows…you can find the information on my ‘tab page’:




Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gosh I feel so honored!

Most of the time we all take for granted the fact we live right here in the USA…why does it take a special day like the 4th of July to open our eyes…you know I just look around my little are and see so many things that make me feel honored and blessed to live here.

In just a 5 mile radius I saw so many things that say Freedom and honor…I didn’t see a flag flowing in the breeze or a statue of a fallen soldier or read the Declaration of Independence…but they are things we get to see everyday BECAUSE OF FREEDOM.  Just look around your town and you’ll see things differently.

Just look around and you will see what it means to live in our wonderful USA – a drive in the country and you can see fields of wheat, wild flowers, animals and old structures that were here before we were born.
We are so fortunate that we don’t look out on to war torn streets and fields…buildings torn apart from fighting…we see FREEDOM.
And we can even get in our cars and look at all these wonderful treasures we most of the time take for granted.

Sunday when we took a ride we saw field after field of patchwork Green Corn and Amber Winter Wheat

‘AMBER WAVES OF GRAIN’ …we have it in abundance!!


corn and wheat


Every Winter Wheat field we went by had a different look…so pretty
Some fields were not cut and many were partially cut

Cut wheat 


Hay 2

Hay 1

cut hay 1

cut hay

Cut wheat 4

I love this can see where the combine forks went in
Cut wheat 3

Cut wheat 2

Not sure what these flowers are but they are abundant along our roadsides

Blue Flowers

Wild field Lilies – love the creek in the background

One lone Coneflower
Lone coneflower

This barn was ready to fall down…and the roof was thatched on the little building on the left
We saw all these Red barns on one small stretch of road
Old Barn


Red Barn

Red farm

Freedom in my town in the park
Picture 6 Log Cabin

On my dining room table
Flag on table

Flowers at the corners in our downtown
Flower pots

Hope you enjoyed this trip around my little town – why I love farm land I don’t know but harvest time is such a great time of year

And now to introduce you to the newest Martinsen
July 3, 2012
6 lb. 2 oz. 19.6 inches
This was their Dr’s first Wisconsin delivery…he just moved here from out of state.
And he and his wife just had their 2nd baby (a boy) on Sunday

Darren came to the door to show us Miranda while they were taking care of MaryAnn
Look at her little pout!
Miranda 3

Miranda 2

Miranda 1

 Dr with baby 1

Dr with baby  

Hope you all have a wonderful fun and safe 4th of July and I hope you look in your own backyard and see some things that say FREEDOM…
Picture close up