Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Not quite there yet…

Santa Turkey

Oh I had so hoped to be finished with the guest room by Thanksgiving but it did not happen – we have been working on it daily but these ole bodies wear out by mid afternoon but that isn’t the hold up – it’s the carpeting.  We were to get it installed last Wednesday but there was a  glitch so now hopefully sometime this next week it will happen, then the bed can be delivered.

All the tape is removed…windows washed, trim dusted…now we wait!  But I didn’t take pictures of the cleaned up space…still a few things laying around but they will soon be put away.
The walls are sort of a Khaki and the trim is a Pewter color.
Don’t the dormers look darker???  They aren’t though – just the way the light hits.
painted waiting for carpeting
guest room  painted 2

This is the carpet we chose – we were going to get a plush but decided on a short shaggy style.
upstairs carpet

Closet is ready – just need the carpet in and then the rest of the shelves and hanging rods will be put up – we didn’t want the installer to hit his head on the shelves that were lower.
closet finished 

Not much to look at I know but hopefully by the end of next week it will look like a bedroom again, only nicer.

It’s so cold here so my cooking is going towards casseroles and this delicious Chicken Pot Pie.
Chicken pot pie 1

Chicken pot pie 2

I wish I had something fun to share with you today but unfortunately with all that has been going on with the upstairs it is rather boring here.
Saturday we are taking Darren and MaryAnn with us shopping for Christmas for the little ones – I just don’t know what to get for them anymore…kids seem to have everything!  I’m looking forward to a day out with them.

I got a couple of cute pictures of Zayne this week…

Happy Zayne
Zayne in white jacket

That’s all I have for you this time around.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all – travel safe for all those who have to be on the roads.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fun day

Alexandra popped in with Zayne today for lunch.
Haven’t seen them since Sept. 22 and oh has that
little guy grown.  Alex took a couple pictures.
Grandpa and Zayne
 Grandma and Zayne
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The boys finally finished the paper stripping upstairs
and  Jesse had to go back to work so it’s
Doug and I doing the painting.
bedroom finish
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I just finished this 9-1/2 x 25 Traditional Penny Rug
Made of all Wool. The runner part is from an old (washed) Army blanket
.This one has the smaller Pennies rather than
the larger 3” ones I normally use on the longer
runners and I really like it…lots of extra
stitching but it looks so nice.
$70 plus shipping
New pennies penny rug
 New pennies penny rug 1
Also there are just 2 of the Olde World Santa journals left.
Journals Journal inside

Tree pillow
(back side)
pillow back
You can find all the information here:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Keep on blogging  - it’s slow going for me.
I get on the computer and check out a few blogs
and then I am needing to get back to ‘other things’
so I miss a few of you now and then,
but at some point I will get there!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I’m settling in…

I love this time of year – it’s a nesting kind of feeling and so warm and comfortable.
Time to enjoy the crisp days and nights and think about what is to come in the next several weeks…I’d say ‘months’ but it is mere weeks till Christmas.
I love the thought of Thanksgiving coming and enjoying the smells of baking and cooking – and then the mad mess…decorating for Christmas starting the day after Thanksgiving.
I would like to say it gets DONE the day after Christmas but it’s just the BEGINNING….lots of Fall to put away and many totes brought up from the basement.
Thank goodness for strong arms and young bodies of the grands!  They don’t know it yet but after dinner and dishes on Thanksgiving day they are all pitching in to bring down the Fall decorations.
I have decided to make it a group effort and it will get done fast.  Then up with the totes before they go home (oh, and all the trees too will come up).

So that’s where I am right now – feeling warm and cozy.

But in other parts of the house there is hustle and bustle.
Our grandson Jesse and his cousin Jesse have been coming over every day to help redo the upstairs.

We started with the craft room closet.  Tore out EVERYTHING and then they primed and painted.  Then Doug installed the new closet hardware/shelves.  Looks mighty fine now….and smells even better.  Nothing ickier than an old house and a small room that always has the door shut.   Fortunately it’s a fairly decent ‘walk-in’ for an older home.

After they finished painting (I see they didn’t remove the tape on the window…)

…click on pictures, some will show up larger if needed…

Closet  1 room 2

Closet  2 room 2

Closet  3 room 2

After the closet hardware installed
Closet finished 1

 Closet finished 2
It is now filled with seasonal clothes!

Then they moved on to the guest room – that is a bear….they are stripping off old paper that has been painted over.
It is a horrible and long job…today they are finally using a steamer.  Can’t say how long it will be before it’s finished but they have never done painting or anything like this before and they are doing a great job.
The paper goes up on to the sloped ceiling part as well…which is what they are working on today.
Guest room 3

Guest room 4

Guest room 6

And the poor craft room is a jumble of things from the closets and the guest room.
This will be the last room we do as it is the catch-all for now.
The two bedrooms will be painted a kind of Khaki if I can find the right shade.
Craft room remodel 3 

craft room 2

So on to some good stuff – how about some treasures we bought when in PA…I was going to show you on my last post but it got too long.

I have seen these oblong wreaths this year and found one at a shop in Lititz.
I love the aged Candy Cane!
Vine wreath

At the Candle Barn at Kitchen Kettle I found a long Mercury ornament
Ornament 2

More stockings – long and aged – 2 red and 2 stripe, to hang on the mantle.

Hopefully these Two tin sconces will hang in one of the guest rooms – if they won’t work because of the sloped walls then I just may sell them (so watch and see what happens in case you like them).

One large and 2 smaller wispy Green wreaths – I think the large one will go around the neck of the wooden Goose we have.
We found these at Cocalico Creek in Lancaster and they had them on a White Goose.

Resin Candy Canes and some Red/Green sprigs.
Candy Canes greens

Battery votive candles – but they are a nice size – about 5 inches tall.

Are you sick of looking yet??? If not, here’s more.

Table risers for serving hot foods or just for space saving, do you use them?
I do and they really are nice to get things up off the table, easy to put more things on the table around it.
I bought 2 different sizes (and the bundle of dried Yarrow from Pheasant Run Antiques).
Table risers

Love this long pillow – it isn’t going to be on the brass bed – I don’t like the 2 styles together.
It will go on the White iron bed when the other guest room is finished, but I needed a place to set it for the picture.
Actually I do not want my Brass bed but it’s too good to get rid of.
I’m considering having it spray painted – but it will still have that Victorian look to it – so not sure what is going to happen with this bed.
long pillow

A few Family Heirloom Weaver table squares and table cloths.
Bought them at 3 different shops in PA.
Actually the 2nd from the right I sold already!)
fhw products

And a pillow
red pillow

Much needed tissue paper.

Then when we were at Roots market this lady made these cute little all cloth dolls ,
perfect for Miranda’s age.
Plus she embroiders the name of
the child on the outfit.
I think Miranda will have fun with it – it’s real squishy.
Mirandas doll

Yesterday (Friday) we were up north because I had to deliver some merchandise to Country Freckles so she had it for her Christmas Open House which is going on right now folks for those who live close enough to Wisconsin Rapids.
Anyway, I bought more wool from her and these sweet Mercury ornament trees.

Wool from CFreckles

 Mercury trees

Then on the way home we stopped at Whetstones on Hwy. 73 W. and found this iron double candle sconce.
Candle holder 1

Before heading up north I had a rush on making cupboard prints for the shop – they actually got finished within the hour of packing up!
prints on table

prints on table 2 

We had a request for an Arnette Santa from a customer here for when we went to wholesale in PA a couple weeks ago.  She said as long as it had a Red coat she didn’t care what else it looked like so she picked it up today – and LOVED IT….we did good I guess, but then who wouldn’t like them, huh???
Santa for customer 

Santa side ways

So there you have it everyone…the shopping treasures and what’s been happening at and around our house.
With all my orders basically done for good (except for things I care to consign – if I want to anymore that is), I’m settling in like the heading said.
I want and need to get going on my hooked pieces.  I have 2 that are for Christmas that are finished except for binging.
I do not know how to do it but I do have instructions so I think it’s do-able.
Hopefully I can get into the rug hooking and stick with it – I’m anxious and way over due.

Over on my selling blog  I still have the Tree Pillow and the Olde World Santa Journals for sale.
Go check them out.
Tree pillow
Back side of pillow
pillow back

Don’t know how a squirrel got up on this wreath on our front door without knocking it down but he did and he planted a Black Walnut right in the center…I’m leaving it alone.
door wreath

Our little Zayne is growing so big everyday….we get to finally see him on Tuesday.  The last time was on the 22nd of Sept. for our anniversary dinner so I imagine he’s going to be a little tub!!!

Zayne in white jacket

So, can someone tell me how to get the ‘reply’ on my ‘comments’ for when someone comments and they don’t have a blog or e-mail?
Their comment shows up
I would love to be able to reply to their comments…thank you in advance’.

Hope all is well with  you out there in blog land.
Blessings to all