Saturday, September 29, 2012

We have a winner(s) and more fun Fall

Yep, I’m late posting the winner(s) aren’t I – I know I said I’d draw the name today but I was down with a Migraine headache and it’s still there – it even made me sick to my stomach for most of the day so I’m really sorry – I imagine you are all on pins and needles!
But first…those ole Pumpkins just keep showing up at my door – this one is a large one made from an old Wool blanket. And I bought some more Bittersweet – the 3+lbs I bought form e-bay was wonderful but I still needed a bit more to fill in spaces.  I think I have enough now.
I bought it from THE CROW’S CORNER
Now tell me how I could pass this fella up!!! I didn’t measure him but he’s about 11 inches round.Large Pumpkin
Here you can get an idea of the size.  (I’m so unhappy with this hutch and what’s on it.  The shelves are so close together you can’t put anything of size on them so there are just piddly things on it. I’m hoping Doug can remove one of the shelves – not sure which one though)DSC08011
This Bittersweet is much larger and a darker orange than the first batch…and the branches are thicker too. (this is $10 worth – I think they had a fantastic price on it)
New Bittersweet
Oh there I go again…forgetting to post the winner(s)…you read right…more than one WINNER!
I can’t express how pleased I was with the response to my challenge – I never expected to get so many.
And the stories were wonderful – some were named for the obvious – some because of a family member – some from a street they live on…they all were inspired from something or someone in their lives.

This journey through blog-land the past 4 years has brought friends into my life I never would have made otherwise – never will meet most of them but reading about them, their families, their wishes, decorating, cooking – we even go through sadness and prayers together. What a wonderful family we have all become because of our blogs.

I hope you all learned something new from each of these bloggers and have made new friends to follow – I certainly have.

So on with the show so to speak.
Here’s the list of all those who participated – I hope if you haven’t visited them yet – please do so. They put a lot into this challenge.

1. Betty:
2. Lori:
3. Sara:
4. Heather:
5. Brenda:
6. Christina:
7. Cindi:
8. Amy:
9. Shannon:
10. Cucki:
11. Vicki:
12. Tammy:
13. Mildred:
14. Tiffaney:
15. Gina:
16. Stephani:
17. Goedele:
18. Wendy:
19. Lauren:
20. Donna:
21. Laura:
22. Laura:
23. Beth:
24. Robin:
25. Laurie:
26. Laurie:
27. Camil:
28. Linda:
29. Barbara:
30. Ruth:
31. Tammy:
32. Sue:
33. Kendra:
34. Katie:
35. Marie:
36. Margaret:
37. Felicia:
39. Angie:
40. Tonya:
41. Sandy:
42. Pam:
43. Denise:
44. Linda:
45. Pam:
46. Patti:
47. Annie:
I want to apologize to Danice for omitting her blog on this list48. Danice:
If your name is here in the WINNERS LIST please e-mail me with your full name and mailing address – I will get your gifts out to you just as soon as possible.


You each will be receiving one of my Mr. Jack Pumpkin Mats and a little surprise!
Jack Mat background smaller

ongratulations ladies and thank you to everyone who entered. I
only whish I could give you all a gift for participating.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall is here! Only 1 day left for challenge

YES….ONE MORE DAY LEFT TO JOIN MY CHALLENGE…so far there are 43 wonderful bloggers who joined.
Their stories of how they began their blog and came up with their names are so fun to read.  Some are the obvious and some we would never guess how they came about. 
On Saturday the 29th when I post the name of the WINNER – or it could be 2 WINNERS…I will also put a list of blog links to all the blogs who participated. 
This has been a fun challenge and I so appreciate all who joined in. BUT THERE’S STILL TIME….you could be a winner of something or some things…who knows what this girl will do or how many names I will draw…keep you guessing huh?
Here’s the link if you want to join in….
There are no rules to follow…just simply post how you got your blog name and then send me the link to THAT POST.
So on with my Fall decorating.  Still waiting until Sunday to find something to put the flowers in for the brick area at the back entrance – for now I just have it all sitting on the wicker chair and ground..not bad but not what I want either.  So wish me luck at the flea market on Sunday.  It’s the last one for the year so if I don’t find it there it won’t happen.
On with the pictures…
I still need to put the Witch sign on the twig wreath on the house – and put the tall can of dried flowers someplace. Not sure where they will land as of yet.
(click on photos to enlarge them)
back porch
This area WILL NOT stay this way – just need something for height hereback porch 1
See the Pumpkin in the corn stalks…he’s on a very long stake but Doug wouldn’t let me display him any place (didn’t even want me to buy it!) so I stuffed in down in the stalks and I guess I actually like it where it is rather than just stuck in the ground. Thanks Doug!!!back light post  
I ordered some Bittersweet on E-Bay last week…3+ lbs. for $24.00 and is it wonderful.  They don’t cut it until they are ready to ship…very good quality too.  They give you a couple long vines, a few twisted ones and several small bunches. I’d order from them again.
Remember the Gooseneck Gourds from last week…I added some Bittersweet and now I like them so will keep them on the fireplace. Not sure what I’m going to do on top of the mantle…maybe nothing.See how plain they look here…Fireplace NO  Bittersweet
Much better now aren’t they?Fireplace with Bittersweet
I took double photos of some things showing the Bittersweet right after I put it out and then the next morning – all popped out!
I left some of the leaves on for some of my displays– I like it that way.

Bowl Box 1
Bowl Box 2 
The grain box is on my coffee table with the gourds from last weeks show
Grain box with gourds
Small crocks 1
Areas in the kitchenKitchen counter
I so love my fabric Turkey from last weeks show…and the corn – probably one of my most favorite purchases this yearTurkey in tin
Turkey in tin closeup
Don’t care for this but not going to change itTop of Pantry
Random pictures of the dining roomold cupboard 1 
Trencher 2
table riser 1
pie safe crow
dining room 1 
 dining room 5
dining room 4 
dining room 3
 Pewter Pumpkin table 1
 Pumpkins on pewter

That’s it for me today – hope you are having as much fun getting ready for Fall as I am. I’m finished I think (well, except for the outside thingy I want to find – but if not I’m not going to stress over it.)
The weekend is coming up fast and so is the end of September – didn’t it just start???
Enjoy and blessings


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is it Fall yet? Folk Art Purchases

Goodness it seems even though we don’t live too far from the kids we just don’t see them as often as we would like.  Could be our schedule or could be that they are a young family and just have so much to do so we took a ride down there on Wednesday.
I can not believe how much Miranda has grown in a few weeks!!!  She’s now smiling and making fun noises.  Aidan is the big brother of course and told us everything she has been doing right on down to pooping her diapers…I think he’s going to be a wonderful protector of his little sister.
With Adan and Miranda

I was on Darren’s FB page and saw this picture of Aidan…it doesn’t even look like him! lol  Silly little guy!
Aidan glasses

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(remember you can click on the pictures to view them larger)

On our drives to the kids house we pass this farm that has a covered wagon for their fruit/vegetables they sell.  All the times we have passed it, it has been just too cute…but wouldn’t you know this one time I had my camera with me ready to take a picture of it, it was all ragged from wind and rain – but you still get the idea.  I bought 5 Pumpkins here.
Farm wagon 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Probably much like all of you out there…FALL IS RUNNING THROUGH MY BLOOD right now…I need the cooler weather and we’re getting it actually.  Yesterday and today was very chilly but with long sleeves and a vest it was perfectly comfortable.  So I’m ready.
And ready with nice comfort food too!
Tuesday night I made stew from the roast dinner we had on Sunday and a cast iron skillet of yummy Corn Bread. Perfect comfort food for a cool Fall evening.
Stew and Corn Bread

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today we headed to Kane County, IL for a Folk Art show…WOW…it was fantastic.  I haven’t been to a quality show in just ages. 
Much of it was not in my price range (at least not without feeling guilty about buying it for the prices they had on things) but there were a couple very nice Primitive and reasonably priced vendors there and I could have shopped and shopped in the one.
She doesn’t have a shop or website which is so sad because her work is just beautiful.  Maybe some of you who have gone to the Folk Art shows have seen her products.  Her name is Marti Diederich and she sells things at the Olde Timers Antique Center in Sandwich, IL.
I was so happy to see some well made aged Primitives that didn’t look too ratty.

Got the Turkey and corn from Marti.  The two gourds and broom from two other vendors. Actually the broom came from
Gourds Broom Turkey 2

A little closer look at Mr. Turkey and the corn
She used real aged corn husks for the feathers and on the corn…how unique!

Is this corn real and gorgeous looking or what!!!
Chennile Corn

These Gooseneck Gourds came from Marti as well - The picture did not come out well but I wanted to put the gourds up to show what they looked like. Not sure if this is where they will stay.  have to see what Fall is going on the mantle before I decide.
Fireplace gourds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Got myself another Blue Pumpkin and some little whites and the traditional Orange Pumpkins. Also a very large tri-colored Mum at Sam’s Club.
If I can only find something to display all the Pumpkins and Mums I bought last week I will be happy.  Next Sunday will tell cuz that’s the last flea market of the season and if I don’t find a wagon or wheel barrow then it’s a couple straw bales.
Tri colored mum

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know there are a few of you that love to read Amish Fiction books like me – my cousin gave me this to read and I must say I’ve never read a more interesting and intriguing book in ages…it’s a murder mystery but falls around an Amish family. A must read.
Plain Truth

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last year at this time I was buying up Green Beans to string and dry – I have a few strings in the basement yet but never did anything with them.  This one I put Cranberries on the string. I wish I had done it with all of them.  This week I brought it up and added it to the gourd garland that hangs on the back of a cupboard that’s exposed by my front door. I like the Green Beans with the gourds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are goodies in it for ya!!!  Just a few teasers…

Tease 1

Tease 2 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope I haven’t forgotten to mention something I was supposed to…seems there is though.

My following is growing I see and I thank you everyone for visiting me, commenting and for giving me the opportunity to express myself with this blog. If it wasn’t for all of you I would not be doing this at all – so again Thank You.

Oh…I know what it was…I closed my POPULAR SELLING BLOG SITE
Seems there were MANY sites that didn’t even exist anymore and some that never updated for well over a year (some even more) and it took so much time to go through each member and see if they were active.
Thank you to all who participated and I hope you gained a few sales from being listed.
If you have my logo on your blogs feel free to remove it.
this logo…

Blessings to all

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The makings of Fall displays

It’s going to take me some time before I can bring my Fall things all together but it will happen – believe me!
I’m getting so tired of looking at all the Summer colors and Geraniums – enough is enough, right???  Being our Summer started so early it has been a longer one than normal…SO COME ON FALLL – get here soon.

Friday my brother/wife came over for the day so I used my ‘charm’ and e-mailed Dan DiPaolo to see if we could come over to the barn shop as my brother had never been out there and I so wanted him to see Dan’s place.  Being the sweetheart Dan is he said yes – so just to cover my tracks I baked him a pan of Apple Crisp…it works every time!
Dan is only open Sat. and Sun so this was extremely generous of him.

I was hoping he had his Mums and Pumpkins and sure enough he did! Lots of them, and silly me with no camera!  His place was all decked out with Fall everywhere – inside and out.
I bought what I set out to buy and now just waiting to get rid of Summer ‘stuff’ so I can get it all arranged.
Oh to have an old wooden wagon or wheel barrow for my courtyard to put them in – anyone got one to spare!!!
I got one Yellow, 2 Brick Red and a Bronze/Gold Mums along with these Pumpkins.

I loooove the blue-green one. He named it but it went right out my head the second he said what it was
(remember you can click on the photos to make them larger)
Pumpkins and Mums 

Pretty isn’t it…the bumpy one is similar in color but such a strange shape.
Blue Pumpkin 

Dan gave this one a name too but it slipped my mind…something to do with drunken or bloodshot…because of the veins
Bloodshot Pumpkin

Today we bought the peachy/green one (on the right) at a Farmer’s Market.
The boy said it’s a squash so after displaying it we can eat it.
Peach and Green Pumpkin

We also stopped at our favorite shop in Rochester – Finder’s Keepers. 
I never ‘DON’T’ find anything there and Friday was no different.
Like I said in my other post – this is the year of Pumpkin’s for me it seems because I bought a hugie there.  It’s not real but looks very much so.

My poor dining room table is beginning to get over run with Fall – I have been buying it and placing it all in one place until I am ready to decorate with it – so I really, really do want to get going on it.
I also bought a faux Bittersweet vine and a large crow – had one years ago and it ‘died’ – just got too old…
Oh and the boxes the Crow is on – they were from a garage sale we stopped at first. Got 4 boxes $1 each.
Large Pumpkin 1

So then if that wasn’t enough running around today Doug and I headed north of Milwaukee to Holy Hill for their annual craft show. 
Now I will say this for the record…I have been wanting to go to this show for YEARS…but after getting in there I won’t bother again.  A very, very nice show but it was 80% fine art, jewelry and shawls/hats.

Denise who has some of my products in her shop had a booth so I bought some little Pumpkins (there I go again!) from her and then some fabric Candy Corn from another vendor…that’s it!  Wasn’t worth the hours drive and the crowds but it was a beautiful setting I will say that.
But after yesterday I really over did my discs/sciatica and tonight I am paying the price. So tomorrow we’re laying low.
Pumpkins candy corn

Candy corn
I was trying to find a place to put them to take a picture of the Candy Corn but nothing would make them show up nicely or show the size.
Candy corn on table 1 

And I totally forgot I bought this dried bundle
.I want to put it in a large crock when the time comes
Dried bundle

Holy Hill  -  quite the site from a distance
Holy Hill 1

They had constant shuttle service from the parking areas
Holy Hill 2

Holy Hill 5

Holy Hill 4

Holy Hill 3 

My basket from last weeks show ended up on top of my hutch
Wasn’t where it was to go but looks fine for now…I’ll put some Fall with it soon.
Basket on hutch 

So there’s my weekend…and like I said I’m so ready to stay at home tomorrow, cook a pot roast, sew on my orders and relax.
No running around, no decorating just staying in.

Remember my CHALLENGE…you have only a few days left to enter. There are 33 so far and I posted a picture of one of the drawing prized…ore will come.
Thanks too, to my new followers – so nice to see you…come on back and visit.