Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is it Fall yet? Folk Art Purchases

Goodness it seems even though we don’t live too far from the kids we just don’t see them as often as we would like.  Could be our schedule or could be that they are a young family and just have so much to do so we took a ride down there on Wednesday.
I can not believe how much Miranda has grown in a few weeks!!!  She’s now smiling and making fun noises.  Aidan is the big brother of course and told us everything she has been doing right on down to pooping her diapers…I think he’s going to be a wonderful protector of his little sister.
With Adan and Miranda

I was on Darren’s FB page and saw this picture of Aidan…it doesn’t even look like him! lol  Silly little guy!
Aidan glasses

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(remember you can click on the pictures to view them larger)

On our drives to the kids house we pass this farm that has a covered wagon for their fruit/vegetables they sell.  All the times we have passed it, it has been just too cute…but wouldn’t you know this one time I had my camera with me ready to take a picture of it, it was all ragged from wind and rain – but you still get the idea.  I bought 5 Pumpkins here.
Farm wagon 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Probably much like all of you out there…FALL IS RUNNING THROUGH MY BLOOD right now…I need the cooler weather and we’re getting it actually.  Yesterday and today was very chilly but with long sleeves and a vest it was perfectly comfortable.  So I’m ready.
And ready with nice comfort food too!
Tuesday night I made stew from the roast dinner we had on Sunday and a cast iron skillet of yummy Corn Bread. Perfect comfort food for a cool Fall evening.
Stew and Corn Bread

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today we headed to Kane County, IL for a Folk Art show…WOW…it was fantastic.  I haven’t been to a quality show in just ages. 
Much of it was not in my price range (at least not without feeling guilty about buying it for the prices they had on things) but there were a couple very nice Primitive and reasonably priced vendors there and I could have shopped and shopped in the one.
She doesn’t have a shop or website which is so sad because her work is just beautiful.  Maybe some of you who have gone to the Folk Art shows have seen her products.  Her name is Marti Diederich and she sells things at the Olde Timers Antique Center in Sandwich, IL.
I was so happy to see some well made aged Primitives that didn’t look too ratty.

Got the Turkey and corn from Marti.  The two gourds and broom from two other vendors. Actually the broom came from
Gourds Broom Turkey 2

A little closer look at Mr. Turkey and the corn
She used real aged corn husks for the feathers and on the corn…how unique!

Is this corn real and gorgeous looking or what!!!
Chennile Corn

These Gooseneck Gourds came from Marti as well - The picture did not come out well but I wanted to put the gourds up to show what they looked like. Not sure if this is where they will stay.  have to see what Fall is going on the mantle before I decide.
Fireplace gourds

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Got myself another Blue Pumpkin and some little whites and the traditional Orange Pumpkins. Also a very large tri-colored Mum at Sam’s Club.
If I can only find something to display all the Pumpkins and Mums I bought last week I will be happy.  Next Sunday will tell cuz that’s the last flea market of the season and if I don’t find a wagon or wheel barrow then it’s a couple straw bales.
Tri colored mum

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know there are a few of you that love to read Amish Fiction books like me – my cousin gave me this to read and I must say I’ve never read a more interesting and intriguing book in ages…it’s a murder mystery but falls around an Amish family. A must read.
Plain Truth

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last year at this time I was buying up Green Beans to string and dry – I have a few strings in the basement yet but never did anything with them.  This one I put Cranberries on the string. I wish I had done it with all of them.  This week I brought it up and added it to the gourd garland that hangs on the back of a cupboard that’s exposed by my front door. I like the Green Beans with the gourds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are goodies in it for ya!!!  Just a few teasers…

Tease 1

Tease 2 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope I haven’t forgotten to mention something I was supposed to…seems there is though.

My following is growing I see and I thank you everyone for visiting me, commenting and for giving me the opportunity to express myself with this blog. If it wasn’t for all of you I would not be doing this at all – so again Thank You.

Oh…I know what it was…I closed my POPULAR SELLING BLOG SITE
Seems there were MANY sites that didn’t even exist anymore and some that never updated for well over a year (some even more) and it took so much time to go through each member and see if they were active.
Thank you to all who participated and I hope you gained a few sales from being listed.
If you have my logo on your blogs feel free to remove it.
this logo…

Blessings to all


  1. Hi Karen, Your grandchildren are adorable!!!! Love the wagon full of produce. So glad that you found a wonderful prim booth, that is so exciting. Love your turkey and corn.
    I am like you in the fall I start thinking of vegetable soup and pumpkin and apple pie. Hugs, Lecia

  2. ahello Karen, Your grandbabies are beautiful. Our youngest ones are 13 now. But I like them when they are 13, too. You have some that age , too...don't you? So much fun!

    Your post is wonderful and interesting. How is your back this week? Be careful.

  3. Karen
    Is marti's stuff wonderful!!! can you believe her prices??L I can't make it for that... I don't know how she does it! I almost bought that turkey last night! SIGH! I got a gourd garland from her last year, love it... and my 'rat" bowl came from her...LOVE IT!!! all the edges have been chewed up by something, so prim..So I am thinking you probably didn't get my email before you left... Did you try a cupcake? I wound up sleeping on the couch all afternoon... fighting a cold... OLM

  4. Karen, you have the most wonderful road trips and adventures. Everything is beautiful as usual. Just stopped by to check things out. Blessings!

  5. Karen, love to hear of your latest finds. I have never seen any blue pumpkins around here.
    And I never have seen a tri-colored mum before. It's beautiful!
    The kids are adorable.

  6. What cutie pies. I really like the bean and berry garland. Didn't know you could dry string beans!

  7. Oh Karen, don't feel bad, I have a daughter that I don't get to see as much as I'd prefer. They're young is a good excuse... lol. You did good though, just give them a visit when you can :)
    Yep, it's Fall! Our temps are in the mid 50's here in SE OH and it feels gooood :)
    Love your folk art finds!

  8. love the kiddos, just too cute!!

    and the pumpkins, never enough of those!!

  9. Ooooo....I try hard, but I get jealous every time I visit and see all your awesome finds....and hear of your pumpkins and mums! The drought did a number up here this year....pumpkins are really hard to find....and when you do, even a plain regular smallish, mis-shapen orange one is running $6 or more....Hello???? Love the turkey - and that corn is amazing....really looks real. What is it made of??? And sweet, sweet, grands. (PS - meant to respond to your email about your son and "my nephew." Wow...that is strange....He really looks so much like my nephew I had to enlarge, and then couldn't swear it wasn't him!!!) Have a great Sunday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (BRRR!)

  10. Hi Karen! I can't believe the difference already in Miranda--so adorable--love to see your grandkids pics...sure wish my boys would cooperate and get me some!! Love the folk art and that corn. I still haven't bought any pumpkins yet-but they are plentiful and cheap here--they also seem nicer shaped this year. ..despite the weird weather! hugs, Jan

  11. Aww sweet is a very sweet picture
    I love your decoration so much ...everything is so beautiful.
    Keep well dear xxx

  12. that covered wagon is out of this world. lucky you! haven't seen any pumpkins in Florida yet but i guess i'd better go to Sam's for one of those mums. it's beautiful!FYI Karen Harper has some mysteries that take place in and around Amish country. denise

  13. karen,

    I know you just love those grands, I dearly love mine, too.

    All of your finds are beautiful but I especially like the gooseneck gourds on the mantle. Looks perfect to me.

    ...and...there is nothing like cornbread baked in an old, seasoned iron skillet! Looks great!

    Happy Fall, y'all!


  14. Love the gourd garlands and the green beans do look great with them! I've been collecting dried pods and gourds to make some garlands and hope to get to them this week! I made a trip to the gourd farm yesterday to pick up more!

  15. Hi Karen, Miranda is adorable and what a handsome big brother Aidan is. Love all of your goodies, especially the gourd & green bean garlands. Have a great week.

  16. Hi Karen

    Miranda is a pretty litle girl already :-).

    I'm enjoying Fall too. I love the corn, it looks so real!!


  17. The grands are adroable.Love the corn and turkey you bought.I have a thing for the gobblers.LoL..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  18. As usual I loved reading your post Karen. Love the fall colors and the food of course. You have a nice looking family and I am sure you are proud of them. Loving Fall here in Indiana...

  19. WooHoo! A fun trip down to IL. I had wanted to go to that show but I felt I just had to much to do. Glad you had fun!


  20. Love all the wonderful goodies you got at the show. Did you get to meet Lucy???
    I hope I meet the deadline ~ just been sooo busy ~ I'll give it my best shot!
    Lovely photo of You ~ Yours ~ and the grandbabies!

  21. Goodness, I can't believe how much Miranda has grown either! But babies do seem like they grow and change overnight. Oh yes, I'm sure Aidan will be a wonderful big brother! =]

    YAY for fall weather, fall clothes, and yummy fall comfort food! Your stew and cornbread look delicious.

    You came home from the folk art show with some wonderful fall goodies! Cute turkey and I do love the actual corn husks on the corn. I really like the cranberries between the green beans, very nice.

    Oh no, the popular selling site is gone?! Well I totally understand why you did it. I know it must have been a headache to keep it current. I never had a selling blog but I do appreciate your generosity in helping those who did. That was very kind of you Karen! I'll go over and take it down from my blog right now before I forget. Looks like I need to get over to my blog and make a new post so I can join your contest before it's too late!

    Have a wonderful week, sweet friend~

  22. Okay Karen!! I'm going to write that I love all these wonderful pumpkins and Fall decorations that you picked up...and then I'm going to get in my van and head off to the pumpkin patch up the road!!
    "Contentment is bliss"
    Faith at Country Collectibles

  23. Hi Karen. The littlies have surely grown. I don't see my son and his family as much as I'd like either. He's now working in the mines in central Aus so he doesn't even get home to his family as often. Never mind we have to make the most of it when we can. We're heading into our summer here now and I've been into the garden. I guess you'll be rugging up again soon. Sue


  25. Love your fall decorations....especially Mr. Turkey, he is wonderful. I love finding out what your reading too...I've read quite a few books (Amish) you have suggested. I'm going to try "Plain Truth" too. Take care

  26. First of all you have such a beautiful are blessed!! Love all the pictures, think I'm feeling like I want to get some beans to dry!!! ~Kriss~

  27. Just found you by blog hopping. Love it. I just started a blog called
    It is a weekly menu with recieps grocery list and helpful hints. It is mostly for my daughters who work and live far away with children in every sport there is. They asked if I would just mail them menus to help with dinner. I hope to jazz it up and really make it worth their time and mine.
    Thank you for letting me drop by. I hope you will visit and give suggestions to help me out.
    sally miller


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