Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Time flies!!

Almost a month has gone since my last post.
I have been busy around the house putting out fall decorations and in between we took a quick trip to Lancaster, PA - one of our fun places to go.
We thought the colors would be beautiful but everything is still so nice and green and flowers are still blooming. Disappointed in the colors but still such pretty country.

We stopped at a few gourd farms while out there to re-stock our supply. 
The Stoltzfus farm is our favorite - they are so friendly and helpful there and have a huge selection. Plus we bought most of our pumpkins from them as well.

We did find a new gourd farm we didn't know about and now we will have 3 go to out there. The new one was growing the long neck gourds - next time we go I want to get one. He showed us how they grow - when hung like they are they will grow straight but if grown on the ground they will curl.

A FB friend was making and selling Sweet Annie wreaths and I was lucky enough to be able to purchase one before her supply ran out. I wanted it inside but couldn't find a place to hang it so it has a home on the front door - I like it there because when you open the door you get a swoosh of fragrance!

I have a few items left from the show that I took to the shop I consign at
but kept a couple items here so I could put them on my website to sell -
most have gone but I do have a few things left.
There is just one all ready made gourd garland left but we did get a new
supply of gourds to make more if interested.

You can find all the items on my site
Here are just a few

I think I'm finished putting out Fall things but every now and then I will tweak something and bring up a new gourd or a pumpkin...never can leave things alone - I love changes!!!

I must get on with my work now so I will close - have a wonderful rest of your week.