Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally got my house in order!

Wow….it has been a long time since I’ve been on posting, right???

Well, there isn’t much to chat about so that’s probably why.

Well the new sofa was delivered last Wednesday – I like it but I’m not sure if I love it…but it was a necessary purchase.
I liked my other sofa with the high sides/arms…it’s hard to sit with your back in the corner on the leather one – but it’s Doug’s sofa so I guess I don’t need to stress about it.
Family room full 1

Family room full 3

Family room full 5

den 2

I do like that it has a more country look than most leather sofa’s – guess that’s one of the reasons I said ‘yes’ to leather.
sofa full view

And the stitching on the seats/back and arms…that I do love.  Plus it’s a very soft pliable leather.
sofa closeup

Last Saturday was Alexandra’s baby shower…oh she’s such a fun young lady!!!  I don’t think there’s a situation she can’t handle – she’s always so happy and upbeat – and she giggled and ohhh’d and ahhh’d all day long.  I love that girl.
Tyler came in time to help open gifts – they are just so sweet together.

Gifts were overflowing!
gifts 1

We gave them the high chair and a few other fun things.
gifts 2
There was also a ‘diaper’ table – on the invitation guests were asked ‘if’ they wanted to, to bring a pack of diapers and put their name in for a drawing for a $25 gift certificate…among other prizes that were given out throughout the day.
I believe there were 50 people in all at the shower.
alex tyler


Alex’s other grandma made these cute sugar cookies…and the icing was Almond flavored.


cookies 1

alex shower 1

alex shower 3 

Jamie (Alex’s step mom) Alex, Tyler’s mother


I got a few photos of the Robins before they left for good.  What a fun day watching them leave one by one.  The last on sat on the edge of the nest for HOURS!!  Not sure why it wouldn’t leave like the other 3 but near dinner time it did take flight.

This picture was a week before they left – they really filled out the nest – not sure how mama could sit on them and keep them warm.
robins in nest

And then a week later…big ‘uns!  this is the first one getting ready.  I opened the door quietly and got this picture.

They sat like this for a couple hours before leaving.
2 robins

2 robins 1

I guess that’s all I have for you today…Doug is on a golf trip so it’s just me and my sewing.
Sending out prayers for those in OK – such tragedy lately.  I count my blessings everyday.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

House Guests – Some Big Changes

I will start off with the HOUSE GUESTS…we will have them for just a short while but that’s fine because they are causing some havoc here…yes, house guests can do that!! I can’t wait until they leave.  Have you ever said that about your house guests?
Well, these are feather friends house guests – 4 of them!!!
They hatched last Saturday and we finally got some pictures of them when mama and papa weren’t guarding and feeding them.  We have a hard time going out our kitchen door because of them so we use the screen room and garage.  It’s only for a short while so it’s not as much bother as I make it – they deserve to have a good start in their little lives.

Remember you can click on pictures to make them bigger.

All fresh and fuzzy down!  This was on Saturday.
baby robins

Now they are chirping a whole lot….yesterday we heard them loud and clear.
I can never get a picture of the adult Robin unless I’m in the screen room as that’s the only place we can view them without flying away.
mama robin

baby robins 3 

Look how much they have grown since Saturday!!!
baby robins 2 

I did mention CHANGES didn’t I…well you will be shocked when I say I have opted for a Traditional Leather Sofa!
A couple changes came  about in the den and dining room because of that big ole hutch we want to sell.  I had it listed on Craig’s list but took it off yesterday because we just may keep the darned thing now.   We knew we had to put it in the dining room for the time being until it sold…but once it got in its place it wasn’t so bad. 
We had visions of it crowding the already filled room but it really didn’t so it probably will stay there.

It’s now on the wall where the Pewter cupboard was…and the Pewter cupboard is on the wall where the pie safe was and the pie safe is by the stairway.  Not the perfect setup but it works.
new dining room 4

new dining room 3

new dining room 1

new dining room 5

I really should take a leaf out of the table…it’s too long for that small table square.
new dining room 6

new dining room 2
And then the den….we moved the desk to where the hutch was and I like it soooo much better.
That hutch didn’t belong in the den in the first place.
desk new spot
But that’s all I can show you for now….the sofa comes tomorrow.
I’m sure the family room will stay pretty much as it is because of the wall and window placement – not many options for rearranging things….we are pretty much stuck with the way it is.
I was NEVER going to get a leather sofa – but Doug is so hard of fabric furniture…he has all but destroyed the fabric on the sofa (it’s his sofa – I sit on the love seat in the den).
So – leather was the best option.  It’s not a shiny, overstuffed leather either – rather a more country looking leather. I guess that’s why it caught my eye.  Snapped this picture in the store with the cell phone. (sun is making it look shiny)
Leather Sofa

There are insets in the seats and back to take away that solid look…I like it!closeup

I’m anxious to get the sofa – and the other one will go in the den on the wall the desk was on.
We need the seating so I don’t want to get rid of it.  If we find it’s too crowded we’ll put my love seat in the computer/craft room and work with what we have.  Have to wait and see I guess.

So that’s it for me this week…Oh I sold the 2 bedspreads…thank you so much Margie and Maurine for purchasing them.
And…I have had a run of orders for the Army blanket Traditional Penny Rugs….they are turning out just beautiful.
I need to find more Army blankets now.  We have an Army surplus store in Milwaukee I may just have to go to.

Blessings to all and for the mother followers and readers…Happy Mother’s Day!