Tuesday, May 7, 2013

House Guests – Some Big Changes

I will start off with the HOUSE GUESTS…we will have them for just a short while but that’s fine because they are causing some havoc here…yes, house guests can do that!! I can’t wait until they leave.  Have you ever said that about your house guests?
Well, these are feather friends house guests – 4 of them!!!
They hatched last Saturday and we finally got some pictures of them when mama and papa weren’t guarding and feeding them.  We have a hard time going out our kitchen door because of them so we use the screen room and garage.  It’s only for a short while so it’s not as much bother as I make it – they deserve to have a good start in their little lives.

Remember you can click on pictures to make them bigger.

All fresh and fuzzy down!  This was on Saturday.
baby robins

Now they are chirping a whole lot….yesterday we heard them loud and clear.
I can never get a picture of the adult Robin unless I’m in the screen room as that’s the only place we can view them without flying away.
mama robin

baby robins 3 

Look how much they have grown since Saturday!!!
baby robins 2 

I did mention CHANGES didn’t I…well you will be shocked when I say I have opted for a Traditional Leather Sofa!
A couple changes came  about in the den and dining room because of that big ole hutch we want to sell.  I had it listed on Craig’s list but took it off yesterday because we just may keep the darned thing now.   We knew we had to put it in the dining room for the time being until it sold…but once it got in its place it wasn’t so bad. 
We had visions of it crowding the already filled room but it really didn’t so it probably will stay there.

It’s now on the wall where the Pewter cupboard was…and the Pewter cupboard is on the wall where the pie safe was and the pie safe is by the stairway.  Not the perfect setup but it works.
new dining room 4

new dining room 3

new dining room 1

new dining room 5

I really should take a leaf out of the table…it’s too long for that small table square.
new dining room 6

new dining room 2
And then the den….we moved the desk to where the hutch was and I like it soooo much better.
That hutch didn’t belong in the den in the first place.
desk new spot
But that’s all I can show you for now….the sofa comes tomorrow.
I’m sure the family room will stay pretty much as it is because of the wall and window placement – not many options for rearranging things….we are pretty much stuck with the way it is.
I was NEVER going to get a leather sofa – but Doug is so hard of fabric furniture…he has all but destroyed the fabric on the sofa (it’s his sofa – I sit on the love seat in the den).
So – leather was the best option.  It’s not a shiny, overstuffed leather either – rather a more country looking leather. I guess that’s why it caught my eye.  Snapped this picture in the store with the cell phone. (sun is making it look shiny)
Leather Sofa

There are insets in the seats and back to take away that solid look…I like it!closeup

I’m anxious to get the sofa – and the other one will go in the den on the wall the desk was on.
We need the seating so I don’t want to get rid of it.  If we find it’s too crowded we’ll put my love seat in the computer/craft room and work with what we have.  Have to wait and see I guess.

So that’s it for me this week…Oh I sold the 2 bedspreads…thank you so much Margie and Maurine for purchasing them.
And…I have had a run of orders for the Army blanket Traditional Penny Rugs….they are turning out just beautiful.
I need to find more Army blankets now.  We have an Army surplus store in Milwaukee I may just have to go to.

Blessings to all and for the mother followers and readers…Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. I've always wanted a denim covered soft cushy couch for our tiny den. Cats and men can be hard on that sort of thing.
    I don't think I could sell the cupboard. It looks so good where you placed it!
    I like the rearranging!

  2. Karen I am drooling over your dining room!! glad you kept the hutch.
    Your new sofa is a beauty but be careful lifting it Karen. Looks super heavy.
    Enjoyed reading your blog today Karen.
    Hope you show us when it is in place.

  3. My oh my !!! I got a weeks worth of eye candy in just a few snapshots of your home. Ahhhh!!

  4. I think the cupboard looks great in it's new home! I know what you mean about the sofa - with two cats & a dog, it is a constant battle in my house. Everyone I know who has leather just loves it - no matter what their decor style. I am sure it will look beautiful! Jane

  5. Isn't it fun to rearrange? And a bonus when you like it better than before! I just found a moss nest by my door this morning but can't see what's in it. Soon!

  6. Everything is looking beautiful as usual! Love the hutch in your dining room, fits in perfect. Be sure to post pics of your new couch when you get it in place. We'll be watching!

  7. Love all your furniture moves. Your house is so pretty. Congrats on the orders.


  8. Karen your rearranging looks beautiful.Your hutch does look good in it's new spot. Although if I lived anywhere close to you I would have snapped it up.
    The leather sofa looks beautiful. My hubby is tough on fabric furniture too. So I am looking. Let me know your opinion once you settle in with it. Happy Mother's Day to you Karen and all the mom's up there. Blessings, Becky

  9. Oh, Karen.. I have been wanting a leather one and thought I would be cast out.. grin. Love your house..
    Blessings on Mother's Day dear friend..

  10. The sofa looks lovely! I can see that your house looks very fabulous and I think that’s the main reason why the robin visited your place. Hehe! The changes that you made in your house made it look like it’s very spacious and the way you arranged your furnitures are just splendid! Well, I hope I have all those wide space to renovate my place too. :)

    [ Lakisha Zimmerer ]

  11. Karen, I have been saying that our next couch will be leather!!!! I love it and I think it can mix in pretty good with our old stuff!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Good choice to keep that custom made cabinet!! And we, too, have a leather sofa ~ Sonny said he needed one piece of comfy furniture ~ he has a comfy chair in the kitchen/keeping room, too. Most of our furniture is colonial reproduction so it all sits pretty straight ~ that works for me but not for he!!!!!! I'm sure your new sofa will blend in just great and they do last forever!!!

  13. What a beautiful home you have friend.
    I love that hutch.
    And your house guests.
    I have a big leather sofa I love!
    Woolie Hugs

  14. Hi Karen, oh your home is so beautiful, filled with so many primitives I love....your couch looks wonderful, good choice ....also glad you kept the hutch, a real beauty.....Sweet baby birdies.....Blessings Francine.

  15. Aww your home is so beautiful..
    Sending you blessings and love x

  16. Karen,
    Although not so convenient for you, it was fun to see the birdies! Love the pics of your wonderful home. It doesn't look too crowded to me with the cupboard either so I'm glad you could keep it. Enjoy your new sofa. I bet it will look just great. Hugs, Lori

  17. Awwww...the babies will be grown and gone soon...but it's fun to watch them as they develop even though it disrupts you a little. We're thinking of a leather sofa for the family room...Al is really hard on fabric ones too. I really like your choice. I think where you moved the cupboard is great...the whole room is wonderful !! ---Jan

  18. LOL....I LOVE leather furniture....I think it blends wonderfully with prims and basically ANY decor style. If our living room were large enough, I'd have leather up there....But we do have a leather sofa in the basement....for hubby. ;-) Yeah, those menfolk are hard on fabric, hey? And we have houseguests too. Right under our front porch....Think they're starlings or sparrows...mud kind of nest....Oh what a mess...!! Love your house...as always....Wish I had half of your space. We can't rearrange anything here - too many windows and weird room shapes.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. Love your new sofa! Your home is beautiful!

  20. We have guests too and cannot open our bedroom window right now as they are on the ledge and I do not want the babies to be scared of a cat at the screen. Best to keep the window closed for now. Love all of your re-arranging..looks awesome and I am sure everything will find its place. Janice

  21. Karen ~
    You will LOVE your leather sofa! I've had mine for 13+ years and still love the feel of it.
    Thankfully your house guests won't be around long.
    I can't believe you will be a great grandma!!! You just aren't old enough! And you sure don't look like it's possible.
    Hugs :)

  22. Hi Karen, I love the look of the leather lounge...looks very comfy! Oh those cute little birds...wow 4 birds..its going to get crowded in that small nest!
    Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day!

  23. Karen, you have a beautiful home! I hate moving furniture, but what a relief when it all comes together. Hope he enjoys his new sofa!! Hope it all works out just great for you!

  24. Karen, your home is so lovely, I love your decor. I spotted your bonnet and love how you have it displayed. I have some little guests too, they have a nest under the vent on my roof, I heard them chirping last night when I went to bed, then they got quiet and must have gone to sleep. I know little birdies grow so fast and are only around for a few days! Love your sofa, have a great day! hugs, Lecia

  25. Love seeing the birds! The robins visit us for such a short time here...I miss seeing their nests so I enjoyed seeing your visitors. Your new couch looks so comfy! You have so many wonderful pieces in your beautiful home...it all looks so warm and inviting!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  26. The baby birdies are so cute!

    The dining room and den look great and the sofa is going to look great too. We can't do leather because of the cats. They all have claws and it would be done for. I so want a new sofa though. Maybe someday! Enjoy yours!

  27. Oh my gosh look at those baby robins already!!! A robin just build a nest ~ no eggs yet!

    Karen your home is beautiful ~ I'm glad you kept the hutch.
    I'm not a big leather person either but sometimes ya gotta let the hubby have something ~ my hubby has his leather recliner.
    I like the color of the couch ~ it will fit in nicely in your home.
    Prim Blessings

  28. Your home is so pretty, Karen! I love all the changes and everything looks so perfectly prim, as usual!

    And the baby robins are just adorable. We have baby kildeer birds as of today.


  29. Absolutely beautiful! You need to post your house pictures in a magazine! Maggie

  30. I love your house!!! We bought leather and have three dogs. One dog tends to scratch a little, but so far, its all in good shape. Keeping my fingers crossed! Happy Mother's Day!

  31. Karen - I think you will really love your leather sofa. We went with all leather in our family room about 6 years ago (due to the dog hair)....tobacco brown - with the grommets (like yours)....well it's been wonderful - when it ages, the leather gets even better. Ours isn't shiny either. I have the sofa, loveseat and a big wingback recliner. You'll love it!

  32. I would love to have that hutch!!!!! It is gorgeous!!!

  33. Good thing that you're keeping the hutch! It's a beautiful piece!


  34. The hutch in your dining room makes the room look more cozy.. I wouldn't think of getting rid of it.

    I'm so glad you're letting the baby robins leave the nest on their own.. I know someone who had a nest on her front door, took the wreath, complete with nest and hung it in a tree.. So heartless !

    Your new sofa is "handsome". I would love to have one just like it.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.. Your little Minny Mouse is precious.. I hope your Grandson's throat will feel much better very soon. He's a handsome young man.

    Charlotte in Va.


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