Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas aftermath and Popular Selling Blog

I would like anyone who has a SELLING BLOG listed with me on this siteFlagforBlog to let me know if you still want it advertised on my site – I went through today and clicked on every one and some are no longer in service so I deleted those sites.

If anyone has one that isn’t up to date and you don’t want it advertised with me just send me an email  please. I am doing this as a favor and it’s very time consuming for me to go through each one,  if you close your site and don’t let me know.

Other's who do have up to date and working sites are left in the middle of these dead accounts…so just asking please to help me help you .

Thanks, and I so appreciate all of you who are listed – I hope it has helped you just a wee bit.

kmprimitives at yahoo dot com

Now just a couple of Christmas photos of the AFTERMATH of the storm that went through here on Christmas afternoon. 13 people piled in, ate, unwrapped gifts, chatted, laughed and went home pooped.






Alex Quilt
Each of the girls got a handmade rag quilt that my niece made – Emily was the only one who asked for one but we got Alex one as well so being it was Emily that asked for it we had Alex open hers up first and I wish you could have seen Emily’s mouth drop – couldn’t get a picture of the disappointment because we were taking pictures of Alex but it was priceless. I wish you could see them up close because the designs are really cool.

Emily quilt
Finally Emily got hers!

Quilt closeup
And would you believe – I got one too!!!! Doug told my niece to make one for him to give to me so it’s here on the chair behind MaryAnn and Aidan.

Doug, Dan, Brett, Darren


Brett and Heather

Dan and Alex

Alex and Jesse

Jamie and Alex

Darren, MaryAnn and Aidan

Emily and Aidan playing in Santa’s suit

The group

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Decorating as promised!

You knew I’d come through didn’t you – sorry I couldn’t get them in my last post – it was just way too long to include these too.

And like I said – my decorating is very simple – barely there and I’m okay with that this year. Maybe next year I’ll feel better and want to get into it more but this is good for this year.

I won’t say any more just share with you my simple little gatherings around the house…Enjoy

I’ll start with the back door entrance (we use this as our main entrance)
Snowman we purchased at Simple Goods show last month from Too Far Gone Primitives

Snowman at back door

Night Time
Snowman at back door NIGHT

Inside of the front door – in dining room.
We bought this at Curry’s in Ohio
Burlap with lots of greens/berries and twig lights
Basket at front door

Winterberries are in the bowl rack but hard to see
Entry wall

Box on piesafe 

Dining room
Looking at it like this it looks like we didn’t do anything so thee are close-ups of the different gatherings
Dining room 2010 3

Dining room 2010 2 
Tree on cupboard – decorated with the Mercury Glass ornaments and garland I bought at A Simpler Time – still looking for more ornaments.
DR tree close up 1
DR tree close up

Bell from Kathy

Dining room 2010 1

Close-up on table
Riser on table 2010 
Goose in trencher 2010

Red cupboard 
Close-up of shelves – greens and Winterberries for decorations
Red Hutch closeup

On top of hutch – ice frosted twigs with Winterberries
Top of hutch

Stairway in dining room
Stairway 2010

This wood box is on a bench by the stairway – I just filled it full of greens and berries and added a battery candle and some faux snowballs – so easy to make something look festive with greens/berries/candles
Blue Basket

Pie Safe 2010

Top of kitchen pantry – I kept my same decor and just added a garland and berries
Top of pantry

On counter
Kitchen gathering 

 Counter under open cupboard

These next two photos are in an open cupboardBottom open cupboard 

Top open cupboard 

On another counter
Candy Canes 1
On the island – kept the same things on the board and added greens and fabric candy canes and tied a candy cane and greens on the sugar bag
Stove board

Put the candy canes in a different spot so here’s the second version
 Dough Board

Kitchen tree by by back door – I used the tin dough riser and then put grunged cheesecloth around it
Kitchen Tree

Bedroom 1

Close-up of basket – greens and frosted berries
Basket bedroom

Wire tree on dresser – Doug made several of these fences years ago…piece by piece he cut the pickets
Wire Tree

Also on dresser – again, greens and Winterberries and a little snowman peeking out the top and a grungy votive
Box on dresser

Family Room – not happy with the fireplace – but it’s not changing now.
We like to keep it fun looking for the littler grandchildren
Fireplace 2010  2

Not happy with my tree either!

 Tree lit
Silver Ornament 
Sofa Table 2010

Baby guarding gifts…
Baby by gifts

My newest pillow!
Pillow in chair

Table in den 2010
Hutch 2010
hutch closeup
Desk 2
Desk 1
Pewter Chamber Stick
Den tree 2010

Bathroom 2010 
Bought this scene from Dan DiPaolo – it’s all attached to a base 
Bathroom 2010 upper cupboard 
Pitcher bathroom 
Tree bathroom 
Screen Room – we keep this area ‘fun’ for the little ones to enjoy as well as the family room 
Screen room fireplace

Hard to see but there are stockings on this tree
SR Tree

Close-up of box
Tree closeup

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home this holiday season.
I’m sure there are more around but this is more than enough.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today (Sunday) we were invited to friends in Sheboygan, WI. Kathy and Roger Fiegel live on Lake Michigan – yes, right on the edge! It’s basically their back yard…oh what a beautiful place. How peaceful and they spared nothing when they remodeled this ranch home to have the look and feel of a Colonial home.
I’m going to post photos of their home on my PictureTrail so be watching for it.

But for now – here’s part of today’s visit.
We got there around 11 and got to know each other again – not sure if you remember but Kathy and her husband brought us all that beautiful BITTERESWEET this past October.

They are wonderful host and hostess for sure. We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch of mini hot ham and cheese sandwiches, fresh Pineapple with huge Blackberries, cold mixed vegetable dish of Broccoli, Cauliflower and Tomatoes.

After lunch we were visiting and saw something out in the back (their entire back of the house is windows to view the lake, so you don’t miss much in movement…it was a gorgeous FOX…well, I took about 40 photos of this beauty and out came another fox and they made themselves a little nest – just like no one was around – it’s in a subdivision!
Fox 8

Fox 9

Fox 11 

Look at them touching noses!!!
Fox 6

Kathy and myself
 Karen and Kathy

The 4 of us
The 4 of us

Beautiful gifts Kathy gave me – lovely plate and another Mercury Glass Ornament to add to my growing collection.
Plate and Bell 
They also took us on tour of Sheboygan and we got to see many beautiful homes along the lake as well as a drive through the Kohler Company/Community.

I pray you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for visiting my blog and website and for all the wonderful orders from you. I’ll be back in production in January and hopefully I’ll have a few new items to share.

Bless you all