Monday, March 14, 2016

Been rather busy the past few weeks!

Been a productive few weeks.

Got a couple orders mailed and also working on the last of a wholesale order, then on to more orders.
My diamond style penny rugs have been a big seller lately so there are lots of pennies floating around the homestead.  I have 3 orders for them, plus other styles, so I cut out and placed in stacks of 3, for the diamond ones that is –  I need an assembly line!

Last week we took a 3 day get-away to TN to visit my sister and her family.
My brother and sister in-law went with us and besides visiting with the family we got to enjoy some of that wonderful southern hospitality and warm 70+ degree weather.
Monday the 7th was our sister’s 76th birthday so we wanted to be there on her birthday. It was a bittersweet visit and all too short.
Our sister isn’t doing very well but she was able to visit a bit with us and I had taken along 2 doz. chocolate cupcakes for the family and we enjoyed having some for her birthday as well.

Over a month ago I made some more sweet potato garlands.
I’m going to put them on my selling blog later today so if you are interested, go and check  them out.
I used hickory nuts still in the pod along with faux pecans.

I also made one of my favorite designs into a pattern – it is now on the pattern page of my selling blog

I’m in the process of making some of my designs into punch needle and this cone-flower is one of them.

Saturday was our granddaughter Emily’s 18th birthday. For those that could make it there was a birthday breakfast at her favorite 50’s diner.
It’s so hard to believe she is 18 and will graduate this June and then it’s off to college!

I also made some round penny mats for my wholesale customer and when all orders are filled I’m hoping to make some to sell….they are fun and easy.  Here’s just a couple – I have more colors

I think that’s it for me this post – hope to have more at a later date.
I noticed I have lost many, many followers but a huge thanks to those who are sticking with me…I appreciate it!