Thursday, September 10, 2020


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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Always needing a project

Seems my whole life I have had to have a project to work on or a book to read...
I can't think of a time I have just sat still and done nothing....well, except visiting and driving
- things like that yes, one has to be not multitasking 😏

The basement is FINISHED...the laundry room the last of it.
We painted the walls and floors, put in a couple cupboards/counter and Doug put up a hanging rack for me.  It certainly isn't a fancy laundry room but from what it was for years it is good enough for me.

Before/during demolition
No that isn't laundry in the baskets...
it's all the rags and sheets we use for dropcloths when painting

I do plan to make curtain for the front of the shelves

After the basement project we tackled the outside...normally we get loads of mulch but
it needs to be taken care of right away and so this year with no help from the boys we bought bags of mulch and it worked out great...we didn't have to worry about the weather.

But first we bought a new tree for the end of the house to replace a large bush that outlived itself.
This is a 'Louisa' Weeping Flowering Crabapple

Not sure if you remember but we planted all new shrubs last Spring
They're still small but are coming in really great this year, we're really pleased with the 
Holly bushes especially - 

We had to replace two burning bushes that were under these windows
so we decided on two Holly bushes like the ones in the front.

This week I started on the dining room getting the walls painted below the chair rail.
I kept the same color as all the trim because I like it and because I didn't want 
to paint ALL THAT TRIM a different color....then I started the stenciling.
I'm loving it and I like that I decided to put it just along the openings and not in the center of the walls.

Stencil is from MB Historic Stencils

In the evenings when I get to relax I work on my rug hooking
This is a pattern I've had for 4 years now and just getting to work on it.

This is my current finish one - finished hooking anyway,
now I need to block and bind it.

Thank you for visiting me again

Please pray for our country

Friday, April 10, 2020


Anybody going stir crazy yet?
We aren't - but maybe that's because we have kept ourselves busy
plus we are used to being together all the time.
I feel for the poor parents that have their children home 24/7 these days.
I sure hope between the children's school work and free time that they are all getting along.
Hopefully it will bring families closer together.

Finished this sweet little kitty punch needle
Keeps me busy in the evenings working on projects.
Haven't decided how to mount it yet though.

And...when I'm not doing punch needle I'm working on my new hooked rug.
It originally had Aztec designs on the sides but I didn't like how it looked so I pulled
out the wool and drew half circles and like it much better.
The edges look a tad rough too because I pulled out the entire border and now need
to try and line up the rest of it  - wish me luck!

We finally finished the 'work' side of the basement!!!
What a pleasure it will be to be in here now.

After everything was done I decided to paint the ceiling.
It was really dirty and a whole lot of punch holes from pool cues.
We tried to replace some of the tiles but the original ones are sooooo old that the new ones
didn't work and there was no way we were going to replace the whole ceiling
because it goes way over into the other part of the basement.

The fold down work table is a blessing when I am laying out my wool and patterns.

Doug's workbench down there at the end needs to be organized yet!
The pine cabinet on the wall was from above our refrigerator in the kitchen 
and I didn't want to paint it in case we would ever need it again - it's holding some of my baking supplies...cookie cutters...piping bags, cookie sprinkles/sugars, coloring, etc. 
Being I don't use these items often it saves space in our kitchen cupboards.

Thank you for visiting!
I pray you all have a wonderful Easter weekend
Blessings to all

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Pray for our people and country along with other nations 
suffering from this horrible virus that has attacked many.

Hello there friends...yes, it has been TWO months since I've been on but
things have been rather busy around here lately.

We decided to put a new floor in our kitchen so that was a fun process for awhile.
We are so lucky to have our daughter in-laws brother who is an installer put it in for us.
We had to take the large pantry cupboard out because it was way too heavy to leave in so everything that was in it had to come out and so for a bit over a week when I'd cook or we wanted a snack we had to get it out of plastic bins or on the dining room table and more of what was stored in there was on the counters. That alone was a pleasure to get back to normal.

Three years ago if you remember we had a flood here in our town and our basement was flooded.
We got the storage area taken care of right away with painting, new wainscot and everything put back in...but the rest of the basement was in a sorry state so a little over a week ago we started
 in on my work space side of the basement
(Glad our basement is roomed off so we didn't have to tackle the entire thing at once).
We still had 4 gallons of that lovely aqua paint left so I started in on it and even getting those ugly dirty yellow walls painted brightened it up alot - even though aqua wasn't my first choice but the paint was a return and we got 5 gallons of it for $5 each - who wouldn't buy it for that for a basement!!!
Well if you are like us one thing leads to another.  
~ Painted walls aqua
~ Painted old brown cupboards white
~ Painted red/green/blue storage cabinets white
~ New counter tops
~ Painted chalkboard with blackboard paint
....and then last week I said I can't stand this dirty ugly brown tile floor so Doug laid down a tile floor this week and he did an excellent job (which I knew he would)!!
I love it!  Now tomorrow he will put the wood baseboard on.
Then the cupboards can be brought back in and counter on.

One thing I love about this space is the large work table that folds
up against the wall to make more floor space. 

Before new floor

New Floor - also shows the newly painted blackboard

Before new floor

New Floor - baseboard goes on tomorrow

If you made it down to here, thank you!!!

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