Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Pray for our people and country along with other nations 
suffering from this horrible virus that has attacked many.

Hello there friends...yes, it has been TWO months since I've been on but
things have been rather busy around here lately.

We decided to put a new floor in our kitchen so that was a fun process for awhile.
We are so lucky to have our daughter in-laws brother who is an installer put it in for us.
We had to take the large pantry cupboard out because it was way too heavy to leave in so everything that was in it had to come out and so for a bit over a week when I'd cook or we wanted a snack we had to get it out of plastic bins or on the dining room table and more of what was stored in there was on the counters. That alone was a pleasure to get back to normal.

Three years ago if you remember we had a flood here in our town and our basement was flooded.
We got the storage area taken care of right away with painting, new wainscot and everything put back in...but the rest of the basement was in a sorry state so a little over a week ago we started
 in on my work space side of the basement
(Glad our basement is roomed off so we didn't have to tackle the entire thing at once).
We still had 4 gallons of that lovely aqua paint left so I started in on it and even getting those ugly dirty yellow walls painted brightened it up alot - even though aqua wasn't my first choice but the paint was a return and we got 5 gallons of it for $5 each - who wouldn't buy it for that for a basement!!!
Well if you are like us one thing leads to another.  
~ Painted walls aqua
~ Painted old brown cupboards white
~ Painted red/green/blue storage cabinets white
~ New counter tops
~ Painted chalkboard with blackboard paint
....and then last week I said I can't stand this dirty ugly brown tile floor so Doug laid down a tile floor this week and he did an excellent job (which I knew he would)!!
I love it!  Now tomorrow he will put the wood baseboard on.
Then the cupboards can be brought back in and counter on.

One thing I love about this space is the large work table that folds
up against the wall to make more floor space. 

Before new floor

New Floor - also shows the newly painted blackboard

Before new floor

New Floor - baseboard goes on tomorrow

If you made it down to here, thank you!!!

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Past!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.
We had a wonderful one here at the Martinsen's - a house full of 16 of us!
The dinner table was out to the longest it will go and a table added to the end -not sure what we'll do if we add any more people to the family...right now we're good. Emily and Joe are in college and the other 3 are still in grade school so I think we are good for a few more years yet.

I took a few pictures of the house and had posted them on FB but thought I'd put a few here....
First I want to share my 'redware ornament' tree.
All last month I was painting them when I had time that is - I'm not totally happy
with them because it was my first time making them so in the next couple months
I want to make more and concentrate better on the designs.
I made some large plates as well to put on a shelf.
Here's the start of them....




Dining Room

Family Room



Back Porch

Sorry there were so many pictures but I wanted to do just one Christmas post!

The week before Christmas we had our annual Cousins Christmas at our house.
We had a great time enjoying many different drinks and feasting on lots of appetizers and then
dinner of scalloped potatoes and a nice juicy ham with lots of sides
plus a couple different desserts.

I didn't get good pictures - sorry...

Last Thursday we went to our two grandchildren's Christmas program at their church school.
They all did such a wonderful job. Always fun listening to the different grades preform.
This was taken at their house just before the program.

Thanks so much for hanging in there for this long post!!!

Hope you are looking forward to the new year like we are - possibly a vacation someplace warm, at least we are thinking on it anyway - let's see if we do it now.
Blessings to all of you