Monday, October 10, 2022


OH YES....FALL, been a long time coming!!!
I'm not one of those warm weather fans, anyone who knows me knows this. Fall could come and STAY!

I have news about my business - I FINALLY decided to stop doing shows.  It's just getting way to hard to do the set up and take down. A show off property is hard enough but when it's in your home it really takes a whole lot of effort.  This is the first year we asked for help taking furniture and things out and shop displays and products up from the basement. When it gets to that point then it's time to stop what is taking you down.  But once the decision was made I felt a relief come over me.
I LOVE doing the show, making the products and seeing my wonderful faithful generous customers - oh my customers....they were so surprised at this revaluation but so agreed.

But that being said, YES, I will still make things as I go along.  Just when I feel like it...sell it...move on to something else.  I want to concentrate on making more of my Civil War era penny rugs and designing punch needle (they have taken a back seat lately).  SO ONWARD I WILL GO and happy about it.

We are trying now to get a vacation in the books.  Nothing big, nothing fancy - just go someplace we've put off for quite awhile.  Thinking it might be the New England states.  It makes us feel so comfortable going that route, seeing nature, antique shops, prim shops...oh what fun is ahead!!!!

This past Saturday was our last show.  We had a fantastic turnout and the weather was perfect Fall weather!!!
Looking at the pictures they aren't that great and it looks like stuff just put anywhere but in person it worked!!!
We had things in the family room, den, kitchen, bath and dining room and all the garlands and dried items were in our E-Z UP  tent. Plus some of the garden items were by the courtyard.

The pictures were taken right after finishing setup - then it was tweaking time...move this here and that there. 

LOL, I see the last remnants of my donut on the counter - and Doug still needed to put the Open flag out.

A friend of ours lets us come out to their place in the country and forge in their acreage for whatever we can find.  We love dried things!!!  We found tons of wild Rose Hips that I de-thorn and remove the leaves, then I bundle them up with kraft tissue paper and tie with twine.

Rose Hips all tied up

Doug is always in charge of the outside and I think he did a great job 'again'!!!
A dear dear friend always give us his dried grungy sunflowers...I LOVE THEM in displays.

Dividing up the cornstalks for all the fence corners

Bundling them up!!!

Corn all tied up for the fences

One thing I did different this year with the gourds was to dye some.
I used Mahogany leather dye, then Briwax....they turned out just beautiful.
A few I did with an undercoat of red then the Mahogany!
Depending on the natural color and patina of the gourd it made the colors come out all different.

So I don't really have a more to chat about because we have been so busy with the show prep this past summer.
I think blogging will get better now that I'm not tying myself down.

Happy Fall
Karen and Doug

Saturday, July 30, 2022


I don't know about you all but time just gets away from me
and especially when I start making products for our show.
During this lull in posting we made
2 more floor cloths and lots of merchandise for the show.

It has also been a busy time with family. Our grandson Joe graduated from UW Steven's Point in June (as did his girlfriend Taylor), 2 great-grandchildren had birthday's, Miranda turned 1 and her brother Zayne 9 years old in June a week apart.

Then in July 2 grandchildren had birthdays a week apart. Aidan turned 14 and his sister Miranda 10 years old. Busy, fun and 'expensive' 😁
Joseph and his girlfriend Taylor

Aidan and Miranda


I'm so ready for a vacation but don't see that happening until mid October when the show is over. Not sure where we'll go but hoping for either Savannah, GA or Maine.
We have never been to Savannah but been to Maine 4 times and still would go again.
I guess we have time to figure it out.
As I said at the beginning we made floor cloths and I think they turned out quite nice - hopefully they will sell at our show.
The lighting is not very good on them - in person the gold isn't as bright as it looks here.


Back in March we ordered a brass lantern to replace the one in our courtyard area - I thought I liked our old one but this one is now a favorite!!  We ordered it from Irvin's Tin

(the old one is sitting behind it ready for the trash pickup)
A couple weeks ago when it was so beastly hot for several days straight we had a visit from our neighborhood hawk.

A couple weeks ago we were invited out to Dan DiPaolo's cabin for a cookout - we had some awesome burgers made from the meat of one of his beef was soooo good!!!  Plus we got to meet some of Dan's great friends. (and it was on my birthday so it was double fun).

Here's a VERY SMALL SAMPLING of some of the products that we will have at our show.  There is just way too much to post pictures of.
Our show is Saturday, October 1st so it's coming up fast!!

Thank you so much for visiting today - hopefully it will be sooner than
5 months when I can post again!!