Thursday, July 18, 2019


So much for an hour a week to do a post!
Looks like an hour a MONTH at this rate 😄

I do hope you all are having a great summer - so far it has been kind of a quiet one - mainly because of the heat and humidity of which I am not a fan of.  I suffer so from the humidity and I don't know why...seems my internal thermostat is off kilter.
And boy did we need rain - grass was starting to get crunchy but last night it thundered most of the night and by morning we had the best rain - it is still raining.   We have used the sprinkler system but there's nothing like the nutrients in rain to make grass get green in just a couple hours!

Anyway...on to what's happening here.
Last Sunday we had our whole family over here for a brunch to celebrate my 75th birthday - Our oldest son Darren (55) and youngest son Brett (50) have special birthdays coming up next month just 2 days apart.
So with me at 75 and them with 5's in their birthdays it was a perfect celebration.
Our granddaughter Alex and Great-Grandson Zayne even made it here as a surprise from Colorado!!!

I made sausage gravy and biscuits - it is a favorite with everyone (except me - not so much)

It was a very informal kind of brunch - quite relaxed!!!

I didn't set a formal table - everyone sat wherever they chose,
some were in the screen room as well.

Doug even made an ice cream cake !
It had a cookie base then mint chocolate chip ice cream, vanilla bean ice cream,
hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles. It was a huge hit!!

Still busy making things for our Oct. show....I have so much fun with this,
it's not like work for me so I guess that's a good thing!

I love this punch needle piece - it's one of my designs. 
I mounted it on a rusty flat back bucket.

All these items are still a work in progress....

There will be white bells stitched on the front of these stocking and mitten ornaments

This long stocking will have a rusty bell in between the two rusty stars
and also a bell on the tip of the toe.

Gingerbread ornaments

Mini aged note books and some mini canvas board ornaments

Thanks for visiting me today!
Have a wonderful rest of your week

Friday, June 28, 2019


Helen Keller wrote: 
Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

How very true is this....friendship is so valuable and I enjoy the friendship we have here in blogland...
I don't post as often as I would like and I don't get to visit your blogs like I want to but know
that I think of all of you often - I miss the chats back and forth.

I would love to designate one hour a week to doing a post if I can get my work schedule like I want it.

I have been working every day from about 8 am to 5 pm on products for our October show. One would think making things every day one would be caught up...nope....some items take a process. It isn't just stitching something and calling it done. Many of my products have stages.

Last month ( has been OVER a month now) since my last post I've made several
other products for the show besides the Gingerbreads and Pumpkins.

The most time consuming are my sheep and rabbits - oh I'm loving how they are turning out.

My sheep have real sheeps wool that I attached - I just need to add the legs and paint on their eyes.

They started out with just coffee dyed batting as their bodies but I didn't like them
so searching in my stash I found wool roving I have had for years and they look much better.
I made 4 mama's and 4 babies - because of the time consuming steps I won't be making more.

And these fellas were fun too - I had a problem with their ears standing up but finally got smart and added tons of Mod Podge to the aging liquid and walla!  We used cinnamon sticks for the legs.

Look at those fluffy little tails! 

Another project I loved doing were the SUGAR CONES
I had a hard time finding the right size vessel to form them until we were grocery shopping
and I saw these perfect 8 oz. plastic tumblers - they turned out great
after some trial and error in the ratio of water to sugars
Took a couple days for them to dry so when they were I sanded off the dried white sugars and softened the edges and tied them up with aged cheesecloth

Just a few things I've made - I need lots of small lamp and candle mats - people like to buy smaller  and less costly items sometimes so I like to make several of them

The Gingerbreads are going to be ornaments, the snowman heads
are for runners and pillows and the cats and sheep will be for runners.

I found this set of mache stacking boxes at a rummage sale last month - they were from 'Lang' and had some really primitive sheep scenes on them but I bought them to cover them in fabric.  They are really small - the largest is 4" tall and the smallest 2". They weren't easy to work with being so small.

On Monday we went to Madison to the wholesale show and we found just a few 'handmade' items.....I can't make EVERYTHING for our show, especially things like these. My talents aren't that creative or maybe I just haven't given myself the chance, regardless, we bought a few items for the show.

This particular one is a bag that hangs on a door or a knob.

We do have a few more items that will arrive in July 
sometime that will be in the Christmas line.

Well I guess I have bored you enough today - but being it is storming out I thought this would be a
good day to sit and relax and share some things with you.

The 4th is coming fast and it feels like we hardly had a summer.
The last 2 days were soooo hot here and very humid but those kind of days are rare this season - 
if it isn't cold then it's storming.
I'm not a Summer person so the cool days are fine with me...
Be safe with your 4th activities


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Getting ready for Fall ???

Yep, making things for the upcoming October show here and one needs to be
a season or two ahead of the game!
Doesn't much bother me though because last week and already most of this week has been cool and rainy so making Fall and Christmas just seems sad!!!

Anyway - I was busy this week making pumpkins and gingerbreads.
The pumpkins are painted and now some need to have faces sewn on them - not one of my finest crafts to do but much needed.  Last Fall we found many pumpkin stems and also purchased quite a few at the gourd farm in Lancaster, PA - I'll hot glue them on the pumpkins along with some excelsior moss around the base of the stems.

I made different gingerbreads this year from last years - I found a Jackie Schmidt pattern
in and old Mercantile Gathering magazine.

I hope mine turn out as nice as hers

In the evening when I'm not crafting things I do my punch needle.
I bought this pattern from a friend on FB - the design is taken from a Fraktur Peacock hooked rug from the early 1800's - it is becoming one of my favorites that I've done so far.
It's rather large (6-1/2" x 9-1/2")
so not sure what it will be mounted on - possibly just framed or on a pillow.

Last Saturday our youngest son Brett and our oldest grandson Jesse came to help Doug spread some topsoil (if you could call it that!!!) in the lawn...this year our lawn looked horrible - lots of bare spots and in the terrace under the maple trees the roots are so bad they are pushing up and all the grass is dead - so he bought 3 yards of topsoil and out of it there was about 1/3 of it that was TOTALLY HARD CHUNKS.
Doug built a sifter so they could sift out the bad - it was a long hard day for them but they got it let's hope the seed takes (it rained like crazy for two days after that).

Isn't that just awful waste? Doug complained when he went back and all they said was
"we're trying to fix the problem" - I don't think so!!

Before they spread the seed though they helped lay the flagstone path - Doug and I ran out of time when we planted the new shrubs...oh I forgot to mention that the week before this Doug and I dug out 13 old shrubs and planted 16 new ones! Now everything looks so small and bare but it doesn't take long for them to grow.

I guess that's about it for me this time around...
nothing real fun but it's what's happening here at home.
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, April 8, 2019

Oh Spring - hurry on up!!!

I sure wish the nice weather would just get here and STAY!!!
We get a nice day then a really cold day. I hope that's not how Spring and Summer will actually be this year.

I did see my Daffodils and Tulips have sprung up though - that's only one of the peeks of Spring so far, except for the sweet sound of birds - I love hearing them....and speaking of birds,
my husband made a fantastic birdhouse over the winter - it turned out beautiful.
He put it out on a post we got from an Amish farmer 2 weeks ago when we were in Lancaster, PA.  It's a water pump post and still has some of the metal attachments on it.  We wanted a white turned post which we bought as well but I like the red one.
Now I'm thinking the birdhouse needs to be painted a different color.
It is going to take many years for the copper to age.  I think he did a wonderful job!!!

Last Tuesday was the second part of my Punch Needle class here and they finished up their projects.
I think they did a wonderful job. 
Four of the ladies couldn't make it so they will come at another date to finish up.

We had a little luncheon with the class and I found the sweetest paper products at the $$ store.
Very Springy - I loved the little bees on them!
They had little cups I thought would be great for the fruit salad,
I put their napkins in the cups for ease of picking up to carry

And then this past Saturday I started another class with 3 ladies.
They had fun learning and we'll have the second part at a later date.

My big excitement though for the week was a book signing at our library with
BEVERLY LEWIS my all time favorite Amish Fiction author.
She was just as sweet and soft spoken as her picture - and very gracious.
Most of her books are set in the Lancaster, PA Amish country side.
She was born in Lancaster and her maternal grandparents were Mennonite. 

Well, that's about it for this time around....
Except to say I have been making my gourd carrots again this year.
I have 9 sets still available if you want any just email me.
They are 3/$14 plus shipping

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for stopping by!