Sunday, May 9, 2021


I think I'm finally getting my blog posts to happen
more often now - at least it's feeling that way!
Not a lot has happened since my last post and maybe
that's a good thing, not sure these days.

Last month Doug and I took a weekend trip to Ohio to the
 Simple Goods show and Earlier Times show. 
Plus we went to Ginny Curry's open house as well as Linda Millers open house.
It has been a few years since we have gone and it didn't disappoint.  So many wonderful antique dealers and hand mades at all of the places.
Plus we got to see a few FB friends - along with a few treasures.
.Doug and I with Vicki and Mike Zellner (Two of the sweetest people ever)

With Tina Nikkila 

With Sandi Wise

With Nikki Dull

We met up with these wonderful ladies on Thursday before the shows
Debbie Crowe Jenkins, Lynn Erbesti, Nina Meacham, Me
Betty Crowe, Gayle Pope Ferguson.

And a few items we found

I just love this quilt has a diagonal hand stitched quilt pattern

This cupboard is quite large from what it looks here.
It's actually made from an old crate.
We're hoping to put it in the kitchen next to our
upper cabinet where there's wall space

This garland is made from dried leaves of some kind - they are almost round in shape
They remind me of a miniature lily pad shape.

I couldn't pass up this awesome Uncle Sam at Ginny Curry's

This grapevine wreath is quite large and where you see the 
Forsythia it's built out like a little shelf that will hold
things so you can change them out for the seasons

This Bee Skep was from Ginny Curry's as well
It's vinyl and painted so it will stand up in the elements quite well

Found these 5 quilt squares at Simple Goods
I think I'll make some pillows out of them.
The picture is not doing the color justice!
They are like a creamy yellow with a bluish/gray design

This sweet wool bunny was from Earlier Times
as are the next two photos

I love that this picture is wood and wool!!

Doug and I have been busy making
Bee Skeps this week.
I have orders for 7 of them and after that we'll 
make more for our October show.
For some reason each one turns out different
than the one before it - you would think by coiling the Sisal
around in a circle when you are using a definite size
base they'd come out the same....NOT!!!
I do the gluing while Doug guides the rope - it's more of 
a feeling kind of process getting the shape.

Our granddaughter got the nursery ready for
our next great-grandbaby
Kira is due to arrive on June 7th!

Big brother Zayne is so anxious for her to arrive

That's it for this post
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 I can't believe I haven't posted since the middle of January!

Well here I am finally - but not much has happened, maybe that's why I haven't gotten on here.

Have you ever gotten on the bandwagon? I did it this past month. One lady on FB posted that she purchased a metal Windsor bench from Tractor Supply Co. and the craze started!!!

I don't know the exact number that purchased them but at one count there were 110 that I could find...I wonder what TSC will think when they look at the inventory the end of this month πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We bought two of them - the funny thing is that most of the stores got in just one, possibly two if they were lucky so anyone wanting 2, like us, had to go to another town to purchase the second one.  But it was so worth it - they are a very very heavy metal.

I've been busy the last couple weeks getting into the designing mode and will be just as busy for the next several months till the show in October.  Our dining room table has been full - although I had to clear it off for Easter dinner - but it went right back on.

A friend here in town raised bees and I asked her if she had any filtered beeswax I could purchase - she said she did - I got 20 lbs. of it from her for my poured beeswax shapes.
I should have enough for what I need once I start pouring.

Oh and I forgot that I purchase some new molds and now I'm anxious to get pouring!!!

And....because we don't have fabric stores near us I buy what I can
 when I can so here's my latest stash!
Some I used already to cover a set of Mache boxes for a customer
 and some I have used as backings for my penny rugs.

I hope you all had a great Easter - we did - we finally had some of our family for dinner.
Being Doug and I had both vaccine's we felt good about having the kids here for dinner.
But for breakfast Doug and I had 'fried bread dough'.
I grew up having this as a special treat when mom and or grandma made bread - they would save some and fry it. I love butter and sugar on mine.
It's way better than pancakes or French toast.

I finished punching this sweet pattern this week.
I love the mellow colors

I'm sure there's more I've missed but that's it for now!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


 The country is having many many changes and so are we here at the Martinsen's

All good - first off we are delighted that we are to become great-grandparents again in June.
Granddaughter Alexandra/Jade are having a girl.

Doug and I have been busy here making changes to our basement stairway.
A much needed re-do.  The only thing we ever did was put stair carpet many many years ago.
So it will be complete this time.
The walls and backside of upper stairs is going to be bead board painted an off white.
I wanted a color but really needed it to be bright.
I have been painting the boards (3 coats) and Doug puts them up.
We bought a new light and will put new carpet on the stairs in a brown/cream tweed.
Removing the trim and the hand rail, next the carpet

Next the sidewalls and finishing up the upper part

On New Years day we made a fantastic
standing rib roast - and it was delicious!!
I had only made this once before so I was so happy it turned out.

If you follow my business blog you would know
I have one of my Valentine Punch Needle
patterns available
It is a huge seller this time of year

And...I will be making beeswax hanging hearts
that you can put on your mini tree
The mold is coming in the mail this week
and I can't wait to make them and put them on my website.

I have made and sold many of these woven fabric hearts
I have some fabric left if you are wanting any.
Email me if interested

Thanks for visiting today!

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


This month has kept me quite busy with getting orders out
and getting the house set for Christmas.

Earlier this month I started making wool garlands
and I had such a response for them.
I made them in shades of greens and shades of Ivory.
I will be making them throughout the year to get a supply for our next years show.
I'm showing a few of my customer's pictures of how they displayed theirs.

I also made up a tree in a painted box and added some mini ornaments/garland
and one of my newest punch needle designs.
I sold this one about 5 minutes after posting it on my business page
and orders for 5 more for next year.
If you ware wanting one let me know so I have enough supplies.
I do however require upfront payment to secure it
as the supplies are expensive for this one.
$70 plus shipping (shipping to be billed when it ships).

If you are like we are here, we won't be having our family gathering.
It's sad but it's for the best and we are making the best of it.
Being we don't want to gather in a 'large' group we have taken each family alone which we have found isn't all that bad. It's a lot of one on one instead of 16 people
trying to keep up with conversations and active children.

Last night our youngest son/family were here so
we could give our two grandchildren their gifts and then we ordered pizza.
Us with Emily and Joe

Tonight we went to our oldest sons/family for the two little ones to open their gifts from us and we took Italian Beef from a fantastic Italian restaurant.

(Miranda and Aidan)

(Aidan being silly with his new soccer ball - it came semi-inflated πŸ˜‚)

We have two more to go, one on Christmas Eve and another early Christmas morning.
So it started out to be quite a busy week so far!

Doug and I will be going to church Christmas Eve and then we will spend
Christmas day alone, and we are okay with which surprises us
that we feel that way - maybe we are just getting old!
We'll celebrate with a standing rib roast!!!

We didn't put out all our dΓ©cor this year and didn't even put up the main tree.  We are using the one we normally have in the screen room.

Thank you for visiting 
Have a wonderful