Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Summer - Summer - Summer

Yep, Summer...not one of my favorite seasons.
Actually I don't like it at all.
I'm not a sun worshiper, don't do outdoor activities
and the heat is not my friend....okay, end of rant! 

So, a few things happened/happening here.
First off let me back up a bit and try and figure out what has happened since my last post in April.
Well, 2 weeks ago we took a much needed kind of vacation.  By kind of I mean it was to the same place we always go, Lancaster, PA...but it is so familiar to us after going there for the past 45 years it's like our second home. But this time we didn't go out for the business, we just took a week for ourselves to do some personal shopping and backroads site seeing...and visit friends and cousins.

We had the nicest new Air B&B - when we go again we feel pretty sure we would try and get it again. 
Even though it was right on Rt. 30, one of the busiest highways,
we didn't have much of a problem exiting the parking area.

Just a few out and about photos of the trip.
The green out there is so gorgeous and it just flows for miles - it's not chopped up here and there like where we live in the mid west.  You can see for miles and the farms are so beautiful and well kept (yes, there are some nasty ones as in all our areas, but for the most part they are beautifully kept.
We were amazed at how high the corn is, sweet corn is tasseled out already.

I love how many additions are built onto the main house for the parents and grandparents

Downtown Central Market

Doug and I with John and Linda Schmitt and
Jason and Emmy Schmitt (Owners of Nord Dogs)

Jason Schmitt

On one of the days we drove up to Lititz - had lunch at the Bulls Head
(part of the original General Sutter Inn that had to change their name and it's
now Lititz Springs Inn)
Doug had the Crab cake sandwich and I had the English BLT - both absolutely awesome.
What I liked about my BLT was the bread was grilled
and buttery on the outside, not toasted.

Olde Mill House Shoppes
The house is part of the shoppes and is the original home of the owners
And shops is in the barn

Went to an antique shop after shopping at my favorite wool shop
and saw this enormous bee skep!!!

A few nonsensical items - just stuff I wanted lol
A few Patriotic items

I loved this Fall wreath and Cloves candle...just preparing for Fall 
Our home we sold had dish and hand soap dispensers built in by the faucet and I really missed
them so thought these clear ones would work okay - I don't like
having things at my sink so these might work.

Some wood boards to mount some of my punch needle on

Found a sweet Geranium pick and some poppies at the Old Candle Barn

Here they are in containers

If you haven't been to Riehls Quilt and Crafts you should go....
all Amish made items and so reasonably priced.
I got all these pieces for less than one piece in a store.
I'm using the bag as a purse, small zipper bag and glasses case.

Even lined!!!

And some yummy wool from my go to store
The Bee and the Bear in Herford, PA

And this wonderful year round wreath

We always go to Roots Farm Market on Tuesdays and
I have to come out of there with pecan sticky buns!!!
Oh and In forgot I bought a loaf of cinnamon bread at Central Market!!

And last, here are a few of my new punch needle designs
You will be able to find them on my Etsy soon
(The Blue Heron is on now)



This one is still a work in progress


  1. Fun photos of your getaway! Going someplace familiar is often one of the best vacations of all. Looks like you found lots of treasures. I hope that amazing bee skep came home with you! It would have come home with me!! ~Robin~

  2. Wonderful! We are close to Berlin, Ohio; so that's our 'Amish' vacation of choice. Looks like Lancaster only on a smaller scale. I'll be Lancaster is every bit as beautiful and peaceful as Berlin is - sure looked so according to your pictures.

    Always so nice when you post; thanks!

  3. That bee skep would have come home with me for sure. Amazing photos of Lancaster. One day I would like to go there. We use to go to Springfield Ohio twice a year antiquing. Stopped going since covid and I sure do miss it, but it seems neither of us are sad too much not going anymore. m planning a trip to Ohio next month though for some antiquing. Hopefully I will find that mule chest I am wanting. So glad to see you back to blogging. Sty cool Karen its so very hot over here and am sure you might be in that heat wave too now. Janice


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