Monday, June 27, 2011

Time to slow down? Don’t think so!


So this afternoon I’m doing my Summer Newsletter for my website and I sent out e-mails to all of my contacts. I had done up the Newsletter and turned it into a PDF file for an attachment…yep, you guessed it. I forgot to attach it and everyone got a blank e-mail.
So I repeated! See what I mean by needing to slow down. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyway on with the busy…between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday’s, 2 Graduation’s and 2 Graduation Parties, 2 funerals and then the procedure which has kept me rather quiet…all of this was in a bit over a months time!

I’m ready for a break…we’re going to Arkansas the middle of July for a Cousin’s Reunion so that’s going to be my first break…not sure that Arkansas would be my first choice for a getaway but I’ll take what I can get at this point.


I think I’m trying to do too much at once…maybe it’s because I’m feeling better – not good, but much better since the procedure last week and that gives me some ‘faux energy’…I think I can do more than I can!
Not sure when the full effect will kick in all the way but the Dr. said 4-8 weeks…well, I don’t have that kind of time to sit still. Anyone who knows me knows this is killing me.
My backside looks like a pincushion – and very black and blue. I was really under the anesthesia because I don’t remember a thing except asking them to give it to me nice and strong and the next thing I was back in my room and then I slept the rest of the day. I was numb from that point on down to my toes for two days. This weekend I finally started getting the full feeling back in those areas. Please let’s hope this thing works!

beesOur Granddaughter’s Graduation party was Saturday – had a good time and there were lots of family and friends on all sides.
I took lots of pictures but to you they would just be ‘people milling around’ so I won’t bore you with them.

Alexandra by her cake and photo table
Alex 2

Alex’s Stepmother Jamie made her cake – she wanted a Marble cake with Strawberry filling and so Jamie being the ‘best Stepmother in the world’ made her very first one! She did a wonderful job didn’t she?Cake

I’m not for Tattoo’s but Alex decided she was going to get a hip Tattoo with her 18th birthday money in honor of her baby sister who was a still birth late in the pregnancy – I think it turned out quite nice.
Alexs Tatoo

Naturally we don’t have a family gathering that I don’t get a photo of Aidan.
One of the guests brought her 4 week old puppies to show everyone.Aidan puppy

Aidan puppy 1 

And as Angie his cousin was leaving he got a ride with her.
Alex’s dad Dan and Alex in back
Aidan and Angie



I have also added some new size
President Canvas Prints to the Primitives category
I had many requests for smaller sizes to tuck back in a shelf
I’m also offering them in a Sepia tone as well
5x5 Stretched Canvas and 5x7 Stretched Canvas

If you want to be on my Newsletter list just e-mail me

bees I think I’m getting crazy the longer I’m in this business - I’m considering signing up for a very large Craft Show in Lititz, PA for next August. It’s a bit late for this year to make new designs and different products but if I’m accepted I’ll have the better part of a year to prepare.  So I had better get my creative ideas flowing.


I’m getting my ‘lost blog list’ back on my sidebar. I forgot how to do it the easy way so it has been a one by one process…again, I need to slow down and these things won’t happen!
Thanks to everyone who contacted me and if you aren’t on and want to be…please e-mail me.

Oh and I forgot…at the top of my blog where the tabs are…I put my Amish Fiction book list – I’ve already had people e-mail me asking about information on some of the books. So if you like to read Amish Fiction go check it out.


We’ve eaten so much ‘party food’ the past month I’m ready for a steak so that’s what is on the menu for this evening…time to go get it ready.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lost my blog list!

That's what I get for fooling around and trying to 'clean up' - didn't work did it? Arghhhh!!!!!

I promise I will get you back on my sidebar as soon as I can...I did this once before and forgot who was on there and how to do it...need to get help with that.

In the meantime...I will have to go on my list on my dashboard to visit you.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pewter, Birthday, Father’s Day

Maybe not in that order -
On Saturday night our oldest Darren and his family took us out to dinner for Father’s Day – isn’t it nice when the spouse gets to enjoy the benefits of the occasion?
Took a couple photos before we left
Father's Day dinner 2 

Darren and Aidan batted a few wiffel balls around first…and got a tad silly.
Racket Ball 1

Darren Silly

Aidan silly

Sunday morning on Father’s Day Doug and I went to a flea market south of us and I found another piece of Pewter – it’s a beat up ole Tankard but I love the wear on these old pieces. For what ever reason the dents got in it I’m not sure – but it shows someone used it and well. And it only cost me $2.00 so the dents really didn’t matter at that point.
Pewter Tankard

Monday late afternoon we went back over to Darren’s place for Aidan’s 3rd Birthday – I can’t believe how old that little guy is getting and I’m thinking he may be good at Golf
Aidan golfing 1

Aidan golfing 2

Aidan on swing

3 Generations
3 generations

They served us a delicious dinner of Ham, Scalloped Potatoes and fresh Green Beans.

Time for Cake!
Three of them
Aidan cake 1 
Aidan cake 4

Now some gifts!
There were many, many relatives there so he received lots of gifts – I’ll spare you the pictures and show a couple.
 Gift 3

 Gift 4

Gift 2

Mommy and Daddy bought him a picnic table

Picnic table 1 

Picnic table 2

Picnic table 3 

 Picnic table 5

Also…I want to mention that I have started selling KITS on my website. I have 6 designs available at the moment. You can find them here:

Thanks for sticking with me through this picture intense post.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BUSY and more BUSY

Oh Yes, I know the heading is not proper grammar!
What started out as a slow Spring/Summer is fast becoming busy.

Last week was very busy with Alexandra’s graduation on Friday night, then on Sunday we had Jessica’s (Nieces daughter) graduation party to go to (about 1-/12 hours drive away) so that was a very full day.
They live on a farm and so there was lots of space for everything…even horse riding. 

Jessica photos 

Jessica on horse 3

Jessica on horse 2

Mark, her dad, had built onto the end of his workshop a huge addition this past Fall and even put in heated floors…this is the space he’ll work on his big machinery – but so far it has been used for their huge Easter dinner and now Jess’s graduation party.
Shed 1

All the kids played Volleyball for most of the day
Tinas 2

Jesse our oldest grandson (21) and Aidan our youngest (3 next Monday) were the only two grandchildren that could make it there.  Jesse is in the gray and white stripe.
My step-mom in the white jacket (right).
Tinas 1

And naturally we had to get some pictures of Aidan around the farm

Aidan calf 1

Darren, MaryAnn and Aidan taking a walk to find some cowsDarren and family 1

Aidan 2

Way up on the big tractor. See him in there!
Aidan tractor

Tire is taller than Aidan
Aidan machinery 1 

So that was our weekend…

Then the week I got busy with orders and then yesterday we decided to take advantage of a perfect day (temps in the mid 70’s and breezy).
It was perfect Golf weather (for me that is…).
So we headed on down to the place we had our Golf Clinic and also our favorite place to golf. Prairie Woods. It’s a bit of a drive for us but well worth it just for the scenery alone.
The weather couldn’t have been more perfect…and the breeze made it even more so…actually quite windy at times.

Prairie Wood
Story with this place is…when our boys were very little, along with my brother’s family, we would go out there when it was just a farm and woods…mainly HICKORY NUT TREES…we would spend many Saturday or Sunday’s out in the woods picking Hickory Nuts…the kids loved the adventure and we’d take a picnic lunch along too and made a full day of it letting the kids wander in the woods finding treasures. The owners being friends of my brother made it possible for us to go there so it was always available to us.
So this place has some wonderful memories. Most of the woods are cleared now for the golf course but it’s just a pretty place to be.

So on with my day…just pictures of the golf course.Golf course 
Golf course 2 
BYE-BYE!  Oh yes, quite windy…see the fluffed hair!

Today is swim class at the fitness center, then Lola kitty has an apt. this afternoon…she’s so darned sick again!
Then busy with orders the rest of the week…then Father’s Day Sunday, Aidan’s birthday on Monday and Tuesday I have my procedure on my back…guess I had better get some books loaded on my Kindle because I’m going to be resting for about a week after that.

Thank you again everyone who follows me – and for all your fun comments. You are the reason.

Have a good one!