Saturday, December 10, 2016

A bit of Christmas

Like everyone else out there we have been busy with decorating for Christmas and baking cookies.
Being we are only having one party this year we cut way back on the baking.
For sure we will make the traditional 'cut-outs', fudge and toffee bars.
Not sure if we'll do anything else.

My orders have slowed down and I'm happy for that - 
my fingers just can't do what they used to.
But I am finally getting around to gettin these items posted on my selling page:

You may have seen this one before - it was on a vintage bread board
but I re-worked it on this basket and I like it so much better

I did a second making of wool Christmas trees
The first 5 sold immediately - have a few left from the new batch

Christmas decorating was kind of a challenge for me this year.
You would have thought my heart would have been in it now that I feel good again -
last year I was less than a month after my back surgery when we decorated and I loved it...
this year, not so much.
Maybe because we 'switched things up' - and that threw me off some I think....I was going back and forth with this and that trying to get my head to say 'perfect' but it didn't happen so I just quit while I was ahead and said to myself 'enough already' this is all ya get this year folks.

We'll start with outside...we had the prettiest snow last week right after Doug got all the trees up in the corners - but we have nothing on the ground now.
But we are to get a good one during the night tonight.


We found these sweet little orange cups in Ohio last month at Miller's Antiques -
wish we had bought more.
I filled them with fresh cloves and they smell so good!



I didn't mention at the beginning of this post that along with cookie baking to 'eat' 
we also made Gingerbread men.
I'm going to put them on the kitchen tree to make the scent even better in the kitchen along with the oranges and cloves.
And I'd never be able to finish all that needs to be done without my trusty helper!!

Guess that's it for this week
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend