Saturday, February 4, 2017

Where do I start!

What a month January was...I've seen the operating room at St Lukes hospital
more than I care to!
First I had a bone spur removed from my right ankle and 2 weeks later I was in there again for a broken first joint on my left index finger...that will be 2 weeks Tuesday.
I have 2 pins in the tip of the finger and a cast style splint higher up than mid arm.

So this ole gal is typing one handed.  Approx. 8 weeks like this....
so no sewing or punching and I'm going bonkers.
I try to do one handed cleaning - minus water because I can't wring out the cloth -
lots of organizing and reading.

But...I can draw so I have been doing some patterns designing.
Doug made me a really nice light box this week and it works great -
so that has kept me kind of busy.

A couple weeks ago I did finish my latest punch needle design
and it is available as a pattern on my selling site

This one was in the process - needs some yellow in the flower petals
yet but it will be quite awhile for that now.

Oh, I want to THANK EVERYONE for posting a comment on my last post - by disabling Google+ it cleared up the inability for some of you to comment.

Thanks for visiting!