Monday, November 26, 2018


The last month has seen lots of redo in our home.
First it was painting the upstairs hall walls and trim, then carpeting in the family room, stairs and upper hall.

The past 2 weeks we have re-done the den - first I had to strip the wallpaper, then primer and then paint. We decided on the same color as the family room because the two rooms are almost connected - just a step down to the family room.

The paint is called Jute - kind of a Caramel color.
Then I stenciled the walls and we are loving it!
I don't have a full room picture yet just the one wall.
I used English Ivy, Khaki Tan and Brown for the stencil colors.

The brown to pick up the dark Brick Red trim.

NOTE:  I've had many emails from friends saying they can't comment on my blog - it won't let them.  Blogger changed many of the settings and there's no way I know how to fix it and I don't think one could - Blogger has it locked.
So I appreciate all the CAN COMMENT...and those that email me personally.
That's all I have this week - see you next week!

Monday, November 12, 2018


The wonderful festive family times are almost here...Thanksgiving and Christmas.
So many things to reflect on at many things to be thankful for.

Christmas...opening gifts and celebrating. But we all need to remember during those fun moments the real reason we can celebrate...our one huge gift of all.

I have finally caught up on orders for my penny rugs and can now
give my full attention to things around here.
This one was very hard to part is 19-1/2" x 51-1/2"
I mailed it this weekend so hope she loves it as much as I do.

This one will get shipped to IL today!

Last week we got new carpeting for our family room, stairway and upper hall.
We disliked the carpet we had installed 4 years ago and could not wait to replace it...
now the room looks like it should - Warm and cozy.

Here's the room with the old's a beige but shows a very pink tone with red.
Even after vacuuming it always looked dirty where you would walk and it wasn't dirty.
Very frustrating.

The next project here is stripping the wall paper in the den, painting and then stenciling.
We can't make up our mind though if we want to carry the family room paint color into the den or do it a light color. So I painted several poster boards and will do a mock stencil to see how it looks on that paint color.

Thes are kind of blurry but these are the designs I'll be using.

This is the divider

This one will be all around the top (below the crown molding)

These will be down the wall (between the divider)

I want to thank all my wonderful customers who purchased all my left over merchandise from the is now all gone!!!
Except for the gourd garlands...we have a few left that I put ON SALE.
If interested check them out here - sale goes through the 15th:

I'm anxious and ready to get going on Christmas decorating but that will start the day after about you, when do you start your Christmas decorating?

Blessings to you all and thank you for visiting!