Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Collections keep growing!

That’s right – I can’t seem to get away from buying Yellow Ware bowls and this past weekend Dan DiPaolo had his monthly open house at the barn and was selling lots of his collection.  We missed seeing most of them because we didn’t go out on Saturday so the picking was slim but I found a nice small one with a blue ring I didn’t have.  It’s probably a 1 quart size and I love the shape.

New blue stripe bowl 1

New blue stripe bowl 2

Dan’s ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ farm has Two more open house then his Christmas open house and then he’ll be closed for the winter:  ( http://dandipaolostudios.blogspot.com/ )
DiPaolo's open house schedule

Pineapple line artAnd….baby dresses/gowns…who doesn’t love them!
Friday my brother and his wife came over and we went to Mukwonago up to Deja Vu and I found a pair of long baby stockings to go with the other baby things in the guest room
Baby stockings 2

Baby stockings 1

I posted about this store before and will be adding it to my shops in Wisconsin tab shortly. Jody has a very eclectic kind of store with antiques, vintage and even some new items…a great place to spend a good hour browsing.
( http://www.dejavugoods.com/store.html )
Deja Vu picture 

After we left there we headed up the street to Fork In The Road restaurant for lunch…a crock of French Onion soup was the choice I made and a very good one at that…I recommend it if you ever get there: (  http://forkintheroadrestaurant.com/ )

When we got back to Burlington we stopped at an antique shop in the downtown area, The Shy Violet – this looks like a small store but it is packed with some wonderful treasures. (  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Shy-Violet/114848642035790?sk=timeline )

shy violet logo

I found another baby gown and I will not look for anymore because there are only 3 pegs on the rack in the guest room and they are now full….whew…one collection completed!!
 New baby gown 2

New baby gown 1

Pineapple line artThere’s also a new shop that opened up a couple weeks ago in Waterford, just a couple miles up the road.
Run by yet ‘another’ Jodi….this is a cute little shop full of ‘country’ items – I’m hoping in time she will get more Primitive/Colonial items in but again she is still so new.
JODI’S COUNTRY CORNER and she also has a FB page:  ( https://www.facebook.com/jodiscountrycorner )
Jodis country corner

Pineapple line art I have been on the search of a wool cutter for some time now and through my friend Teresa Miller (Teresa’s primitive Treasures:  http://teresasprimtreasures.blogspot.com/ ) I was led to Linda from Grant Street Woolworks ( https://www.facebook.com/GrantStreetWoolworks/timeline ) whom I met at the retreat in June – well it so happened she had one she was selling for someone so I purchased it!!  I’m now able to cut straight strips…thank you both of you for your wonderful help.

It came in its own little case too…and it came with 7 blade sizes.
Wool case 

Wool cutter 1
I also purchased this yummy burgundy red wool – I never can have too much red wool…let alone WOOL!

When I was on the phone with Linda talking about purchasing this item Teresa happened to be in the store at that time so I got to chat with both of them and we got talking about needle punch and I was saying how much I detested putting my work in a hoop ring because it doesn’t stay tight and Linda said she had just the thing and explained it to me…well, it turns out it’s just like a rug hook frame but small and it even has a swivel base and the edges are rounded on the gripper! Oh, and as we were talking about it…Teresa purchased one as well!

Punch needle frame 1

Punch needle frame 3
This is SOOOOO worth the money spent!!

Pineapple line art

Last week I had some free time and spent it working on my Pumpkin rug – it is going to be made into a pillow when I get the brown or black muted background hooked on it.  I purchased this piece from Lauran (Rugs and Pugs blog: (  http://rugsandpugs.blogspot.com/ )

Pumpkin rug 2

I hope you enjoyed this long post AGAIN….Oh people I have good intentions to have a short post but as in person, I just can’t seem to keep it short.

Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for continuing to support me by visiting and always being so sweet and kind with your comments…I honestly appreciate each and every one of you!   I am a bad blogger as for visiting you all…well, that’s not true, I do surf the blogs and read here and there but it seems by the time you get on the computer you find you have spent a couple hours and the morning has gone….it’s already 9:00 am and I’ve been at this post plus other computer things since 7 am…yikes! Time to close her down for a bit.