Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I guess Fall has arrived

Fall is here but last week the temperatures have said different….but this week…FALL.  Crisp in the morning but sunny and then it warms up a bit by noon and the rest of the day.

Well – I first want to say thank  you to all those that purchased my Sweet Potato garlands and Gourd garlands.  The minute I posted it on FB they went!!!!
I only wish I had more supplies to make more but I guess that will wait until I go to PA again to buy more gourds.

So on with Fall – the decorating here is minimal – but I guess I have come to like it that way. Inside the house there are little touches here and there – just looking around a room it is subtle, it doesn’t jump out.
I think my Christmas decorating is going to be that way as well this year.

My husband did the outside this year. I talked him into buying us a bale of straw for in front of the screen room and he actually said yes!
I think he did an excellent job of placing things.

Front of screen room

We did some things to the back door bench but it’s not finished yet.  Still need some Mums and Pumpkins.

Back bench

Here are a few of the inside.
Trencher 1

Gourds 2

Gourds 1

Bowls on island 2

Bowl on island

Basket on counter

Kitchen table 1

Blue pie safe 1

Basket under pie safe

Old cupboard

Pewter table 1

Fireplace hearth 2015

Clipper box 1

Side table 1

Blue table 1

Bath cabinet

Brown pumpkin

Wall in den 1

Side of pantry 1

Table in screen room

And that’s all she wrote!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back for my next post.