Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Found a few treasures

Hi everyone... it’s Wednesday and as it did  last Wednesday…RAINING! But it sounds so nice and it’s darkish out and it has put me in a lazy mood – slept in too,  something I rarely do.

Well this past weekend we went to our first flea markets.
Mukwonago, WI has a great one and it’s the first weekend of each month through September.

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We found a large butter churn in pretty bad shape. It has the lid to it but it's badly chipped, hoping at some point I can find a replacement so I'll need to keep the dimensions written down and carried with me to all the flea market/antique shows we go to.
The crock was showing at $35 but she let us have it for $25 - still a bit high for the condition but we liked it.  I mentioned this in another post of mine somewhere that we buy things because we LIKE it, not for the antique value of it.
New butter crocks 
The other butter churn was at a darling antique/vintage shop we saw as we were heading out of the town - so glad we stopped in there.  She had only been open since November so I guess that's why we never saw the shop when we went to the flea market other summers.
The price was $55 and not top and she couldn't come down any as it was a consignment so we took it anyway...oh, and it doesn't have a lid so will be looking for one for that too.  It is in pretty nice condition.
Here’s a link to her shop:

  We put them on the mantle for now - if they stay there we will for sure remove some items and hopefully maybe bring down the large Bee Sting crock that is on top of the cabinets of the fireplace and leave it at that…I want it to be one kind of thing on the mantle and get rid of all that ‘busy’ look.
Crocks on fireplace 1

 Beesting crock

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Then on Sunday  after church we went to a small one in Wilmot, WI.  This one is really just junk but now and then we do find a treasure.  This time we found a Yellow Ware bow for $10 but she let me have it for $8. 
I would like to find a couple more Yellow Ware bowls to fill the pie safe and get rid of all the little things that are in there.  I’m trying very hard to not have so many little things and just concentrate on larger collections.  I love my sheep but some will have to go.

New yellow bowl

 Pie safe with new yellow bowl  

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Also on Saturday we stopped at Dan DiPaolo’s open house at the farm.
He’s open the first weekend of each month all through summer.
We love stopping there – Dan is such a sweetie and we have lots of laughs with him when we go there.
If you are in this area you must stop at his farm – he has lots of great treasures in the barn and is always offering some delectable things to eat.
Here’s the link to his blog for more information:

We found a wire hook/rack for our screen room to hang drieds on.
Rack with drieds

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Last Thursday night we went to our grandson Joe’s 8th grade graduation – he’s grown up so fast we can hardly keep up and so smart too – we’re very proud of him…congratulations on your awards Joe!  (He’s on the left)
Joe and friends 1

Joe and us grad 1

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This Thursday we are going to our little grandson’s Kindergarten graduation – hopefully I’ll be able to get a picture of him in his cap and gown…they are just too tiny for this to be happening!

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And then this Saturday we are going to great-grandson Zayne’s 1st birthday party.
He’s such a big boy – and always loves the camera.
Alexandra has a friend who is a photographer and she takes the best pictures – here’s a few she took.
Zayne birthday 4

Zayne birthday 1

Zayne birthday 2

Zayne birthday 3

So that’s all I have for you this week…hope you enjoyed!
Stay safe and blessings to you all.

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