Sunday, November 15, 2020

Been over a month since I was on here!

Since my last post a bit over a month ago we went on a road trip to Pennsylvania.

Went to a few wholesale shops and then just drove the backroads of PA for a change.
But FIRST we stopped in Carlisle and met up with Teresa Miller to get some fabric I bought from her, then we all went to a few antique shops and lunch. Always so fun to see Teresa!!

Further northeast we stopped at The Bee & The Bear in Herford ( )
for some much needed WOOL...I had a very hard time leaving there,
I wanted to go back for more but knew that would be dangerous!! 

We found just a few things at the antique shops.
One was a 20" tin dough riser - the largest we have so far which makes #7.

And a nice tin pudding mold.

A couple reproduction Santa's from one antique shop

We (I) collect pewter creamer/sugar sets and I loved the detail on the sugar lid.

When we were at the farm markets we asked if the had any pumpkin stems that had broke off 
and one place had a small basket full and the rest we found on the ground!!! SCORE!!

All in all a nice trip regardless of the weather...rain and rain!
Had the sun been shining the trees would have glowed - they really were in full color.

A couple weeks ago we went to a Christmas Craft show and bought this gorgeous
Mache will make a wonderful addition to our Christmas decor.

  We also bought a wool garland from one of my friends booths....she gave me permission
to hold a class to make these so that's what's coming up the first part of Dec.
Can't wait for it - the ladies are anxious as well.
Our garlands will be a bit larger/fuller than the one shown here.
Boy was it difficult to find red wood beads - but I finally found some on Marketplace.

And speaking of beads...never pick up a flimsy plastic container
with LOOSE beads in it - this is what will happen....

But all is well - Doug got on the floor on his side with a yard stick
and shooed them out from under the desk!!!

Friday we went to a few more antique shops around here because
it was a really nice day to be out and about (but staying safe distancing regardless!)
Found this paper candy box from the 40's - and it was full of threads
all of which I can use in my punch needle!!

And more vintage ornaments to add to our dining room tree -
I just can't get enough of these type of ornaments!
Some wonderful Ivory wool roving - I can use this on my sheep and Santa beards

Found 2 huge balls of what they said was crochet thread but I've never
seen them this size nor the thickness of this thread.  I'll use it to stitch up seams
on the items I sew that need the seams stitched after stuffing them.
And look at this sweet doll cradle.  When we were in PA we looked at
every antique shop we went to for one but found this one near home!
Needs some TLC but still a cute little thing.
It will go under the Christmas tree this year.
Doug found this beautiful candle mold.
We don't have one like this with the bottom arch

But the best thing Doug spotted was this awesome
Old World Santa (or St. Nick)
It is on burlap - not sure what process they used to get this picture on 
but it looks like it could be a measures 20 x 26
and will go above the fireplace.
I tried to get a good picture but I was taking it in the evening so the 
lighting was bad no matter where I put it.

A winter hooked rug I've been working on.
I had to wait until I bought more wool for the snow at the bottom.
Found it at the shop in PA - so now to finish it so I can sell it.
And of my newest designs made into a pattern
It's called TREES FOR SALE
You can find it on my website
Not sure what I'm going to mount it on though...I'll find something this week and post it.

I know this was a long blog post because I had a lot to chat about,
so if you stayed till the end here...THANK YOU!

Hope to be on again before Thanksgiving but if not