Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A few pictures

The month of October is a bit past half over and it seems it just started...
is time flying by for you?
Is it that we pack so much into our days/weeks or because we are getting older.
Haven't figured it out yet, have you?
I remember when I was young and it was like a week was as long
as a month and I couldn't wait
for time to go by and now a week is like a day and I wish it would slow down.

I never did get the show pictures on. We took a few as we were setting up but didn't get the end result but here's what Doug took as I was getting things out.

Doug manned the checkout area so he had the whole family room to himself
and when it was busy there was enough room for customers to line up
or mingle and to sign up for the drawing prize
that was a cute framed Punch Needle Joy stocking.


There are just a few items available left over from the show if you are interested.

A few gourd garlands are left as well

Last week we did get the plastic up around the screen room
(this helps keep the snow from blowing the screens in)
It's about the only time Doug gets alone time with the boys and grandsons and they have a whole lot of fun back and forth conversations....middle son Dan was missing - 
he has a broken hip and this would have been too much for him.

I never did show you how the cradle turned out that we purchased a couple months ago.
It had been stripped and there were a few areas that still had paint and or stain
and we couldn't get it off so I suggested a Terra Cotta paint
and rubbed with dark walnut after we sanded it.
I love how it turned out.

Between working on customers penny rugs I have been trying something new.
Drying beets
I saw a garland made with them but not sure what they did to them so
this is my version...I'm anxious for the end result!
Until they get to the end they look like dried pieces of meat lol
But the ones I saw when finished showed the rings and there
were little dots on the rings...really pretty. Wish me luck.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Show was a success!!!

Seems I've been gone from blogging forever - and I guess it has been
forever when I looked at the date of my last post.
I don't seem to have enough computer time anymore to get a post done
with all the sewing for our show.
It is over and it was a wonderful success - we are pooped but it was worth it.
I'll put some of the merchandise that didn't sell
on my website and my FB page this coming weekend.

A very good friend came over to help with the garland room. She removed the price tags, wrapped and bagged them when they sold and then brought them into Doug
who was doing the checking out - worked like a charm.
I walked around and greeted - filled in holes when merchandise sold

and helped wrap and bag when needed.

I thank my husband Doug for all his wonderful handi work, helping create
(he has some great ideas) helping with the show and being a shoulder
when the stress go to be a bit overwhelming.
Thanks to my customers for supporting my love of creating -
couldn't and wouldn't do it without them.

Our displays outside got a bit raggedy looking - we had rain for 2 days before and also early the morning of the show...we just didn't go out to fix and re-arrange - things look like we just threw it together...it didn't matter anyway - it was about the show!

A friend of ours let us come to their house and get grapevine for our fences....thanks Tracy!
And my niece let us come get corn stalks...thanks Tina!
I love how it all turned out!

We took a much needed break  2 weeks ago and went to Pennsylvania.
We seem to gravitate that way when we get in the car ... smiles!!

We did a little wholesale shopping plus Doug went to the world's largest cigar store and next to it was the Russell Stover candy outlet...what fun that was. We walked out with $50 worth of candy (plus a huge caramel apple).

We got to visit our cousins in lancaster for one evening and with our friends
Lisa and Jerry Thrush and the two Amish sisters we met last winter.
We went out to dinner with them and then back to the Amish ladies home.
We always have so much fun with NO TV, radio, cell phones....we talked about this and that and the storm and enjoyed looking out the windows at the lightning display. Sounds silly doesn't it? NOPE...we actually enjoyed the peace...minus the thunder!!

Lisa gifted us with a white childs apron to go over the little dress she gave us last winter - plus a beautiful ladies prayer cap.
We are honored to be gifted with these items - they are taken as very precious gifts.

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