Tuesday, December 22, 2020


This month has kept me quite busy with getting orders out
and getting the house set for Christmas.

Earlier this month I started making wool garlands
and I had such a response for them.
I made them in shades of greens and shades of Ivory.
I will be making them throughout the year to get a supply for our next years show.
I'm showing a few of my customer's pictures of how they displayed theirs.

I also made up a tree in a painted box and added some mini ornaments/garland
and one of my newest punch needle designs.
I sold this one about 5 minutes after posting it on my business page
and orders for 5 more for next year.
If you ware wanting one let me know so I have enough supplies.
I do however require upfront payment to secure it
as the supplies are expensive for this one.
$70 plus shipping (shipping to be billed when it ships).

If you are like we are here, we won't be having our family gathering.
It's sad but it's for the best and we are making the best of it.
Being we don't want to gather in a 'large' group we have taken each family alone which we have found isn't all that bad. It's a lot of one on one instead of 16 people
trying to keep up with conversations and active children.

Last night our youngest son/family were here so
we could give our two grandchildren their gifts and then we ordered pizza.
Us with Emily and Joe

Tonight we went to our oldest sons/family for the two little ones to open their gifts from us and we took Italian Beef from a fantastic Italian restaurant.

(Miranda and Aidan)

(Aidan being silly with his new soccer ball - it came semi-inflated 😂)

We have two more to go, one on Christmas Eve and another early Christmas morning.
So it started out to be quite a busy week so far!

Doug and I will be going to church Christmas Eve and then we will spend
Christmas day alone, and we are okay with which surprises us
that we feel that way - maybe we are just getting old!
We'll celebrate with a standing rib roast!!!

We didn't put out all our décor this year and didn't even put up the main tree.  We are using the one we normally have in the screen room.

Thank you for visiting 
Have a wonderful