Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just a short post

Now if you believed that heading then you haven’t been following me! lol

Noting I do is small or short or minimal – but I keep working on it daily.  I’ve tried to slow down, do less and ‘say less’. Well that last one may be a stretch!!

But I did want to check in and post about the new items I finally received.  I have been waiting for them so I could the upstairs bedroom settled….with spreads that is.  So I did some rearranging.
You are probably getting very bored with the ‘bedroom saga’ but it’s all that’s happening here lately. Slowly it is getting done.

Our bedspread went upstairs on the first guest room (it’s Flax with Red stripes) and in the order that arrived were two pillow shams with a red border and buttons on the ends.
(the bed looks lumpy because it has a down comforter under the spread)

 Guest bed 2 

The spread that was on this bed went on the white iron bed and the bolster covers that we had on our bed are now on there.
And the spread that was on here is now folded at the bottom.  I’m liking the neutral look.  We need to put the blanket crane on the one solid wall and this room will be done. Very simple and plain.

Guest bedroom 3

And the new spread is on our bed.  It’s a king size so I didn’t need any pillow shams or bolsters – by turning the bedspread the opposite way from how it was to go I was able to have it come up over the pillows, just like I wanted it!
It’s Black and Flax.
New bedspread

 New bedspread 1

From Family Heirloom Weavers  I also ordered a set of  their new sheets/pillow cases and blanket for summer when the Down comforter comes off.  I had to order a flat one for the bottom because they don’t make a fitted one…this is going to be a challenge…lol
And the top one and the cases have an adorable little ruffle!
Sheet set 1

And I was so surprises when I looked at the cases – they have little ties to keep them on!!!  How neat is that?Sheets 1

This blanket is sooooo soft, it’s kind of a open weave – and I love the plaid on the border.
Blanket 1

Blanket 2

And….3 Table Squares
Americana table square

  Table square

Angst table square

So that was my Family Heirloom Weavers shopping ‘treat’.

Last Friday I had an apt. so as long as we were out we stopped in Columbus, WI at a couple antique shops – NOTHING!!!
We were so disappointed – the huge one that is 3 stories had nothing but ‘glass ware’ – 3 huge floors and it was huge!  You could look up and down isles and see the same thing…and you could get lost…room after room jutting off of another room!  I think mostly flea market treasures but expensive treasures at that.  I would not go again…but it was a beautiful day to be out on a day it DIDN’T SNOW.

But on the way home we stopped in Lodi at Cottage House Primitives
I always love going there because Carol has so many wonderful Primitive treasures but I especially went in for some wool.  I not only got wool but she let me cut some for my rug hooking project. Oh and I bought a new hook as well.

Wool from Lodi

The strips are the same as the whole piece – should work up nicely as a background.Stripe wool and hook

Now I really tried to keep this short – but going in to this post I had my doubts – but if you are still here, then all is well.

Our Alexandra has so much fun with her little Zayne…they were out shopping and she was trying Fedora’s on him.

Zayne in hat 

…and then all bundled up for a stroller ride!
Zayne in stroller

It’s almost the weekend…hope you all have fun plans!

Thanks for visiting