Thursday, July 30, 2009


I guess this has been my year and I don't know why....but, on Tuesday I will be honored with yet another feature in a magazine.

It's call 'SHE' and it's out of Kenosh, WI and it's a magazine for and about Women.
Here's the link:

We are going to be in the September issue
Here's the August cover

I'm not sure just what this is going to be all about but they do want to come for the photo shoot of our home on Tuesday so here I go again....oh and she said it will be a FALL shoot this time - seems the issues are opposite of the seasons for me! So it's out with the Geraniums and in with the darker Fall items.

I was also asked to wear something more Fallish rather than summer clothes as I will be in several of the photos and she thougth I MIGHT (a HUGE MIGHT) BE ON THE COVER - maybe....OMGosh, I never got to finish my Weight Watchers - too many parties got in the way and now I'm going to look like one of the Pumpkins! lol

No, it's just that I didn't expect to be in the photos and wish I had dropped about 10 pounds that the camera will certainly put on me.

Last Saturday we went to a cousin's reunion at my husbands cousins (Leanne and Fred's) - it's a yearly thing the last Sat. in July and we each take a turn hosting it. This is the only time WE ALL are together so it's a nice time.
Leanne just re-married two years ago (husband passed away 28 years ago) and she moved into Freds place and totally RE-DID the back yard and it's such a beautiful pleaceful place.

She put in a raised garden and fenced it all in - I just love it.


Well that's my story today - hope you enjoyed it just a weeeeee-bit.
I'll take pictures of any tweaking I do over the weekend for the photo shoot - not sure just what I'm going to be doing though...not a lot of time to tweak because we're having all the kids in Sunday for two of our son's birthdays - youngest will be 40, oldest will be 45 YIKES!!!
Anyway - not much time here for tweaking so they might just get what they get.
Have a great one! Oh, and on Wednesday I will draw a winner for my 200th follower and let you know what the gift will be!

Monday, July 27, 2009


OKAY.....this is just incredible! As I'm tying this and then posted....within that time I got 2 MORE FOLLOWERS....SO I PASSED THE 200th I guess it's time to start commenting NOW!!!!!

I see Judy from THE SPICE CUPBOARD is my 200th follower...thanks Judy.

OH, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL!!!! I will need to get ahold of you!!!!

I can not believe that the next follower will be my 200th one!

When I first started my blog I never thought I'd reach ANYONE let alone 200 people thinking I had something interesting to that being said....200 people DO NOT post comments! LOL

I am going to have a GIVE A-WAY when I reach my 200th follower but I'm not sure what that will be - but as you can tell - it's going to be a surprise...EVEN TO ME!

So just leave a comment below when you see I have reached 200 (I'm at 199 right now) and I will draw the name within one week of the 200th follower!

My good computer is in the dr's right now being fixed so I can't upload pictures from my camera to this old computer but when I do I will be able to post more....I'm lost without the good one. How did I ever function with this one although....LOOK...I'M ABLE TO AT LEAST BE ON THE BLOGS AGAIN!!!! And I don't get all those errors!!!!!

This has been just the busiest week for me/us.
Tuesday we had our two grandchildren
Wednesday we did work around here
Thursday Doug and I priced products ALL DAY and that evening we went to our sons for dinner
Friday we had shopping to do
Saturday we had a cousins reunion to attend all day
Yesterday we had a cousins reunion on the other side all day
Today we have to go to that same cousins for fun and chatting and then she's having us all there for dinner this evening
Tomorrow we have our two grandchildren again....SO IT'S GOING TO BE RESTING TIME THE REST OF THE WEEK!

I can't believe that July is about over and then we're into August....when we get into Aug., I feel we're on the downside to summer - we haven't even been anywhere to get away and relax yet either.

I hope you are all having a great summer so far...and it sure sounds like it from all the blogs I have been reading! Lots of Florida vacations going on I see.

HOPE TO SEE LOTS OF MY FOLLOWERS ON HERE POSTING FOR MY GIVE A-WAY!!! AND anyone else too - I love new visitors and comments!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi everyone!

As of this week I have been having internet problems - everything keeps telling me I have a certificate error and other things like that - and mostly on my blog I sometimes can't sign in and lots of times I can't comment .... SO THAT BEING SAID....that's why I haven't been commenting on all your wonderful blogs - it's not that I'm ignoring all of you.

I can't even do a Yahoo search - it keeps giving me DIAGNOSTIC problem errors.

I'm just so frustrated.

Guess it's time to take this thing in to the dr.
Wouldn't you know....I've had it a year on the 4th!!!! So the years warranty IS UP!!!

Hugs, to all.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I have been wanting some display cubbies for my home show in November so I can put ornaments and other small items in them instead of baskets and I can also stack them so people don't have to bend down for items so I purchased one at wholesale last month that had 4 sections in it and asked Doug if he could make me some more - well after much objection he went out and bought the wood and made me some yesterday!

But after starting them I decided if he was actually going to do it then I'd put in a
I had him make them with 3 sections instead of 4 - so if I have larger items it would be easier to he did and here they are unfinished.

I think we're going to paint them with our house trim paint - it's sort of a sandalwood tan with a greenish hint to it. I wanted them done with our dining room trim paint but he thought they would look too much like the house....well duhhhhh, they're going to be showing in the house like the trim....maybe I'll win, not sure - we'll see!

So I ended up with the 2 he made and then the one we bought which he spray painted black and we don't like so it will get painted the same as the others

A couple weeks ago I won a bingo game on A PRIMITIVE JOURNEY forum I belong to...isn't this apron just adorable???? I hung it on the peg of my mitten box and it really looks cute there. Also included were some grungy tags and grungy cheesecloth - both I can use!
And then on the Country Sampler forum I was in a traveling swap box and these are the goodies I chose from the box before sending it along to the next person....I also took a note pad but don't have it now.
I am going to use the tin molds for some tarts or pantry cakes and I'm not sure where the spools are going.

Todays post was a bunch of nothing but I'm trying to stay visible - hopefully I'll have some goodies to post this weekend because I'm going to a craft show in Muskeego at the historical society. I haven't been to a craft show in a couple years....there just aren't many around here.
Have a great day everyone and hope to see some familiar faces here!
Hugs, Karen

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hi all....Well not a lot going on here right now...I've been laying low this week doing more sewing - last Friday's long day put me over the edge with my lower back so I'm letting it die down.

I had purchased a gourd garland at wholesale market last month and had it in several places, it finally ended up on my pie safe but not sure if I like it there....I think it's a bit overwhelming, don't you? I think it needs to be on a larger opening.

I tried it on my fireplace but the dark red expanse and the bright gourds didn't work...they jumped off the fireplace - too stark.

So - this is where they are for now.

I also made a new Penny Mat for my website - It's a simple Winter Tree - good for the whole Winter season and also for Christmas - and it's a good 16 inches round....I was going to put tabs on it but decided to keep it simple.

Then I made my Basket of Flowers in black - normally it's in a deep Cyprus Green but I love this in black!

Okay, enough showing off!!!!
Wish I had more fun things to show you all but it has been rather dull here.
No kids yesterday - they went to Sioux Lookout, Canada on a fishing week! Fun!!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone and I'll get over to visit you as soon as I can...I know I have been MIA alot but business calls.

Hugs, Karen

Friday, July 10, 2009


Yesterday I watched Emily and Joe again while mom/dad worked and they surprised me at 7:30 with an early birthday treat of some beautiful flowers, a delicious cake and the funniest card! I look a bit ruffled but didn't expect a picture that early!
Aren't they just the best!!!! Oh, and early that morning Emily was sitting in the screen room and she saw our fox running through the yard hi-tailing it back to its den! They're too fast for the camera

Soooo today was my birthday and I got to spend it with lifelong friends, Marilyn and Jim Hepp....they retired several years ago, moved from Wisconsin to Mesa, AZ and each summer come back home to visit family and then on their way home via Indiana they stop in our former home town and we meet them there for lunch - how cool is that! Well this year it fell on my birthday and I couldn't have spent it with nicer friends.

They actually got an earlier start than planned so they were going to be at our spot by 9:30 instead of 11:30 so when they called us at 8:30 and said we had an hour to get there we flew! It takes an hour to get there! lol We pulled up to the restaurant as they were walking in the doors. Good timing huh?

We actually met at Crackerbarrell instead of our other place and had breakfast instead of lunch but it was delicious.

My brother and his wife were supposed to meet us as well but they had a 2-1/2 hour drive so they didn't get into town until 11 - and by then they went to the rest. we were supposed to go to in the first place for lunch and called us to meet them we had 45 minutes in between meals! lol So we only ordered soup....oh my gosh we were full!!!

So Gail and I decided we needed to walk it off so I had tons of Coupons for Michaels Crafts and Hobby Lobby and I really needed mache stacking boxes and didn't want to keep going back in for them so I gave each person a coupon and some money and handed them the box and said go buy it! I got an entire set each piece 40% off!

Then after that we went to the Mall and did some clothes shopping and then Doug and I headed home. So what was to be a morning away and home right after lunch turned into an entire day...we got home at 4:45 and just a bit ago Doug and I went out for my birthday dinner.

When we got back we had the rest of the cake the kids brought over...CAN YOU SAY STUFFED! Needless to say it's diet/exercise time and sorely needed.
Here we are at breakfast....left to right Doug, Me, Marilyn, Jim (as if you didn't know by

Sorry for rambling - guess it's all the food today plus a wine at dinner tonight and the chocolate cake/frosting....I'm wired!
Hugs, Karen

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This has been a very busy Tuesday....we always have our two grandchildren so that alone is busy....but we had to go to the store - they chose the MiceCream treats from the little cook book so we had to buy the ice cream - Emily wanted Chocolate for a brown mouse and Joe wanted traditional white!
They had fun making them but they really had to rush because it sure was warm in the kitchen and the ice cream started melting too fast and the decorations started sliding off so it sent them into a giggle session as you can tell by the picture.
They ate their treat in the screen room while watching a movie.

But in the morning after we went to the grocery store we went to the high school for the Football Camp.
Tony Romo - QB for the Dallas Cowboys comes here every summer for 2 days to do this mind you this is Tony's home! He's from right here in Burlington so it's nice that he comes back and does this for the kids of the community. It's a free signup and from what we saw it was a good turnout. What an honor for the kids huh?

We didn't stay too long after they left the field for a short talk from Tony because my bottom was killing me on the lower back and hip have been acting up and it isn't the softest thing to sit on so we headed home.
Oh, I've been trying to get a picture to share - we have a family of 7 Fox's living up the street under someones porch/deck and they wander the neighborhood like puppies! Sometimes they play with the cat up the street but only are after the rabbits and mice - they leave the dogs alone as well and the authorities said they are harmless unless they have been hurt. Only if they start to cause trouble will they do something about it.
Anyway...last night we were sitting in the screen room and one sauntered up our sidewalk and across our side yard and out onto the road like it was a normal thing to do....brazen little things they are! But too dark to get a picture.
Okay, enough rambling. I just thought I'd poke my nose in and let you all know I'm still here and doing nothing exciting.
Hugs, Karen