Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This has been a very busy Tuesday....we always have our two grandchildren so that alone is busy....but we had to go to the store - they chose the MiceCream treats from the little cook book so we had to buy the ice cream - Emily wanted Chocolate for a brown mouse and Joe wanted traditional white!
They had fun making them but they really had to rush because it sure was warm in the kitchen and the ice cream started melting too fast and the decorations started sliding off so it sent them into a giggle session as you can tell by the picture.
They ate their treat in the screen room while watching a movie.

But in the morning after we went to the grocery store we went to the high school for the Football Camp.
Tony Romo - QB for the Dallas Cowboys comes here every summer for 2 days to do this camp....now mind you this is Tony's home! He's from right here in Burlington so it's nice that he comes back and does this for the kids of the community. It's a free signup and from what we saw it was a good turnout. What an honor for the kids huh?

We didn't stay too long after they left the field for a short talk from Tony because my bottom was killing me on the bleachers...my lower back and hip have been acting up and it isn't the softest thing to sit on so we headed home.
Oh, I've been trying to get a picture to share - we have a family of 7 Fox's living up the street under someones porch/deck and they wander the neighborhood like puppies! Sometimes they play with the cat up the street but only are after the rabbits and mice - they leave the dogs alone as well and the authorities said they are harmless unless they have been hurt. Only if they start to cause trouble will they do something about it.
Anyway...last night we were sitting in the screen room and one sauntered up our sidewalk and across our side yard and out onto the road like it was a normal thing to do....brazen little things they are! But too dark to get a picture.
Okay, enough rambling. I just thought I'd poke my nose in and let you all know I'm still here and doing nothing exciting.
Hugs, Karen


  1. I love the MiceCream!! Too adorable! Love your headed pic too!

  2. I sure wish I had a Grandma like you!
    I can't handle the bleachers either.....
    At my sons graduation, Joey had to sit behind me so I could lean on him!
    Take care, Beth

  3. I bet you are a super fun Grandma! That became my goal in life the very minute my grandaughter was born! :)

    About the foxes, that is so cool! My Dad started feeding a fox a few years ago. Nobody believed him until we all saw it for ourselves. Daddy would put the food out just as the sun was going down and "call" to him. Sure enough, he came to eat the food and hang around a bit. Weeks later, a mama fox and babies joined him.
    At that time, my Grandaddy was still living and lived with my parents. He started getting too close and my Daddy caught him trying to pet them. So Daddy chased them away, becaue he was afraid my Grandaddy would get hurt. It was a fun experience to see them.

  4. You have been busy!
    So glad to hear/read that you are still around! LOL LOL
    Your grandkids are so adorable...I can just tell by the pics that they truly enjoy being with their grandparents!
    Tony Romo is indeed a Hottie...don't ya think?

  5. What fun with the kiddo's. I can't wait to be that kind of Grammy with Liliana. I have so many of my teacher idea's stored up!!

    So sorry your hip and back are botheirng you. My arthritis in my lower back and hip bother me some days when I sit too long or work in the garden too much. It is always a balancing act!!

    I hope you have a great week and enjoy the fox family!!

    hugs, Linda

  6. It looks like you are having a great time with them. They are really cute kids. I can identify with the bleachers. We spent 2 months doing softball.


  7. Hi Karen!
    What fun your grandkids have with you!! Their smiles say it all :)
    Sorry about your back/hip pain...those bleachers aren't comfortable for any of us!!
    Glad you and grands had a great day!

    Have a happy week.


  8. Hello. Your grandkids look like they are having so much fun cooking with you! All these years later, I can still remember making ice cream sundaes with my grandfather. I'm sure your grandchildren will treasure these memories for a lifetime. Blessings to your family.

  9. Hi Karen! Your grandchildren are so adorable. It looks like they are having so much fun, that little cookbook is perfect summer fun. How fun it would be to see that fox family! I used to have a friend (a LONG time ago in elementary school) that had a fox as a pet, I thought that was just the coolest thing! Hope you back gets feeling better soon, it is so miserable when you hurt. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  10. Micecream..how fun!!! What sweeties your two grandchildren are!!!

    Have a wonderful day :)

  11. How nice Karen that you get to spend this quality time with your grandkids. Love the MiceCream idea. You are getting so much use out of that new cookbook.
    I feel so bad that your back and hip are hurting you so. I can relate to that pain and it isn't any fun. I'll be praying for you girl.

  12. What great memories you are making with your grandchildren. They will be so happy to have those.
    I would love to see pictures of the fox family. I have never seen one except for pictures in books.
    Have a great day.

  13. The treat looks so good...hope you do get to feeling better. Dianntha

  14. Love the ice cream treats. Tony Romo what a great thing giving back to his home town! Not bad to look at either. :)


  15. I love the recipes they are making. I am going to have to find that cookbook! Fox's- Are you not scared of them? I was glad to see a post from you.

  16. Hey, Karen....I so miss those days of making special treats with my son..I am looking forward to grandchildren....lol

    Sorry to hear your back/hip is still giving you problems...I have a special cushion for back pain I keep in my car for hard surfaces...

    Have a good rest of the week:))

  17. Hi Karen,
    I am a new follower, love the MiceCream! The kids are cute too! When you have a minute, come visit me at notesfromthehomestead.blogspot.com


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