Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pewter, Birthday, Father’s Day

Maybe not in that order -
On Saturday night our oldest Darren and his family took us out to dinner for Father’s Day – isn’t it nice when the spouse gets to enjoy the benefits of the occasion?
Took a couple photos before we left
Father's Day dinner 2 

Darren and Aidan batted a few wiffel balls around first…and got a tad silly.
Racket Ball 1

Darren Silly

Aidan silly

Sunday morning on Father’s Day Doug and I went to a flea market south of us and I found another piece of Pewter – it’s a beat up ole Tankard but I love the wear on these old pieces. For what ever reason the dents got in it I’m not sure – but it shows someone used it and well. And it only cost me $2.00 so the dents really didn’t matter at that point.
Pewter Tankard

Monday late afternoon we went back over to Darren’s place for Aidan’s 3rd Birthday – I can’t believe how old that little guy is getting and I’m thinking he may be good at Golf
Aidan golfing 1

Aidan golfing 2

Aidan on swing

3 Generations
3 generations

They served us a delicious dinner of Ham, Scalloped Potatoes and fresh Green Beans.

Time for Cake!
Three of them
Aidan cake 1 
Aidan cake 4

Now some gifts!
There were many, many relatives there so he received lots of gifts – I’ll spare you the pictures and show a couple.
 Gift 3

 Gift 4

Gift 2

Mommy and Daddy bought him a picnic table

Picnic table 1 

Picnic table 2

Picnic table 3 

 Picnic table 5

Also…I want to mention that I have started selling KITS on my website. I have 6 designs available at the moment. You can find them here:

Thanks for sticking with me through this picture intense post.



  1. Karen
    I hope the pain eases~
    Wonderful pics from a fun-filled weekend~ looks like plenty of smiles & giggles~
    Your pewter is so pretty~ I can't seem to snag any up~ no cheap one's!!!
    Sending my prayers for you~ take it easy~

  2. Hi Karen~

    Wonderful pics of the Birthday Boy!! Love his new picnic table. Lovely spot to have a cookie & some lemonade!! Hope your back feels better soon.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  3. Hi, Karen,
    I hope you are feeling better. Happy Birthday to your grandson...He is adorable.

    I see you are Wisconsin fans? Do you remember your kicker, Taylor Mehlhaff? He is from our hometown...I had him in classes in Middle School and High School. He is such a nice young of the nicest I've met. Isn't it a small world?!! (I just ran into his mom a couple of days ago.)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie

  4. Karen he is a doll! What a joy he must be! Don't know what I would do w/o Andrew! They just light up our lives. Like your pewter!

  5. AWWWW what a great weekend! Lots of cool stuff that your grandson received.

    $2.00 for pewter is my kind of pewter. LOL. I have several pieces that are dented to. I just turn the dents to the back.


  6. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day!

  7. Beautiful family memories! Your pewter collection is pretty! Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon. My Best ~Kimberly

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday to Aiden! Love your pewter collection!

    Hope you're feeling well and good luck on the kits :)


  9. Karen,

    I hope you are resting!!!! Looks like a wonderful party!!! And yummy food... Loved the littley tykes stuff when my boys were little. Stuff lasts forever! OLM

  10. Glad to see your up and about, Karen! I am with you on sharing the day with your's wonderful to have our son cook for us now that he knows his way around the kitchen! Happy Birthday to your grandson..!

  11. What wonderful photos and you are all such a handsome family!! I love your penny rug kits on your website. Am confused about the price difference. I get the kit price and the pattern only price but can't figure out the price that is a bit more than the kit price!

  12. Karen,

    Looks like you all had a fun family time!

    Happy birthday to his new picnic table!

    And what a steal on that piece of pewter! Good for you! The dents make it all the better...more character!


  13. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us, Karen. Sorry you're still suffering with that back. It seems to go on forever doesn't it?
    Happy birthday to the birthday boy, Aiden. Maa

  14. You sure do grow some handsome men in your family, Karen! ;o) (And the ladies are lovely I might add!) Happiest of birthdays to Aiden!! Loving his little Bucky Badger coat!! Train that boy up right from the start!! Hope things are going well for you - they sure do look to be....Think of you and your back issues often - Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Karen, what a fun time with family. Aidan is a cutie. My grandson will be three in a couple of months - that is such a fun age. I love your pewter tankard.

  16. Oh I loved seeing all the pictures!!! I am headed to see your kits now!!! Love the family photo!

  17. What a great birthday party your grandson had..I love the piece of pewter you found and what a great price..Have a great week..

  18. What a score with the pewter. I would love to start collecting it but the price always scares me off. I don't know enough about how to tell the difference between real and stamped etc. Guess I need to do a little googling!

    As for picture heavy, what's the point of having wonderful kids/grands if you can't show them off!

  19. What a cute little grandson you have!

  20. karen, Such sweet family photos. That little Aidan is a cutie. Looks like he might have a pretty good swing with that golf club. And it didn't look like he was short on gifts either. Don't kids get so much these days. Love the little picnic table. Glad you had a nice meal and a fun day with family and friends. Hoping the procedure on your back has it feeling lots better. Take care.

  21. What a sweet family! I am looking forward to my little grandbaby toddling around... :)

    Will you be in Madison Monday? I am hoping....depends on sales this weekend. Living from week to week with business these days...

  22. Hello dear friend... Your grandson is so sweet... I can't get over how much your grandchildren look like you.. Really... smile..
    There is nothing like family to make our day, is there..
    Good to talk with you Karen...
    God bless...

  23. Hi Karen, such a beautiful family!!
    Love the pewter piece, what a deal!!

  24. Fun filled family weekends make me smile :0) Aidan sure is a cutie!

  25. Times spent with family~ The most enjoyable times. I know I have truly loved watching life through my grandchildren's eyes. So precious and calming. So happy that you are able to enjoy those times. Have a blessed day. ~Sara

  26. Beautiful pictures of the Birthday boy. He is adorable!

  27. Karen ~~ How Handsome you little Birthday Guy is .... same with all your guys.
    Love your "new-old" piece of Pewter great bargain !!
    I have to say Karen each and every picture I see of you .... you look Beautiful, younger & younger !!
    Fess up do you have any secrets to share ?? lol
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  28. Hi Karen, looks like you've had some wonderful family are truly blessed! Let me know how your procedure went, my pc is down right now but I'll be checking in on my son's laptop. ~Kriss~

  29. Karen,

    I enjoy seeing pics of your family. I do try to keep up the best I can but have been unable to comment till just yesterday! I can relate to what you said in your post. We are busier than I thought we would be this summer.



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