Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally got my house in order!

Wow….it has been a long time since I’ve been on posting, right???

Well, there isn’t much to chat about so that’s probably why.

Well the new sofa was delivered last Wednesday – I like it but I’m not sure if I love it…but it was a necessary purchase.
I liked my other sofa with the high sides/arms…it’s hard to sit with your back in the corner on the leather one – but it’s Doug’s sofa so I guess I don’t need to stress about it.
Family room full 1

Family room full 3

Family room full 5

den 2

I do like that it has a more country look than most leather sofa’s – guess that’s one of the reasons I said ‘yes’ to leather.
sofa full view

And the stitching on the seats/back and arms…that I do love.  Plus it’s a very soft pliable leather.
sofa closeup

Last Saturday was Alexandra’s baby shower…oh she’s such a fun young lady!!!  I don’t think there’s a situation she can’t handle – she’s always so happy and upbeat – and she giggled and ohhh’d and ahhh’d all day long.  I love that girl.
Tyler came in time to help open gifts – they are just so sweet together.

Gifts were overflowing!
gifts 1

We gave them the high chair and a few other fun things.
gifts 2
There was also a ‘diaper’ table – on the invitation guests were asked ‘if’ they wanted to, to bring a pack of diapers and put their name in for a drawing for a $25 gift certificate…among other prizes that were given out throughout the day.
I believe there were 50 people in all at the shower.
alex tyler


Alex’s other grandma made these cute sugar cookies…and the icing was Almond flavored.


cookies 1

alex shower 1

alex shower 3 

Jamie (Alex’s step mom) Alex, Tyler’s mother


I got a few photos of the Robins before they left for good.  What a fun day watching them leave one by one.  The last on sat on the edge of the nest for HOURS!!  Not sure why it wouldn’t leave like the other 3 but near dinner time it did take flight.

This picture was a week before they left – they really filled out the nest – not sure how mama could sit on them and keep them warm.
robins in nest

And then a week later…big ‘uns!  this is the first one getting ready.  I opened the door quietly and got this picture.

They sat like this for a couple hours before leaving.
2 robins

2 robins 1

I guess that’s all I have for you today…Doug is on a golf trip so it’s just me and my sewing.
Sending out prayers for those in OK – such tragedy lately.  I count my blessings everyday.



  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww sweet birdie..
    and such a darling post...
    sending you my love and lots of blessings x

  2. Hi Karen! Your new couch is lovely and looks comfy too. Those little birdies got a good, safe start at your house. So fun to finally see them take flight. Sure wish you could come to our Harvest At The Mill show on September 7th! It's going to be great. We have vendors coming from nine states and two magazines! I'd love to see you again, Dawn

  3. Good Afternoon, Karen! I do like the Leather Sofa, as you..I am not a big fan on Leather Furniture. Don't you just love Baby Showers! I love watching the new parents to be and all those darn cute little outfits:) Enjoy your swing......its hot here! Hugs...K

  4. Hi Karen,
    You your new couch looks nice in there.
    What a great idea for the diaper table and drawing. I may have to remember that for Kelsey's shower.

  5. Showers are so fun. I like the couches with hig arms to we had one with the low pillow arms and we never sat in it.LoL.. Cute little birdies.I can hear the babies chirping in our birdhouse but haven't seen any peek out yet.Enjoy your sewing. Warm Blessings-Amy

  6. Karen the sofa fits in really well. Baby showers are great fun! I'm glad your birdies have left the nest onto their next adventure and you can have your doorway back.


  7. Karen, I agree that leather is not my first choice but I'm sure you will toss a throw or coverlet on it and it will warm up to you or you to it.LOL It looks great with your other decor. Good to see your post, as always. I keep trying to get motivated for my blog, but just not happening. Hope you are feeling back to normal...Blessings!

  8. Karen, I agree that leather is not my first choice but I'm sure you will toss a throw or coverlet on it and it will warm up to you or you to it.LOL It looks great with your other decor. Good to see your post, as always. I keep trying to get motivated for my blog, but just not happening. Hope you are feeling back to normal...Blessings!

  9. Hi Karen! Nice sofa...Brian's is similar but has a recliner on each end...so comfy! That's a big shower Alex and Tyler were treated to..and the diaper idea is great...Hmmmm...50 packs...that ought to last a couple weeks! LOL! Can't have too many diapers. They are such a cute couple . It sure doesn't take long for birdies to leave the nest...human OR birds. --Jan

  10. Dear Karen.. Your grand-daughter looks so beautiful.. Everything was lovely and I bet the presents were wonderful, too..
    I laughed out loud at the pic of the two birdies sitting at the top of the wreath..
    One was saying . .. you go first ...
    the other one was saying..no, you go first..grin..
    Luv ya..

  11. Love the leather...looks awesome.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful.


    writing with just my left hand ..had a tiny surgery on my right so can't use it for 10 days. I'm fine. No biggie.

  12. good morning Karen! i could spend all day on your blog catching up and carefully looking over all your wonderful pictures! i like your husbands sofa.. i does fit in well with your decor. i need to go back cuz i was reading something about u getting rid of a big cupboard. i love it and am glad you have decided to keep it! love the robins! always so fun to watch! i have a mom laying on eggs/babes here but high in the vines. we finely have sun today after days of rain! so im going to cut the grass and check out the perenials to see if the rain helped them grow. enjoy your day Karen!

  13. Love your ew leather couch Karen.
    It looks like it's comfy.
    Weather here this morning is cool and foggy.
    Robins are so much fun to watch.
    I had to take my wreath down this year.
    It was too close to the door and momma
    Robin tried building a nest. Every time we opened
    The door she would come after us.
    Enjoy your day!


  14. I think the sofa is perfect for doug. And I lie the look of it in your room. :) Very nice.

    What a shower! :)

    Look at those birdies. So cool!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. Hi Karen,
    LOVE your new sofa! I've never been a big fan of leather either, but after how messy my guys have been on ours, I'm changing my mind! LOL I think it looks great in there.

    That cake/cookies turned out so cute too!

    Have a great day!

  16. Hi, Karen,
    Your decorating looks so wonderful and cozy, your new couch really looks comfortable and blends in great with your style...I love the blue cupboard on the wall. Looks like the baby shower was a smashing success, but every time you post pictures of your gatherings, they always look wonderful. the baby Robins are so cute...the swallows would sometimes build their nest over the back door. It is cute at first, but once they get big and scoot their little bottom to poo over the side of the nest onto the porch...not so cute anymore!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  17. Karen,

    Love the new couch. Things here are going...slowly... :)...
    oh my that looks like a most wonderful shower!!! hugs! OLM

  18. I'm not a fan of leather but I do like that one with the stitching. Looks great in your room!

  19. Karen, your home looks wonderful. We need a new sofa and have talked about leather - I really like yours. What a sweet baby shower- looks like everyone had a great time.

  20. The new couch really does look comfortable. 'Love the color. I was also hesitant to go with leather for my new couch, but love it. The baby shower looks like it was really fun. She got lots of great gifts. The baby birds photos are so good. I seem to never make good photos of wildlife, lol!

  21. Hi, Karen...your new couch looks very comfy and cozy!
    What a sweet young couple! Hope we get to see pics of the new arrival when the time comes.
    Take care,

  22. The new sofa is beautiful. We want a new set too, but are so afraid the kitty will ruin the leather. So we just keep on going with the old stuff:) I love the baskets and things hanging in from your ceiling. It's very pretty. The baby shower looks like it was a success. I know they are very hard to put together and pull off. What a cute cake:) We found a robins nest on the ground during our walk the other day. I put it in my front entryway for decor:) Have a great day. -Steph-

  23. I like your sofa. Comfort is so important and Doug deserves it.lol
    What a wonderful shower. That baby will be beautiful.Look at the parents.(and great grand parents)

  24. Karen, The sofa does look inviting! Hope you like it.
    The diaper idea with gift certificate is a neat idea. Think I should keep this one in mind.

    Your home is lovely!

    Have a super week-end,

  25. What a cozy room! Sure would enjoy spending time in there. Baby shower looked like a fun time! Such a sweet couple! Cute birdiea , too! Always sad to see the last one go.

  26. Karen loved the post!!!
    Your room looks so darn cozy!
    enjoy that new sofa friend!

  27. Hi Karen: Yes, sometimes there really isn't much (interesting) to write about...but I LOVE your posts, always! The new parents-to-be are a darling couple and I bet all are excited waiting for "Baby Zayne." Cute name! LOve, love, love your new sofa! I wish I had gotten leather instead of fabric...got a spot on it when I only had it a few months! Visiting in MN. right now and IA. next week. Great Grand baby's 1st birthday is June 1st so I have to be here for that! Going home June 10. {{HUGS}} Joy

  28. Hi Karen,
    Your house looks so warm and inviting ~ the couch looks lovely with your prim things!!! I really love the high back chair nest to the couch.
    Holy cats ~ what a wonderful shower and such yummy goodies ~ such a sweet couple!
    I can't believe the robin's are all grown and took flight already.
    The robin nest by us still has 4 eggs ~ no babies yet ~ I'm patiently waiting!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Prim Blessings

  29. Looks like a wonderful baby shower! Beautiful cake and cookies. I like the leather couch--it looks great in your family room! How sweet to have the little robins so close. I can hear baby birds in the bushes but haven't seen them yet! ~Roberta

  30. Looks like the shower was a big hit. I'm sure they got lots of great stuff. I just did a shower for our daughter in law. She is due on Saturday. A girl....we can't wait!
    I have loved reading about your house guests. We have a bird house on our front porch that has a family living in it. I can't here the babies yet, but I can't wait. We have to watch the dog, as she is quite curious.
    Hope you have a great time sewing!

  31. What a beautiful couple! And I love your pics of the robins.



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