Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I won this adorable doll!

And I owe it all to KAREN from:

She also has a selling blog: 
So go on over to both her blogs and visit.

And here’s the wonderful package I found in the mail yesterday – all the way from Kilburn – Derby United Kingdom!
I blocked out my address for reasons we all know – one can’t ever be too safe on the internet.

package 1 
Inside was a sweet note card and my gift was all wrapped in pretty blue tissue paper.
package 2

And here’s my adorable Primitive Faceless Doll – she was bigger than I thought when I finally got her. Look at her darling Prim Onsberg dress…so cute!package 3
THANK YOU KAREN – I love it!


I want to invite all of you over to my Popular Selling Blog and visit all the wonderful talented artists over there.

In the last few days I added 4 new members. Do you know the membership is up to 88. It was one year February 13th.
Thank you to everyone who has joined and if anyone else out there wants to be listed just let me know – it’s easy – I do all the work and it’s FREE.


Wishing I could say there’s a lot going on here but there isn’t – just waiting for Winter to wrap up so I can feel like getting some Spring things out. While there’s snow on the ground the flowers and such are staying packed away.


We have been going to our Wellness Center for well over a month now and I’m loving the Warm Water Pool Exercise classes – it feels so good letting the weightless feel of being in the water wash over you. I feel pretty good after the session is over in my lower back/hips but soon the pain comes back…but for a little while it feels so darned good. We have one of the finest centers in Southeast Wisconsin.

Maybe my next post will have something interesting.
Enjoy the rest of your week.



  1. Love that doll!
    Congratulations on the win.

  2. are always interesting! Your exercise center looks great! Good for you and Doug. Congratulations on the win.


  3. Karen, Congrats on your win! I wonderfully prim doll!!! OLm

  4. Such a sweet doll..and she does look big!

    Deanna :D

  5. Karen~

    Congrats on the win!! Love your new dolly. Enjoy your day!!


  6. Congratulations Karen on your new doll...
    She adorable...

    Happy to hear your feeling better.
    Take care..
    Prim hugs,

  7. Karen, congrats on your win. Such a sweet doll. I haven't gotten anything out for spring yet either, in fact we are in for more snow. I'm glad to hear the exercises are giving you a little bit of relief. take care

  8. What a sweet doll - congratulations!!

    My dad swam for his joints for many many years - it was the only thing he could safely do. I am glad it helps for awhile!


  9. Congrats on your lovely win, Karen! What a charming doll! Your local wellness center looks amazing, I have been wanting to pay a visit to ours for a while now. Stay warm!


  10. Congrat's! Sweet prim doll. I will have to check your popular selling blog out. Sounds like I may be interested. I went to pool therapy for a short time. It helped with pain but I could not tolerate the chlorine. Blessings! Lara

  11. Congrats on your win, Karen..I won one of her bears which I dearly love... The doll is so prim. I am glad you are enjoying the rest of the Winter. Spring will surely be here soon..

  12. Hi Karen,
    I think your Early Style Rag Doll sprouted wings and flew "across the pond", she was obviously eager to get to her new home!

    Thank you so much for doing such a lovely post on her!

    The Wellness Centre looks a wonderful place and the pool therapy is obviously working whilst your in the water. Let's hope some warmer weather helps to ease your pain, cold and damp are never kind to aching bones.

    Take Care

  13. Karen, I love the sweet doll yoou won!

    Have a great rest of the week.
    Prim Blessings

  14. Oh I love her too Karen!!!

    That's awesome about the rec center. Our town doesn't have anything like that but soon we will have a YMCA. They are building it right across the street from my work. I'm very excited!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. Hi Karen, your "center" looks wonderful. I can just imagine how the pool must feel - especially this time of year. Was wondering if you're going to Columbus later in the month? Let me know. Have a great day, Dawn

  16. Hi Karen. What a cute doll!!! I love the red ticking!!! She's adorable!

    I can't wait for the warmer weather to come, so I can get into the pool again. I have rheumatoid arthritis so the swimming is so good for my joints.

    Hope you have a great week!

  17. I LOVE that doll! So cute. Congrats! I have been thinking of doing a blog for Daddys quilts for sale. Would that be something that I could put on your selling blogs. He has about 20 quilts right now for sale and I can't get them on fast enough. He is just like Granny...the energizer bunny!

  18. Hi Karen, congrats on your win, she's a great prim doll!


  19. What a lovely blog, Karen! Looks like congratulations are in order. Thanks for becoming a follower and best of luck in the etsy PAFA Team giveaway as well - so many great prizes!!

  20. That pool looks heavenly!!!!!
    Glad to hear that it is helping you.
    Congrats on your doll. I do like her. How fun to win huh and get a package that's just meant for you in the mail!
    Hope you're getting some spring there, or at least getting some warmer days!

  21. Karen,
    Congrats on your winning that great prim doll!!

    You had asked me if our new bed was a memory foam one...yes, it is. I'm sure hoping that it will help me not to have so much pain with my back. We have 60 days to see if we like it or not...and can trade it in for a different bed if we don't like it. I'll let you know after sleeping on it for a while if I like it or not. We are having it delivered next Tuesday.

    Hope you are having a great week.

  22. Ah yes, I saw on Karen's blog where you won her doll. She is bigger than she looks, but she sure is cute in her ticking body!

    I appreciate your work with the Popular Selling Blogs. You have done a wonderful job of advertising it and keeping it up. I pop over there every now and again to check out all the lovely handmades. So much talent!

    Yay for you on the pool exercise class! I'm sure that does feel good to get some relief from the pain even if it is short lived. I wish you didn't have to live with that pain but you are always so good to "grin and bear it". I know that is an encouragement to others out there that suffer also. Thanks for being an inspiration in all facets of your life, Karen! =]


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