Monday, April 6, 2009


Well girls it's getting close....OMGosh - this is my 99th post!

I still don't know exactly what it is that will be in my surprise package for my 100th post but you will like it I'm sure.

A couple weeks ago we decided to put wood floors in the dining room.

I've wanted them forever and finally got Doug to start thinking like

So we ordered it and it will be here tomorrow but oh the work that needs to be done before it can be laid....pulling up the old carpet, pulling out the nails, cleaning the floor, painting all the trim, walls and stairway before the floor can be laid. I'm tired just thinking about it.

As we were getting things packed up from the hutches and pie safes our kitty 'Baby' takes over one of the boxes - she's lucky she isn't packed up in one and tossed's because of her and her sister that we are taking up the of them is piddling and not sure which one but when I do find out - well, let's just say we will be one less kitty that's a given.

Room with carpet still in it - and no, that's not a seam going down the center - we had to tip our long table on its side to take it apart and it lef the line...but I wasn't about to worry about something that was going to get ripped out.

Doug rolling up carpet sections for trash!

NO...THIS ISN'T THE NEW FLOOR but it isn't too bad looking is it?
Carpet and padding all pulled up. It's the same color as the new floor we are putting down.
Even though this is oak, it looks like it's stained same from the looks of it.
Still have to pull out the nails and all the edging.
Our new floor will be Rustic distressed Pine plank laminate.

I won these adorable wax bunnies all grungied up and tied with rafia! There were 6 of these cuties but I gave two away this weekend in a goodie basket for our house guests.

THANK YOU DEB! Visit here at: for drawing my name.

I also got a bonus in the package of 12 wonderful smelling minty candles.

And a wonderful gift that came all the way from South Africa - I won one of Lynda's MARCH MADNESS drawings....the cutest handmade fabric bag with 4 fabric eggs and a darling fabric gift tag. THANK YOU LYNDA. Go visit her wonderful blog:
Guess the next post will be number 100! So see you all then.


  1. Love your new floor boards Karen. When we first moved into our home, we ripped up old carpet in the hallway and one bedroom and found beautiful boards underneath..i adore them. They make the hall look so warm and 'go' with ll my
    Your bunnies are sooo cute too...where are they going to 'live'?..
    luv Ann.xx

  2. Oh so pleased it arrived Karen.
    Can't wait to see your new floor!

  3. I love your old floors!!!!!The wood ones that is!

    But I am sure your new ones will be more fabulous. We are ripping out carpets in our 1950's ranch on a farm we just's know...blond woodwork...arrgh! I am thinking of stripping the floors and staining them a dark ebony or chestnut color.

    can't wait to see your final photos of your new floors!

  4. Wow! 100 posts! Good for you, I know I sure enjoy reading everything you do. Can't wait to see your dining room when you get it done. We are thinking of doing the same thing to ours as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. (That and a kitchen redo, I want mustard cupboards and new wallpaper!) Be sure to post more pictures! Dawn

  5. ♥Karen:♥
    Poor Doug.. needs knee pads !!
    Happy you're getting new floors. It will make all the difference in the room.. I know you will be sooo happy with them♥♥
    What wonderful gifts you have recieved.. I want to win one of your give aways for your 100th post.. LOL
    ♥ Maurine ♥

  6. oh Karen I am so envious about the floor!....just the other day I was telling husband that I'd like that to be a goal this year for us, to put wooden floors in the foyer, study, dining room, and possibly the kitchen....I can't wait to hear how your's goes and how it will look! Janet :)

  7. Karen,
    I can't wait to see your new floor ~ I'm sure it will be beautiful, you have such exquisite taste. Those darn lil kitties (one of them) caused alot of hardwork. Great gifts you received ~ congrats on your win.

  8. Hi Karen!
    I'll take your old flooring! LOL!
    It's beautiful to me!
    I can't wait to see what y'all put down next! I know it will be gorgeous too!
    You have such a knack of putting things together so beautifully!
    Oh...I hope you see this...I am in the "early" stages of shopping for a recliner on the lines of a wingback....I;m just not sure who makes the best furniture for the least money....if ya know what I mean....
    Could you please e-mail me at if you have any suggestions?
    Thank you so much!
    Best to you and your DH on the new floor!
    I'll be waiting for UPS to deliver your old one to me!! :)

  9. The old "wood" floor that is....
    I have had the kitty piddle floor thanks on it! LOL!!

  10. Hi Karen,
    Your new wood flooring is gonna set the beautiful room off perfectly!!! I can't wait to see it!
    Love all your goodies ya go there...
    Have a nice evening.

  11. I can't wait to see your new floors...I know they will be awesome. But I got to admit, I like the looks of the old wood floors :)
    Carpet is the pits...I am so happy that we don't have any in the house plus I can't with hubby being asthmatic and now it looks like our Abby is also.

    I love all your goodies that you got. Everything is so wonderful! Even those things from nice :)

  12. Karen, You will be so happy with your new wood floors. We have them on most of the first level. They are so much easier to keep clean than carpet. The puppies do scratch them a little, but that just adds to the country charm. I can't wait to see the finished product. Dan

  13. We ripped out the carpet a few years ago and put down laminate. It did wonders for my eldest DS's allergies. However, I think there are more dust bunnies now. Can't wait to see your new floors.

  14. Hi Karen,
    Can't wait to see your new floors. We have hardwood floors under our carpet and are wanting to take it all up. Depending on what the floors look like we might us the laminate on ours...we already have it in our kitchen.
    I reached my 100th post yesterday and have some prim mini pillows tucks up for my giveaway.
    What wonderful goodies you received!!

  15. Karen, your old floors look great! I'm sure the new ones will look wonderful! I don't envy the work ahead of you! I'm wanting to paint but keep putting it off because I hate being tore up! Are you changing the colors in your DR? I love the colors in there now. Can't wait to see the finished room. Love your new goodies, Lucky. :-)

  16. Karen, I want to have hardwood floors one day too! I would be thrilled to pull up our carpet and find hardwood. Too bad, we already know it's concrete underneath! UGH! So I will keep dreaming about it and live vicariously through you! LOL!
    I'm really happy for you! Can't wiat to see it all done. I guess this means you will be pretty busy for awhile.
    And congrats on your prizes. Those little wax bunnies are adorable!

  17. Oh I can't wait to see it...I can't wait to rip out the carpet here. I will have to find out what kind your gettin'!
    How lucky you are to win all those goodies! Beth

  18. Are you sure you want to cover those floors up??? They are so beautiful. Dianntha

  19. I really like the colors you have painted in your dining room. Will you be using them again or painting a different color?

    I absolutely love those bunnies you won!


  20. Your wood floors look great already or at least I think they do. Can't wait to see the new floor. Love all of your goodies you recv'd and can't wait to see your 100th post.


  21. I can't wait to see your new floors Karen! I would love wood floors through my whole house one day. I'm so looking forward to your 100 post giveaway! I know it will be a great one!:-) Have a nice night!

  22. Congrats on your new flooring & your 100th post. I can't wait to see the new planks.
    You must be under some lucky stars winning 2 giveaways lately! You got some great goodies there.
    Can't wait till tomorrow to see what your giveaway will be.

  23. I love the old floors as well, but can't wait to see the new! What fabulous treasures you won! Lucky you, all the way around!
    Thanks for sharing with us! We love to see what you're up to.


  24. Aren't cats funny? They just love it when you start moving the furniture!LOL!

  25. Can you pull up your old floor and send it over to me!! I think it looks good. I'm sure the new color will be wonderful and I can't wait to see it down with all your furnishings put back in place.

    Those bunnies are so cute. I just may have to find myself some.


  26. Karen,
    How exciting..your new floor. I like the old wood too!! Nice items that you won. We had to get rid of our kitty when she started doing that too...Have a great day

  27. I am trying to talk my hubby into redoing our family room/kitchen with laminate too, but he doesn't think laminate will be good in the kitchen. LOL. Can't wait to see your end results, love your blog!!!

  28. Hi Karen!
    I love all of your new little treasures, too cute!
    Boy, I know what you mean about the work involved in doing major renovation while living in the house. Last year it was the kitchen here, that took about 2 weeks, lots of work and what a mess to clean up, but I was so happy after. Before that we had the floors replaced in the laundry room/kitchen/1/2 bath and front all, that was major too and then all of the upstairs with new carpet, I had no place to put all the stuff, I think that was the worse. Just a few weeks ago it was the crown moulding in the dining room/living room/front hall and kitchen and after a year I had my beadboard backsplash installed. For now that is it for here, oh, and I also decided to paint the paneled walls in the family room,that took me 3 days and then I had the mantle replaced. Now it will be painted the hallway, but that will be later.
    I love how your room looks with the carpet up, and the old floors look great! Why are you going to cover them? I cannot wait to see how it will look, your home is wonderful.

  29. Hey lucky girl! :)
    new floors annnnnnnnnd all thoses goodies! wha hoooo!

    Looks like you have your work cut out for you. I know it will look fabulous when its all done!

    Happy painting and hammering!

  30. Hey Karen; Wow looks like you two are really moving right along. The floor under the carpet looks pretty good too. But I can't wait to see the new one and the new paint.. Shame on Kitty for using your lovely floor for a potty..... maybe she will stop now..


  31. Looking forward to seeing the outcome! They are much easier to take care of then carpet. I love the colors in your house! Your treasures that you won are great.

  32. I can't believe you're getting a new wood floor when that beautiful one was already under the carpet! Beautiful!

  33. Hey Karen, I am sending a message to see if my e-mail address shows up. I put a check mark in the box that says email follow-up comments to... I hope everything is going well! Dan

  34. Karen how fun to get new floors...BUT I love the floor that was under your carpet! How beautiful! I love all your treasures.How fun tohave some come all the way from South Africa!!!WOW! Have an Enjoyable and Happy Easter! ♥

  35. Hi Karen~~I'm with everyone else~~love what was under the carpet but I'm sure your new floor will be wonderful!! Take care & have a wonderful Easter!! Blessings~~Jackie

  36. I am hanging on tenterhooks here for the 100th post. Love your bunnies too!!! xxxRobby


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