Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday’s Display Chain

I jumped on board and thought I’d do Misi’s display chain this week…
I pretty much never have my thoughts together enough to join but I do have this one I can join in on.
Lions/Lambs…well, I have the Lambs (sheep)….no Lions, just kitties.

But after looking at several blogs out there I don’t compare
(How about that Robin???
I don’t think anyone can beat your collection!)

White sheep

Little gathering in the pie safe
Sheep in pie safe 2 
Sheep in pie safe 1

Some extras that I pulled out for the photo shoot…
they are packed away again now
Extra sjee[

  One of my favorite Sheep pictures in the den
Sheep picture

On the shelf of the old cupboard in the dining room
Sheep pull toys

And of course my beautiful sheep from Teresa
Teresa’s Primitive Treasures
 Gray sheep

Sheep towel

 Sheep pillow

Sheep 1

 Sheep plate

Another favorite I had made by Maurine
 Sheep 2

I made these last year to sell
Sheep with sheep runner

Sheep picture 1


I bought this last year from Brenda
Sheep from Brenda

My Sheep mat that I sell and my adorable sheep from my friend Linda in PA
Sheep Lamp Mat 3

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you put off buying things you really need but buy things you don’t? 
I do that quite often but last week I bough some sheets for our bed…sorely needed too –
Got lots of them but the ends don’t want to stay on – well maybe you know how that is – you keep putting it off –
sheets aren’t cheap!
We went to Sam’s Club and I found these gorgeous 450 count Aqua Blue sheets…
they feel like Silk and they’re mine!
Can’t get the color just right with a photo but it’s close!
It’s like a cross between Robins Egg Blue and Aqua…a very Colonial Blue
Sheets 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few weeks ago Kendra from Stone House Primitives
hosted a ‘Towel’ swap that I got in on

I received a beautiful gift from Carol my swap partner over at

I couldn’t believe what she sent along with the beautiful towel.
 Gifts from Carol - towel swap

Included were some hand made eggs by Carol and this
beautifully scented 1890 candle made by Misi at 
Candle and eggs

And this adorable MOUSE
I can’t stress enough the beautiful workmanship Carol
puts into her pieces. The detail on Miss Maggie Sue is beyond words
Mouse 4 

Mouse 3
I put my adorable eggs in a bowl with some Bunnies
Eggs and bunnies 1
And a big THANK YOU Kendra for hosting this for us.
It was so much fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, I finally got my acceptance letter to be in the Lititz Craft Show
I wasn’t sure if I’d get in this year – as it is I’m leasing a spot from a friend
So now I can feel comfortable to actually be in legally.
I have two spaces now – what do do, what to do!

AUGUST 11, 2012
8 - 4
(my leased space is the first one on Rt. 501 coming into Lititz by the Police station
Don’t know where my second space is yet)

Location of my space to be determined later

Thanks for stopping by today – enjoy your early Spring



  1. hi,Karen~ Outstanding post~ love all your sheep~BAAAA~also loving the weather~Good luck with the show~

  2. Karen, a most amazing collection of sheep!!! I do believe you gave Ms. Cranky a run for her money!!!! LOL!!!!! We are having a amazing weather... just waiting for the reality check! OLM

  3. Love all your sheep...what a collection!

  4. Karen, I loved your sheep, just so appealing aren't they? As for the sheets, I always sew elastic, about an inch wide across from corner to corner on mine. It holds it and they don't roll up at all. Plus you can't see it because it lies brtween the mattress and springs.
    I love the pretty mouse, she is beautiful. That makes me want one, I loved her ears and clothing.
    Hope all goes well with your shows, take plenty of the sheep mats, they are beautiful!

  5. I think you certainly matched up with your lovely on the "offical" space.I hope I can make it.Hopefully the bridge work will be finished by then.I ask hubby to take me to lancaster yesterday and he said to much detors to get around the bridge.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Happy Spring!! Beautiful photos and displays Karen! I Love all your sheep. Those sheets look wonderful, I love the color! I so need sheets too! My man wants to know when I'm gonna take the flannel ones off the bed, lol! What awesome goodies you received from Carol! Love the mouse!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. Love your sheep collection! It surpasses mine :) That little mouse is so sweet!!

  8. Love all your sheep pictures Karen.
    Sure would be nice if I could get down to Lititz to see you.


  9. Wow! You DO have an amazing sheep collection and so many lovely ones too!
    Isn't Carol's mouse exquisite? Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, you have quite a collection of sheep. All wonderful. The swap with carol~ you are one lucky lady. What niece things. Her sheep are amazing.
    I hear ya on the purchasing items for ourselves. My last sheets were purchased with a gift cert I received. Isn't sleeping on nice sheets so awesome though? We wonder why we hadn't got them sooner. lol Good luck getting things ready for the show. ~Sara

  11. Beautiful collection! love your new goodies. I agree with you Carol work is so amazing, she make the most detail and beautiful items that I ever seen.

  12. Your sheep collecion is great, you have some adorable pieces. Speaking of sheets, my husband and I had to sell pretty much of everything when we relocated, including our queen size bed :(
    We had to swap some bedroom furniture around and now we have my oldest sons full size bed. Imagine two grown adults sqeezing together on this
    Sheets don't pull up now, they just wrinkle underneath you when you sleep, my husband even tried to safety pin his side! I am actually laughing out loud right now :0 Anyway, great gifts from Carol and I wish you the best getting ready for your show - fun!!

  13. So glad you decided to join in on the chain gang Karen! You have a WONDERFUL sheepy assortment!! (And some I'd like to adopt... ;o) Do you think I have a "problem"???) I really like the fuzzy ones with the stick legs - and your darling mat....You did the chain all kinds of proud Girlfriend! Funny you brought up the sheet thing - I put getting those off as well - I'm a sheet snob and it's hard to find the high count I like in the colors I like....but it's time....sigh. Amazing swap goodies from Carol - I adore her little mouse characters. Nobody, but nobody, does mice like she does. (And that was a towel swap....yikes!) Hope you're enjoying this wonderful spring weather - it's windier than all get out up here, but I'll still take it - I think I'm even beginning to see some green! Smiles & Spring Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Love your sheep collection!!
    And love that sweet mouse adorable!!
    Congrats on getting into the show...hope it is a sell-out for you. I think your show is the same time as my big show.

  15. Wonderful collection of sheep Karen. I am glad you decided to join in. -Steph-

  16. Hi Karen! I think your sheepie collection rivals Robin's!!--you two have cornered the sheep market! I should have posted more of my sheepies. We buy a new set of sheets every Christmas--last year we got 600 count for $25 !! Can't beat that!!They are SOOO comfy--certainly can't afford them at regular price the rest of the year! We always get them then for our boys too(which I'm sure thrills them no end).:)Your mousie is great--Carol gives them so much detail-they are so amazing! I think I'm as excited about you doing Lititz as you are!! Just make lots in all price points!!
    Have a wonderful springy day!--Jan

  17. Hi Karen,
    Love your sheep. What a nice collection. Mis Maggie Sue is just soooooooo adorable!

    Ruth Mainely Prims & Such

  18. Great displays! Your sheep are amazing. Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  19. Karen, I enjoyed visiting your sheep! I've heard it's just as nice in WI as it is in OH. I'm laughing about the sheets - Kevin has this thing about sheets - they have to be a high thread count. He's always on the look out for a new set. I've had to talk him out of buying sets - we've got enough! ~Ann

  20. Buying that's something I have put off too! I just said so the other day! I love the color of yours!

    Love all your sheep! have quite a collection!

    Hope the show goes well! Wish it was close to me!


  21. AWESOME SHEEP!! So glad you joined in!
    You got some excellent goodies for your swap! I really love that mouse with feedsack apron! ADORABLE!!

  22. well you've got me "out sheeped" :) I have ONE! really enjoyed all yours though.. wow!

  23. Hi karen: Thanks for sharing all the pics of your sheep. You have a wonderful collection. There are several I would like to adopt...heehee!

    I am very happy that you are enjoying your swap goodies and mouser!

    hugs to you, sweet friend!

  24. Karen, love all your sheep ~ such a wonderful collection!!!
    Your right I don't think anyone can have as many as the Cranky Crow!!!
    I always have a hard time finding sheets ~ I'll have to check those out!
    Such wonderful goodies you got from Carol ~ Love that mouse!!!
    Congrats for the "official" space ~ better get busy ~ sounds like you have lots of space to fill!!!!
    Hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having!!!
    Prim Blessings

  25. Hi Karen.
    I think your collection is the BEST I have seen,
    Beautiful collection.

  26. Karen

    Yep, Robin does have some sheep !

    I love your sheep ! Love your sheep mat you made !

    Love the goodies you got from Carol ! Very nicely done !


  27. I love love all your sheep, Karen..
    Beautiful gifts for your swap. The mouse is awesome..
    So glad your show plans are coming along.. Now the planning can begin.. Grin..

  28. Hi Karen

    Did you change your header? I love it! And wow, what a sheep collection!

    You write about a swap. I can't figure out how these swaps work. The blogger who starts the swap assigns a partner to the participators?

    I regret not being able to visit you in Lititz.


  29. Wonderful post Karen! Love your amazing collection of sheep!Sweet mouse from Carol.Her creations have such personality!Hugs,Jen

  30. Well I say ewe have a fine sheep collection :)
    Yes, I'm a procrastinator when it comes to buying important items, like bras and panties... LOL. I feel rotten after seeing what I've spent on "fun" stuff. Those are nice sheets!
    Oh yeah, I love Carol's mice! You lucky gal :) Glad to hear you're all legal now for the big show.

  31. Now that is a very wonderful collection of WOOLIE Sheep!
    What a wonderful swap too. I hope to visit you at the show too. I know you will do great our very talented friend.
    Blessings Trace

  32. I think Carol had fun doing this swap! So glad you liked everything and had fun with the swap!

    Love all the sheep. I'd love to get in on that this week but can't this week.


  33. I really enjoyed looking at your sheep collection. I love the ones made with real wool, they are wonderful! Teresa's sheep is so beautiful! I'm pretty sure that one is my favorite. I absolutely LOVE my sheep mat!!! It's in my dining room and I see it every single day and think of you. I'm so thankful for your sweet friendship Karen, it really means a lot to me! =]

    Nice buy on the sheets! With 4 beds in our home, that's one thing I really despise buying, lol.

    Wow, what a great swap partner you had in Carol... she sure spoiled you plenty! The mouse is so adorable

    Congratulations on your acceptance letter!! I would love to hit that show this year, I'm gonna try for it. I better get to promoting my Etsy shop and getting it built up, lol. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.


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