Friday, March 23, 2012

Quilt tops, more sheep, winnings

I guess it wasn’t enough that I posted a long post already this week…there’s more she has to say you ask yourself…oh yes, there’s more…MORE SHEEP THAT IS…like I don’t have enough – maybe I do – but isn’t there always room for ‘just one more’?  But in this case TWO MORE…oh my….where will they end up!

Well, one is a PINCHUSHION – I just had to have it. You know how that is when you see something and say THAT’S MINE!!!!
Yep, I ordered this little cutie from Cathy at
Red House Wool Studio

She also has a blog
Orange Sink

And don’t forget…you can also fine her at
Primitive Handmade Mercantile

This lady does awesome work…now I ask you…is this not just too sweet…see why I had to have it.
It’s pure wool and Pennies…oh yes, Pennies – and buttons!
Sheep pin cushion 2

Sheep pin cushion

 Sheep pin cushion 3


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And this adorable gal named Beulah…from Carol over at Buttermilk Creek Farms (
Remember the Mouser, Miss Maggie Sue that I posted earlier this week – she was part of a swap?
Well this is her little friend Beulah – Now tell me I didn’t need her…Maggie Sue said she needed her so home she will come soon.
She’s a tiny one and all hand made by Carol…approx. 2-1/2 high by 3-1/2 long. How does she do that!!!
Thank you Carol for letting me use your picture.
beulah Carol Buttermilk creek Farm

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So what else is happening here at the home - (oh gosh, that’s sounds like I’m in a HOME…lol)
Well, maybe I am – feels like it sometimes!

I must have the stars all lined up for me this month because I won another give away
I won these wonderful treasures from Michelle at
Simple Pleasures ( )

It all came wrapped and presented so pretty…I couldn’t wait to open it all.
The giveaway was for her bowl of handmade waxed eggs – but Michelle added a few extra treasures.


In the little cloth bag were some waxed bowl fillers…so cute!
All winnings

Look at this awesome Gooseberry Patch Cookbook – too sweet!
Cook Book

And the wonderful bowl of hand made waxed eggs…adorable!

THANK YOU MICHELLE….you spoiled me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

YOOOOO-HOOOOO….Angieberry…look see….
Yesterday was a beautiful day (one of our last for awhile) so I took advantage of it and grunged the quilt tops – just look at them blowing in the breeze – I love that look. 

This one here is my favorite…I love how the blue darkened from the coffee dye. If it didn’t have so many tears in it I just might consider completing it – but the fabric is so think I don’t think it would hold up.
I think what I will make from this is pillows from the squares – at least that’s what is in my head ‘today’.
Quilt 1

This is the way it looked when I received it
Quilt 1

This one didn’t darken as much but for real it looks darker than the picture
Quilt 2

This is the original look – doesn’t even look like the same quilt…but it is!
Quilt 2

 Quilts 3 


Thanks for hanging in there with me today – I really didn’t know I was going to do a second post
but thanks to all my wonderful friends I have ‘food’ for a post!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just a little thing to think about…Robin from The Primitive Hutch
( )
and myself are trying to get a day get-together with all the Wisconsin bloggers
( and anyone else who would like to join in )

We’re in the process of picking a day and then we’ll post the details for signup…
not sure where we will be meeting for our days outing but it
probably will be somewhere easy for EVERYONE to get to.

One date we thought about was May 19th…keep it in mind.

So keep watching – we’re hoping for mid May or there about.
We have about 10 on the hopeful list so far!



  1. Oh Karen I can just smell the scent of a spring breeze on your wonerful stained Quilts.. what fun you will have creating with them..I think I'm one of the few people who loves to do laundry and especially when its line dried..I even love pictures of line dried things so thanks for the eye candy x two..

    I love that litle sheep way to cute..My fingers would have a time of it creating a tiny like your newest sheep..

    Thanks for stopping by with your well wishes and kind thoughts, sure do appreciate them!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. Oh Karen,
    More wonderful sheep!!!
    Love them both.
    Congratulations on the fabulous wins.
    I love how the quilt tops turned out.
    Great idea.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. Oh Karen,
    I am blushing! I'm so glad you liked the sheep PC. That little one is sure cute too..... love tiny creations!
    Those quilts look so spring-timey hanging on the line! They are wonderful all dyed and given the primitive treatment!
    Will be looking forward to hearing more about the gathering..... I sure could use a road trip!!!
    Cathy G

  4. Love the little sheep pincushion. The quilt tops are neat too.


  5. Those sheep are just too cute! Love them!!
    Oh how I wish I had the restraint to take before pictures when I get a goodie in the mail, I tear right into them. You got some beautiful goodies too!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Well, where do I start? Love that pinkeep sheep! Wow. Those quilt tops are beautiful and your winnings are too. What ever you are doing you need to keep it up because you are on a roll! Hope your day works out for you. What fun that would be.

  7. Of course you needed those two adorable sheep! I must say, I love, love, love the quilts and stained made them even more wonderful. Good job! Blessings!

  8. What adorable sheep.And the quilts are so nice, much better stained. Isn't it nice to be able to hang things on the line.. refreshing. And another win??!! Wow, you have been really lucky lately, I think you need to get a lottery ticket while your luck is going great. Hope your time together with other bloggers works out, sounds like fun. Blessings ~Sara

  9. Hi Karen,
    Love your new sheep!! I collect sheep, so if they end up missing...they didn't come to my house. LOL...
    What wonderful quilt tops!! They look great being stained.

  10. Lovely photos, I just adore that little sheep pincushion and everything else.

  11. I just love those two sheep, so cute! The quilts are great, nothing like a clothesline blowing in the breeze!

  12. Of course you need more sheep ~ look how many Robin had!!!
    They sure are adorable!!!
    Such wonderful treasures you won!!! Congrats!
    Buy my ~ look at those beautiful quilts ~ so pretty ~ I love the way they look all grunged up ~ can't wait to see what your going to do with them!
    Thanks for mentioning the gathering ~ I'll do a post soon!!!
    Prim Blessings

  13. Karen...the sheep are wonderful...most definitely worthy of a new post! You are a lucky girl! The quilts look so "homey" hanging on the line...I might be tempted to leave them there to enjoy for a few days!

  14. Aha! The sheep that got away!!! By the time I got to Primitive Handmades, Cathy's adorable little pincushion was sold. And I love, love, love, Carol's sheep....I was so tempted there as well - but, I've been told I have a sheep "problem." ??? ;o) But you did remind me that I neglected to post the sheep of Carol's that I do's packed away with my fall things, and I thought I had enough "regular" sheep posted. ;o) Congrats on the newest win - fun stuff! And love the quilt tops....oh, it would be so hard for me to cut those up!!! Hope you got them off the line before the rain came.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. So glad you did post again as your sheep and quilts are well worth seeing! LOVE the pic of them on the line flapping in the spring breeze!
    Thanks for sharing and caring

  16. Oh how I miss a clothes line. Nothing is better than line dried sheets. I can smell them now. :)
    I love all of your new sheep and winnings.

    Thanks for always stopping by with such postive comments. They are truly appreciated.


  17. Karen love your new sheep!The pin cushion is darling and perfect for you.Sweet little sheep from Carol,her creations are so real looking!Congrats on your win,those eggs are awesome.Love the quilts before and after your staining.Have a wonderful weekend!Jen

  18. Of course there's always more to say... LOL!

    Cathy's sheep pincushion is so adorable, I can see why you had to have it! The pennies and buttons really complete the look. Oh my word, I can't believe Carol's little sheep has so much detail! Wow, that would be so hard to do! When the sheep are this wonderful, there is ALWAYS room for one more, hehe.

    I saw where you won Michelle's eggs. Congratulations on the win! How sweet of her to add a few extra goodies in the bag. I'm addicted to the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, I have 30 of the spiral bound ones. They have some awesome recipes in them.

    WOW!! I love the new look of the quilt tops Karen! I was going to grunge them for you but I know we all dye differently and use our own little recipes so I decided to let you do it your way and I'm SO glad I did. I love the way they turned out! They are perfectly prim now and just waiting for your creative, talented touch! =] I love the pictures of them hanging on the line, blowing in the breeze. It's just so peaceful and you can't help but smile.

    I wish that I could join you all in Wisconsin, I know it will be a grand time!

  19. wow Karen I love the stained quilts! And what!!!! more sheep??? You're a collector. I wish I could join you all in Wisconsin. There's no way I can meet most of my new online friends. There's an ocean keeping us apart haha! Maybe when I visit my family in Northern Illinois (Grayslake) again (maybe next year).


  20. You are so lucky with all your giveaway wins...I also love your sheep collection. The quilts turned out great, I wish I knew of a permanent way to dye and age quilts that are used and washed. Do you have any ideas. Thanks so much for telling me how to cook fabric. I haven't had a chance to try it, I have just been too busy with outdoor work.

  21. Love your new treasures!!!

    And those quilts came out so nice!

    Hmmmmmm... how far is the trip to WI? I love to visit new places! ;)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  22. Great sheep! Great Eggs! Great Quilts!
    Have a great weekend.

  23. Oh My Karen, More wonderful sheep!
    Love Cathy's from orange sink. I purchased a bunhc of goodies from her at Christmas, such wonderful work!
    Love your goodies from Shelia too! I forgot to sign up for that one... and those quilts, love them! OLM

  24. Karen, I love your new sheep - yes, of course you needed a few more. Congrats on the give away win from Michelle. The quilt tops turned out great - they will make awesome pillows. Love they way they look hanging on the line.

  25. Love those sheep Karen...both are just adorable...I can't think of a more perfect home for them than yours.

    Your quilts look great....I was thinking of making stained pillows out of another cutter I have. I made some a few years back (sold the pillows) and didn't think to keep one for myself; will not happen this time. ;) I totally enjoy looking at your quilts hanging on the line. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL Weekend.

  26. I love the look of your lovely quilt tops.. I would love to see what you do with them.. I have a couple down at the shop and they are going to be teadyed as soon as I can get my hands on them. smile..
    I just have to pin your pics..

  27. The quilt tops Angie sent you turned out beautiful. I love the way they look on the line. Your sheep are so wonderful. And congrats on another fun winning.

  28. Hi Karen,
    I'm so happy you liked your present. Ewe can never have enough sheep. lol I hope you have a wonderful week and Stop by for a visit soon!

  29. Isn't Michelle great? Just love her! I am going to try like heck to get to the get nerves...actually meeting all these virtual friends?!

    I think I am in love with your new sheep by the way...if they are ever missing, don't come looking at my house (you may find them!).


  30. Try PicMonkey to replace PicNik
    Love your blog!

  31. Try PcMonkey to replace PicNik
    Love your blog!!!


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