Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally it’s Friday!

Good morning all my blogging buddies I hope your week went well.
Mine did but it was rather busy with my wholesale order and other orders in between…gotta keep everyone happy so it’s a fine line…but I love the challenge.

Yesterday was a running around day looking for fabric to cover the backs of my Ivory Penny Runners…I’m very particular what I use and last week I found this wonderful fabric at JoAnn’s that works PERFECTLY with my Ivory Wool Felt and I purchased all they had and wouldn’t you know I loved it! So yesterday we were on a mission to find more.

THREE JOANN’S later and no fabric. NOW WHAT!

The fabric is a QUILTER’S FLANNEL and the name on my sales slip says: Tan Scrolls and the number next to it is 400015394444.
The girls all said to me if I had that number they could have helped me further to find it but I didn’t have last weeks sales slip with me.  On the salvage edge it says it is designed for JoAnn Fabrics.

Here’s a picture of it – this is a Cream and Tanish Gold swirl design. So if anyone sees this in their JoAnn’s please let me know and I’ll send you money to buy it…I’M SERIOUS!
E-mail me at


Now, onto the business at hand…I have a few pictures of my stoneware/jugs and some more Salt Glaze Pottery to show you.
I will save the rest of my Salt Glaze for a future post…still haven’t unpacked the rest to take pictures.

The following pictures you might have seen before…our son uncovered these old beer bottles and ink bottles and jugs at a landfill. They date back to the early 1800’s.

1800s Beer Bottles

 1800s Beer Bottles 2

1800s Ink Bottles

Small Ink Bottles

Three Jugs

When our first Grandson, Jesse, was born we bought him this bank which measures 9 inches across and 13 inches tall – he’s now 20 years old

Now just more of my treasures





The next two are the only two antiques crocks I ownLargeCrock



Today is grocery shopping and cleaning plus getting more of my wholesale order finished and mailed.

Tomorrow Darren and Dan and their families are coming over for the day and evening to help get Darren and MaryAnn’s grill assembled.
We gave it to them as a Christmas gift but it’s still in our garage…WAY TOO HEAVY FOR THEM TO GET THE BOX HOME…especially with Darren not being able to lift….so we’re making a party out of it! All the guys will be working on getting it put together which will make it easier to get it to Darren’s house in Dan’s truck.

What’s going on with all of you out there??? Keeping warm, busy and happy I hope. I’ll be checking in on all of you soon.

OMGosh I just saw I’m one away from having 400 followers! Wowzer!!!

Hmmmm, wonder what that will bring here…Keep watching…you never know!

Hugs, Karen


  1. Love your crock collection Karen! Those old bottles are great! Thanks for sharing. Have fun with your barbque party!

  2. Loving all the saltglaze! In a landfill???, how blessed are you!!!!!!!Really like the one piece with a cabin!Of course all of it is fabulous. Hope you find your material soon. Have a wonderful time with your family, that is a great idea to get the grill together.

  3. Hi Karen.....your collection is fabulous!
    I never knew that those tiny bottles were for ink.
    I am going to snag your email address from here
    and will email you about your trip to the Heritage Market.
    Have a fun day tomorrow.

  4. Hi Karen! sure do have a lovely collection!....I'll be watching some NASCAR and am hoping to sand and stain a small wall cupboard that hubs made for me....enjoy your weekend!


  5. Your collection is wonderful.I love the bank now that your grandson is 20 does he still have money in his bank lol.Sounds like a fun weekend planned.

  6. Karen, I love your collection and your other treasures as well. If there is going to be work, you may as well make a party out of putting together a grill.


  7. Hi, Karen ~ I love, love your collection but especially the antique crocks. I have 4 beesting antique crocks & they are so hard to find. I'm working on orders today, too, enjoying being inside where it's warm. Have fun tomorrow with your family. I'm sure you'll be cooking up some delicious goodies.

  8. I love your crock and jug collection. I looooove stoneware!!! I cant always afford it, so I pick and choose here and there. I dont have nay of the beer bottles, I didnt know they were even made!!!... my hubby better watch out lol! I'll be on the look out now!
    How cool that he simply found them! That makes it waaaay better!
    Loved this post!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I sure love all of the stoneware!!
    Always a pleasure to visit here!

  10. Karen, Wow..I love your collection, those bottles are awesome. I'll look here in NY for that fabric for you, let you know if I find it. We are snowed in here now so it may time a while-lol. Have a great weekend!!

  11. hi!
    May you have a terrific week-end.
    Enjoyed your post!
    Like the grey and blue together,
    d from homehaven

  12. Karen, Love your collection! Have a great weekend! JEN

  13. I love all of your collection but my favorite are the beer bottles! I've never seen any like that before.
    Hope you have a great weekend & can find more of the fabric that you're wanting!

  14. Karen,

    I'll check at Joann's for that fabric. I need to go there tomorrow anyhow. Your stoneware is fabulous -- the brewery and ink containers are amazing finds! Hope your family will break in that new grill with some great Bratwurst. Such a yummy way to think spring in Wisconsin.

  15. What a great collection! I am looking for a few stone jugs for my staircase landing.
    I hope one of your 400 followers will be able to help you with your fabric!! Yeah, you made it to 400!!! Yippee!!

  16. Karen, I love the stoneware - especially the old bottles your son dug up. I called my Joanns and they don't have it, said there is none in the warehouse but a store in Allen Park does have 7 yards of it. They are not too close to me but I'm sure if you called, they would ship it. The number there is 313*561*2191. If they won't ship it for you, ask them to hold it and I'll try to make my way over there tomorrow to get it for you.

  17. I just LOVE your collection Karen. I was never really into pottery, probably because Ive had little ones around for 16 yrs. Ive passed up many many pieces and after seeing your collection I wish I hadnt!!

  18. Hi Karen. Great post! I love those old bottles, what a great find! I have a few old crocks and they are truly treasures. Glad you are having a "party" this weekend, it sounds fun. Are you still getting snow? We got it all day today and business was terrible! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  19. I love you collections! Pure eye candy Karen!!

    I'll check our Joanne's and let you know if I have any luck!

    Have fun this weekend. What a clever way to get them their gift!

  20. Simply beautiful collection! Have a great weekend!

  21. Those are wonderful bottles and how cool that they were found! You have a beautiful collection of pottery!! Have a wonderful time tomorrow with family - sure wish it was grilling time! We are getting hit with more snow, lots of it!

    Have a great weekend.

  22. 400 followers? Wow. I just did my 500th post! I love seeing all your goodies. I love them all.

  23. Karen, Oh My goodness, Those salt glaze bottles are beautiful and if you saw my blog at the end Ken and I found a crock 5 gallon we are starting to collect them and I just saw your collection and wanted to JUMP through the screen,they are just BEAUTIFUL and the prints on the AWESOME. You are so lucky.
    I hope you get this today, I am going to Jo Ann Fabrics just for you. I wrote down the information of what you need. I hope I can get it!!!Cross your fingers!!!

    Big Hugs,

  24. Karen ~
    Oh, I just love your salt glazed bottles and antique crocks.
    Good luck finding your fabric. I see you've made it to #400 ~ CONGRATULATIONS!
    Pug hugs :)

  25. I love the bottles your son dug up, really neat find:)

    I work right next to JoAnn's so I'll check but it won't be till Monday, I'm writing it down now and I'll stick it in my purse:)


  26. You have a grand collection of Crocks and Salt Ware. The beer bottles are my favorites and I am always on the hunt for more. Look forward to seeing the rest of your Salt Ware.

  27. Well goodness girl, sorry you are having such a hard time finding that fabric. I hate when I find a product I love so much, then when I go to get more I can't find it anywhere. We have two in Tulsa so I will look this week for you and see if I can find it.

    You have a most wonderful collection of salt glaze! Thank you for sharing.

    I've been wanting to thank you for hosting the selling blog. I don't have one, but I have posted your logo w/ the link on my sidebar. I love to watch it grow. I just wish I had the $$ to shop at each and every one, they all have wonderful home made wares! Thanks Karen, you are so sweet!!


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