Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog vs Facebook

And I also want to say I am in no way AGAINST's just not me.

Hi this morning…I think I’m a bit perplexed right now…been thinking about this for a few weeks now and it makes me sad….
Seems we have been losing friends right and left from Blogger and the Forums to FACEBOOK.  The blogs just aren’t coming up like they used to and the friends just aren’t showing up either – I miss hearing about what’s going on in your part of the land…I’m not saying just for me…I notice that lots of other blogs are getting less and less visitors too.
Facebook seems to have taken over and it really makes
me sad to see all of you leaving us.
I for one am not comfortable with FB – it’s busy, confusing, too many members all in one and soooooo many links to have to click on and soooo many sites to open up to view…nothing is in plain sight for easy access.
Is it just me???? Am I that old and out of touch that I can’t see the good in FB? What’s wrong with me. I belong and I have tons of friends…but it’s not used properly by me because I get frustrated having constantly to open up links and I’m not sure just who’s talking to who.  I feel so out of it but I’m not giving up on my Blog or the forums I’m on for it….just letting you know I’m still going to be here no matter what.
Blogging is so easy to get around in and you know right away
who has something to say.
Like I said, I notice it on the Forums as well.
So that being said…sorry I went off on this, but it really
has been bothering me.
Nothing against FB…it’s just not ME….Sorry.
So you will still find me here – like it our not!
Hope to see you all around too now and then.
Hugs, Karen
Flight of the bumble bee


  1. Facebook isn't me either. I gave it a short try, found it a bit confusing, and gave it up.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I do agree with you about FB but I did find your blog through there. I look at FB (and twitter) as a place to get short updates on many different people quickly. I still prefer to visit the blogs for a more "personal" visit.

  3. I'm with you! I don't like face book and refuse to open an account. My Husband opened one so we could see pictures of our grandson, (now you don't get pic's unless you download and print them yourself!) He was so bombarded with friend request that he refused to get back on! I don't like the fact that it compares your email address to it's data bank! That's spooky!

  4. Karen, I feel as you do. I just started blogging in Feb and I try to migrate away from facebook, I am picking some real favorites on facebook, adding a bookmark to that page and checking in on those pages, there is now way anyone can keep up with all of the posts. I also have lists made on FB, I group personal friends together, with this I can go to that group and catch up with those postings. Just typing this message my mind is all over the place, FB typical...maybe we need a group on FB, 'I want my blogger friends back',lol, see how many members sign up. I for one am enjoying blogging far more than FB.
    Thanks for sharing,,you are not alone!!

  5. hi karen~
    i feel the same as you~it's just not for me~i tried it, but i deactivated my acct. a while ago~it's confusing to me too~i do love blogs and enjoy reading them so much~have a wonderful day!

  6. I am so glad to hear that it isn't just me..:) I love blogland, and I sure do miss some of the gals that are no longer here. Facebook is not my cup of tea, although I am there simply cause, well I am not real sure...:) Blogging will always be my first love, so you will see me sticking around too Karen...glad to see you are too!

  7. I don't get on Facebook that often...When I had my computer checked there was alot of virus's coming off of Facebook...not safe to be on it...I'll stick to my blogging...I enjoy it more..
    Have a great day..
    Prim hugs,

  8. You're not old and out of touch! I'm 34 and I closed my Facebook account after a few months. It is very congested and time consuming. I'm one of the only ones in my circle of friends who isn't on Facebook.

    I'm truly an old fashioned girl even at 34. I enjoy blogging so much more!




  10. Karen, I'm with you too! I've never signed up for Facebookbut my kids are on it ALL the time! I'd rather read LONG blog posts with LOTS of pictures and visit the Forums I belong to.


  11. I am not a FB fan either.. way too much information being shared that you might not want shared.

  12. The title of your post brought me here, Karen and I'm happy it did. This is my first visit and I'd just like to echo your thoughts. I tried FB and lasted about 20 minutes. I found it too impersonal and overwhelming to say the least.

    It's not for me either!

    Now I'm off to explore your blog. Enjoy your day.

  13. Good Morning Karen. FB for me is just a source to get my blog out to more people and I have gotten several customers from there as well. But I love my blogs and as soon as I am back to feeling great I will be posting more. You like that yes I intend to get back to GREAT LOL. I enjoy the blogs don't often post like I know I should but always read them.

  14. I agree, I'm not a FB kind of girl. I do have an account but rarely post to it. I much prefer blogs and blogging. You get to know the blogger better and the pages are much prettier to look at. I think so many people have flocked to FB because it is like the rest of our society, fast and less involved. Blogging takes time, effort, and caring, where FB is in and out with a line or two.

    I don't plan on leaving the blogworld, heck, I don't even have a cell phone because I get so annoyed by other people on the all the time.

  15. Morning Karen!

    FB is a GREAT way to network. ALOT of people dont blog and really dont even know about blogging. I do both, when I have the time. I listed everything I make on Facebook and my blogs. As for all of the links and apps on FB, you can actually shut them off and ignore them. It takes a bit of time but it makes for a much neater wall and you dont have to see what everyone joined or get all of the invites. That alone may change your view on it all....or it may not! Ive actually had more people find me on FB and place orders than on my it works for me:)

  16. Yes,,I have a facebook too...but I am sticking with blogs. I love the more intimate feeling here. Dianntha

  17. I'm on board with you too Karen. I do have a facebook account but I don't really know how to use it. I thought it was just to talk to friends on. I'm keeping my blog and I hope all my friends that have blogs do too. I love blogging too much to give it up. Only time will tell I suppose.

  18. I agree about facebook, who is check on who, and reading what. I love to visit my blog friends. I will be coming back to read your blog.


  19. Good morning, Karen,
    I have a FB acct. but post rarely post , of course I've been so busy I feel like I've neglected my blog. I agree with everyone here. Blogging is way better, much more personal & less confusing. I miss everyone posting like they used to ~ it was like a big circle we had. I'm glad you brought this up. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  20. HERE, HERE!!! I agree wholeheartedly. I love the blogs and will be on here with you too. Have a great day, Dawn

  21. Hi Karen!
    I dont have a FB account , yet. I do plan to to open one, but just for the exposure. I really dont know too much about it, and plan to have the 15 year old help me lol!

    I love love blogging! I love seeing what everyones up, what they are working on and I really just love to read. There are some blogs that blow me away with their style of writing... not to mention there are some very talented photographers out there.

    I may get a FB account, but my heart will always be in blog land!

  22. Thank you Karen for this post. I just joined FB in January but don't post too often. However I did reconnect with cousins that live in different parts of the county that I have not spoken to in over 20 yrs. I have noticed a significant drop in the number of new posts on blogs. I do like blogging and personal emails best!

  23. Hi Karen,

    I agree. I feel as though I don't have the visitors as much as what I use to, but I kinda figured that it was from it being spring and soon summer. I don't seem to blog that much anymore either because it is too nice to be inside plus I am busy working on things for me and trying to get my flowerbeds looking better. I try to blog at least once a week or more. I truly enjoy it, have made lots of GREAT friends and have found lots of great ideas.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing well. What all have you been up to?


  24. I'm with you, Karen. FB is not for me. Too much info that I don't want to read. I read your blog all the time, and I guess I'd better make sure to comment more often so you know just how much I enjoy your blog. I have noticed some of my favorite bloggers have been making fewer entries, and maybe it is because of that darned FB. I'm so glad you brought this up.

  25. I'm with you Karen--I like the more intimate feel of the individual blogs. I use FB to keep up with social events and such, the "snacks"--but blogs are where I get my "meat"
    Plus rumor hads it they are going to be charging a fee for FB and if that's true it's so long FB for me--I'm not addicted to it like others seem to be!!

  26. Karen:
    I'm with you 100%. I do have a FB account ,but only to keep up with pictures from my Granddaughter. I never post and rarely go there unless Missy lets me know she has posted new pictures.. so I'm still a faithful Blogger. It's me...I like the personal feeling from all my blogger friends.. come on Bloggers !! Stay with us...

  27. I am not going to FB. I love blogging ...time is the problem with me. I think we all have good intentions to keep up our blogs as well as reading and commenting on the ones we follow but we have fallen short on the task. Maybe we need a refresher course on good blogging. Maybe a point to follow each week and apply it at least twice a week. Thank You, Karen for all of your promotion of our selling blogs I have had a great response!

  28. Oh, Karen.....I am so glad you addressed this. I have been missing so many bloggers that used to post regularly. I just assumed that so many have begun on line businesses that they were too busy. And then maybe they just wanted a broader range.
    People seem to be leaving quite a bit lately. I have never tried FB. I think I was leary of it because of things I have heard.
    Like Jenn said, a lot of people have been able to increase their visibility and promote their products.
    Just starting a blog last year was a huge step for me. I am more of a private person so to talk about my life and post pics was a big deal. I mainly did it because I had found blogs (yours being one of the first BTW!) that I loved reading and wanted to respond to. I won't say that I will never check out FB but I know I plan on sticking with blogging to keep up with all of the great people with very similar interests no matter what their age or where they live.

  29. I feel like you do. I have a fb account, but have never done anything with it. Our teen loves it and keeps trying to get me with it, but I really don't think it's my thing. People tell me I would love it.....but so far, I'll pass. I can enjoy it via all my kids who are fans! :-D
    HOWEVER.....I have been a lousy blogger this spring..........but I've still enjoyed following and reading blogs.
    Enjoy your day Karen

  30. Karen,
    I have also notice that not as many are following blogs like they use to. The visitors to my blog are way down and I read on someone else's blog that this is happening to her. She thought that she was doing something wrong that was driving them away and she was wondering if she should close her blog down. I say "No Way!!"
    I'm not on FB and don't plan to be...blogging is what I love do it and plan to continue with it.

  31. Wow!! So many people in agreement here! I hate to say but I find FB confusing too. Sometimes I don't know whose page I am on or who is responding to who? I find it confusing sometimes and I like to think that I am pretty computer savy. But I love blogging! I love how everyone's blog is personal and they can tell a whole story and create a mini scrapbooks of the things we love. FB is not a good medium for that. It seems that FB is impersonal and to tell you truth, it seems to me like everyone's wall posts are boring! I don't care what time most people are going to bed or that they are on their way to work. I don't know, it seems like it's a kid thing to me. I enjoy pictures...they tell a 1000 words, and blogging is so easy to share those things! Thanks for the post Karen! Hopefully everyone will start appreciating the time others put into their blogs by simply commenting on them. We all know how good it feels to login and see a new comment!!

  32. Hi Karen,

    You know I had really noticed the CS forum is really slow and I have noticed that people aren't blogging as much, but I didn't connect it to FB. I have a FB account because my kids set it up for me. I am NEVER on there. Don't like it and I don't trust it. It's just not for me. I am glad you will never leave blogland. I really like seeing everyone's blog although I rarely post. {{{Hugs}}}


  33. Hi Karen, I am totally with you.Please keep on blogging. I love to come to your blog and hear all of your wonderful, interesting news. FB is definitely not for me!

  34. Hi Karen!....I am not a fan of FB at all!....I much prefer the blog platform....there are just way too many people on FB and so many of the links contain viruses!....that is where I got my first ever computer virus in over a decade of being online!....the way FB is set up is to have friends of friends of friends of friends of friends and that is just not me....I need to actually know a person before I will add them so because I don't actually know that many people I don't have that many friends which is fine by me because it is less confusing and I know who I'm talking to but I still don't care for how it's all set up....I'm more of a blog type gal as well!


  35. Hi Karen,
    I don't like facebook either. There's no creativity to it and I honestly don't care to read about such mundane things as weather someone is going to the store to buy milk. My 19year old daughter and her friends can take facebook, I will stick to blogging, so much more fun! Cindy

  36. Wonderful post, Karen!! Sometimes I get a little stressed out trying to keep up with the couple of social forums I belong to. But this time of year is a very busy time - besides the everyday tasks of cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, etc., the weather is getting nice so now I have outside duties to tend to as well. I was getting my self stressed out about not posting as often as I used to, but it seems that many of us are in the same predicament...a lot going on right now. I don't plan on giving up blogging and I hope you don't either!
    As far as FB, I don't care for it as much since it changed its format a couple of months ago. To me, it's too confusing to keep up with my friends without getting updates about comments they've made to their other friends who aren't on my friends list. I try to control who I accept as friends. If I don't know them, I won't accept them as a friend. I do have a couple of people that I had accepted as a friend in the beginning because they shared many of the same friends that I had, but I don't even know them and I think I'm going to delete or hide them from my list because I don't even respond to their status.

    Take care,

  37. Karen...No Facebook for me either. Eactly as you say...too confusing, and maybe I AM too old, but I can open all the wonderful is where I will stay!


  38. Hi Karen -

    Amen to your post!! I do have an account, but prefer not to post much. I don't really care what types of games people play or what party they went to. I also feel if individuals want me to see pictures of their children, they can e-mail them to me, if I know them or put them on their blogs. I love the blogs because they are so informative and there are "how to's" and tutorials to go along and they seem more personal.

    I know the young people love it but I think they need to be careful with it for security reasons.


  39. Karen, glad to hear that you will still be around in blogland! FB might have its place, but I do not think that it will ever replace the warmth of blogs.

    from Texas

  40. Karen - I would MUCH rather read blogs than Facebook - FB is more of a one liner - where with blogs I can sit back and totally relax read with pictures and all. Much more intimate than FB. Glad to see others feel the same.

  41. I have an facebook addiction too... mainly just being nosey, trying to see everyone's photo's. Especially from my high school friends. However, I question myself over and over before I hit the "post" button, as I don't feel I can say what I truly feel on Facebook. Blogging gives us so much more of a personal experience with each other. I keep threatening to give up facebook, because it is a time waster, in my opinion. I wish I could "read" it, without having to put my two cents worth in on everyone's comments. I say blogging is number ONE!

  42. Never even tried facebook. I'm kind of scared. I know how obsessed my daughter is sometimes with it. Blogger takes up enough of my time as it is. I don't need another thing to take up my time. I'd rather be sewing and crafting and gardening anyway!!

  43. the thinf with facebook is you have to send out "friend request" and then everytime some one comments on a photo or a status youu get and e-mail whether you know the person who commented or not. i could just care less. i only like because my daughter posts pics every day and that's how i get to see my babies.especially since she's in Ky. and me Fl. APP is better.

  44. i am sticking with the blogging and will ride the wave out. lol
    from what i am hearing on a corporate level facebook may actually begin to charge a fee to users.. i am waiting to see come Fall if it happens.
    so, here i stay and get to read all the wonderful posts from everyone. :)

  45. Hi Karen,
    I agree.
    I have a FB account but I rarely do anything with it. Well, besides accept friend notices.
    And the reason I dont do anything with it is simply...
    I dont undertstand it.
    I get on my wall and think.... Hummm, now what??
    I enjoy my blog. It is so easy and fun. And IMO a much better way of keeping e-friends updated on what is going on in my small piece of the world.
    Plus I love reading others blogs. Looking at photos. Reading what everyone has been doing, tweeked, created, visited, etc.
    Like you said, I have nothing against FB.
    But Im more of a blog gal!!
    Maybe one day I'll catch on how exactly to use FB, but right now Im not there. :(
    So you are not alone GF!!
    I dont see me leaving blog-land anytime soon. :)
    Take Care,

  46. I think Facebook is good for the purpose it serves- snooping around to see what people you know or have known are up to, and sharing pictures and messages with friends.

    I like blogs for the more personal and thorough accounts, and I think that long-term facebook can't take away from blogs, because they are just too different. However, if people start blogging on facebook, then you might be in trouble.

    But move over, facebook! It's all about Twitter now- now THAT is a great application!

  47. Blogging takes effort. In this day and age of instant gratification it is considered to be "too much work". I too miss my Blogging friends that have taken to FB. I see them there and say hi. but rarely do they share their thoughts. It's more like, "I'm painting the kitchen today"..and my thought is inevitablity, "And?". In a blog post it would be more like, "I'm painting the kitchen, found this great paint here...and yada yada yada. It's a mess and the dog got into the paint and yadayadayada". Nope, now it's just the facts... I feel cheated out of friendships sometimes. Kind of silly but that's my two cents. =)

  48. karen! you know how much i love you! face book does go fast too fast i use it for family mostly and to vent you are aloud to vent about face book i agree with every thing you say love you dear friend know that kathy

  49. Hi Karen,

    FB has been around for a long time so I can't see how it takes people away from blogging. I can't blog or go on forums as often because of other committments in my life - it has nothing to do with FB. I don't play games there and only leave those short comments here and there. I like that I can leave a short comment so my friends know I am OK, just busy with something. I find it easy to follow the live feed and just scroll down. If you hide all the games and applications you don't use personally, then it eliminates a ton of stuff. To do that, if you see a post on something like FarmVille, hoover your cursor over the top right hand corner and the word HIDE shows up. Click that and you have the option to hide ALL farmville posts. You can do that for most things with links and that cleans up your live feed considerably. It sure helps me!!

    I think when many of started blogging, first it was such a novelty and it was fun to get to know new people. It was easy to keep up with a handfull of other blogs. But now it has grown so much that it is so hard to keep up with everyone else AND my own blog. With 660+ followers, I just can't do that as much as I would like to.

    I personally like that we have all these choices and I use them all at different times because they all suit different purposes.And we each get to choose which we like and don't like.

    Thought provoking posts like this are good! It gives us a chance to voice our opinion in a friendly zone!!

  50. Karen, I have never even visited FB! Everyone I know is on it, but I don't care. I'm sure it has its good points, but confusion creates stress and I have enough of that. Besides, I don't know how so many people have the time to do it all. I do have a myspace that is sadly neglectd. Can't even tell you the last time I signed into that! LOL!

  51. Karen I must say that I agree with you and many of your other followers..Being new to this, my girls have face book accounts mainly to keep in touch with their high school and college friends..I am loving the blog world and love all the sites I have visited..I feel like I have friends in every state almost..Your comments were heart felt and believe me totally understandable from where I sit..Love your site and get excited when you have a new blog listed because I not only can't wait to see what's going on in your world but also to see your beautiful home,creations and decorating style..So glad you decided to stay!

  52. I just joined FB and I agree with you 100%! Not sure it is for me either! I really don't have anymore time to commit to the computer so not sure what I will do with FB! I had no idea what is was all about and had to check it out! Very confused right now with it! I love the blogs and forums and will stick with them for sure!!!

  53. Hi Karen,
    I have a FB account and rarely go on it, just not like blogging where I think it's more fun:) I don't understand it truthfully busy but I'll try and take Linda's advice and HIde some of the games and whatever. I haven't posted for over a week but it's not because of FB just everyday life has got in the way:) I'll always blog it's my first interent love.LOL


  54. Thanks everyone...
    I understand everything all of you have said for all the same reasons...not that I don't like FB...just don't understand it and yes Rondell, maybe I could go in and do what Linda said...thanks.

    I also know we all have very busy lives.
    This post was beyond's a given that we are all housewives, workers, mothers, friends and it takes a lot of our time...
    It was a different feel than that, that prompted my post.

    Hugs to all.

  55. Hi Karen! I am not fond of FB , gave it a try and love blogging so much more, it is like a diary and for me seems more friendly. I have not been blogging or visiting as much as I did though only because I have been too busy with house projects and just basic life! I should just take time and write, but I like to include photos with my post and sometimes, well there is not much new to photo. I may just photo one or two things and write about that. I truly enjoy your blog and you will not find me on FB! Hugs!

  56. Hi Karen...I certainly agree with you. I tried FB for two weeks but it just was not my thing. But like they say --whatever turns your crank...I love your blog and the whole primitive
    Faye / Primitive Lace

  57. Facebook confuses me. I can't figure out what is new/old or where I shoul post. I like blogs better.

  58. Karen~

    I agree completely! I have noticed things slowing down on forums and blogs too! I am glad you are going to keep blogging! I am too! I hope you had a great Thursday!


  59. well, I did try facebook for awhile and I had a nasty virus from it as you may recall Karen? LOL...soooo...I never went back to FB...

  60. Wow, the posts on this. I basically use FB to keep in touch with friends from years ago. I love reading my blogs also, but have noticed that I don't get near the comments that I used to. Never thought about it being FB though. Hmmm. Having a giveaway! Stop by!


  61. Hi Karen, I agree wholeheartedly. I don't have a facebook. I love blogging. It seems to be more about crafting which is what I love. And I know that there have been a lot left for fb but I'm with you. I will still be on blogging. Hang in there, they'll be back, Valerie

  62. Hi Karen. Boy, I'll bet you didn't expect this much response!! LOL Ok, so lately there has been an unbelievable amount of networking going on with FB. I love it because I connect with people I actually know and never see any more! LOL I also like to play free games when I want to wind down, they are mindless and calming. However, I have really seen the noticable decline in posting on forums and blogging too. This is a great place for people with the same interests to interact - and personal too. I love it, I won't give it up. The forums will pick up again as people get enough of FB, I hope that the networking they are all doing will help their businesses at the very least. I know that I have learned about so many new connections through it but it will slow down soon. Too old for it??? Never! LOL

  63. As long as you keep blogging I'll be here reading!

    I'm a Facebook fan but enjoy it for totally different reasons than my favorite blogs. When I'm winding down at the end of the day I'm always happy to find a new post on my favorite blogs. Please keep writing!

  64. Glad you are still here...because I would miss you terribly!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  65. Hi Karen,

    Personally I use both. I love FB to keep in touch with Family and Friends. I love being able to see pictures of how my family and friends are growing (their kids and such) BUT I love blogging for my personal self. I have not told my family that I have a blog because I don't want them to pry. So I keep my blog and FB seperate and that is just because I want to. I have some people who judge me if they knew I had a blog only because of personal reasons.

    So you have no need to worry :) I love checking in on ALL my fav blogs. I know I could blog more but lately life has just been so busy and crazy it hasn't left me much time. But I most cetainly be blogging. I like it too much.

    Have yourself a wonderful weekend :)

  66. I am on FB and I have to admit it is confusing to me but I really like it. I love my blog and update it regulary as I do my FB Fan Page.
    I Love coming by everyones blog and reading all the interesting things about everyones lives.
    I always especially like reading your blog you tell the best stories and I love all your parties and your pictures Its just AWESOME!!!!

  67. Hi Karen, No Facebook here, I don't like it but love Blogging! Hope all is well with your family! Blessings, Kim

  68. Hi Karen,
    I do agree with you as well. I have had a FB acct for two years now. I deactivated it for a while due to all the drama that comes along with it. Due to family being so far away I reactivated it so they can see pics of Caleb easier since they all use FB. I have sent them invites to my new blog but some of them find blogspot a little conf. as well so they haven't joined as followers. I personally love it. I love the all the new blogs I have found that otherwise I had no idea about. If I see on your blog you have a FB acct I have added myself there as well. It does help me feel a bit more connected to the rest of the world, being that we are so far away (Japan). I feel that when I return to the USA I might stop my FB acct. but I am not sure. I also block all those notices about mobs, farms, and mafias on FB from my friends. I dont use any apps and I have edited my notices on my emails from FB so I only get a email if someone comments on my pics. It def. makes it less congested. I certainly know it is not for everyone. As I said before, when I reactivated my acct. I started out with only family members on my friends list and slowly added a few of my very close friends and a few prim friends. It certainly is easy to post a quick "this is what I am up to" but like others have said blogging is so much more expressive and personal. I am very new at it but love it so far. I haven't posted much because I am really not sure what people who don't really know me want to even read about. I will be posting some prims as I get them done. I haven't done any since Christmas here. I entered a small craft fair and did very well. I eventually want to add a selling blog but it wouldn't be profitable from here after the expense of getting the supplies mailed to me from the states. Well that is my side of the fence. I will def. keep posting and following your blog!!! So please keep it up and I will be there.
    God Bless
    Brandi Hall Proud USMC Wife!

  69. I agree with you Karen I'm not a face book person either I wouldn't even know how to log in!!! Also there has been an outbrake of viruses so that makes me nervous!! So Karen please keep blogging!!! I'm a memeber of one forum and that is APP and that's all I can keep up with. It's a very busy forum!!! So I'm happy just doing that!! I hope you have a great weekend!!!


  70. Hi Karen ...I like you and so many others here,am not all that fond of it either.I am on Facebook.. but not all that often I have a few friends I keep in touch with through FB..but thats it.I agree with you GF it's not like blogging.I have'nt been blogging long as you know.. but I really enjoy it and would much rather have friends stop by my blog..than deal with FB ANY DAY!!! I have the blog bug and am here to fact I just opened up a second blog a few minutes ago!! LOL!!! ... Donna

  71. I don't understand the thrill of Facebook; give me a good blog any day. Karen, I'm glad you feel the same way. I'd hate to not have this blog to read.

  72. FB is just not for me. My sister has been trying to get me on there forever. Just not interested. I love visiting all the blogs, but don't always have the time to comment on every one. Your blog is the first blog I visit every morning. I really look forward to it. Keep up the good work.


  73. Karen,
    I just read on the homepage of msn, that 60% of divorces last year,had something to do with facebook....umm, no thanks. I know a ton of friends that use it like a meeting place for singles. So, since Im not, ive never gotten an account. I'm sure thats not all of it, but I'll stick to blogging where its a small circle of friends.

  74. WOW look at all the comments (thoughts) on this topic, will ya! :)
    I totally agree w/Linda on this...I don't think FB has much at all to with blogs/forums and the lack of participation on them...For me personally, I just can't keep up now with all the blogs out there, now. So many new ones have popped up since we started bloggin 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. I read as many as I can, but don't always have time to comment. With all those, plus the forums and every day obligations I have to let some things go...just so happens that computer time (blogs-forums-FB) is not TOP priority when things get hectic.
    I try like heck to keep up the best I can...I'm just gonna keep pluggin away....comment when I can.... and hope everyone understands :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Karen.

  75. Hi Karen,
    Just found your blog and will come back again.
    I have to agree with you about FB.
    I recently started my own blog and
    FB just doesn't have the personal touch I am looking for.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  76. Good morning Karen...It's a hard thing to define I guess...I did close my blog recently..just not enough time with my website..but I've opened it back up again.

    You are right though..facebook is rather impersonal.

    wishing you a lovely day,
    Hugs, Doreen

  77. Wow Karen....I think you hit a nerve...LOL
    I am with you...even when I try Facebook, I end up "writing on my own wall?", when I think I am talking to someone else! I am no good at it, and it is too fast and impersonal. I want more more more than that gives. I think for the young, fast paced techno crowd who are used to texting it's a hit.

  78. I think if you are trying to sell your wares FB gives you another venue. My friends do not blog or read blogs but they are on FB. I think there is room for both.

  79. I LOVE reading many blogs but I do have to say, it is difficult to find the time to keep up with everyone.
    I've been on FB for a long time now and I'm on probably 3 times a day for a short skim down through and see what's up and click..I'm off.
    It's quick and easy but blogging is much more personal and story like. I like both for the differences in them.

  80. Hi Karen! Just discovered your blog. Was really interested in these posts from everyone since I have been going back and forth myself about whether to have a fb acct to help promote my Etsy shop. My argument with myself is it throws out a wide net to help draw in customers. But I prefer blogging. I have an Etsy shop to maintain along with 2 blogs. And I love creating handmade things and junking for vintage finds. And I have a family and a life and other things to do too. Just how far can I spread myself out before I'm not doing anything well? I find my time so stretched right now, that it has been awhile since I actually created anything new. The thoughts and ideas are there, but where is the time coming from. I feel like I am at my limit now, yet feel I'm missing a great opportunity to promote my business. But everyone's comments have been helpful and have helped me decide to stay put for now. I'll keep thinking about fb, but the sense of conflict in me has been toned down for now. Thanks everyone!

    Kat S.


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