Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Geraniums – real or faux

I went shopping today at JoAnn’s for some much needed DMC
and while I was there I saw they had their wonderful Geraniums on sale – I have only bought mine from there over the past years…they are the best and look so real. Had many compliments on them as well so I had to get some new ones because some of mine are many years old and looking a bit faded although they really are nice yet…oh, who

Don’t they look wonderful? I got 2 large potted and 4 clusters which are actually the same as in the potted ones but I guess I paid for the pots.
The potted ones were $19.00 at 40% off so basically I got two
for almost the price of one.
The clusters were $4.99 at 50% off so I got 4 for the price of two!

I also bought a much needed summer flip flop – most of them hurt my
feet and i don’t like how they clomp when you walk but I found these wonderful Skechers Tone Ups and are they comfortable and
it certainly won’t hurt me to have LOTS of help to Tone Up! 
Flip Flops
Flip Flops 1 toneups_topBanner_04_1271868803690

This week was a busy one with working in the yard – the weeds
were looking prettier than the plantings – maybe because there
were so many and speaking of that…..
My husband got so busy pulling weeds that he just kept going along the picket fence and just kept pulling. I looked over and the whole area
was bare and I about screamed! Well – I did YELL….what the
heck are you doing and a few more words….

Maybe I should have gone a little easier…lol, poor guy couldn’t tell the difference between the new growth of the Coneflower from the weeds. I’ll have to give him that…they really did look the same. You really had to look closely. So now it’s to the garden center for new ones.

Here is the last batch left….I kept him away from these…just one lonely little bunch left (this picture is from last year)
….sorry little bunch huh?


My granddaughter Emily sent me some pictures she took on
Easter Saturday of me and little Aidan…he’s just such a
sweetheart and sooooo good.
He’ll be 2 June 20th….growing so fast.
Gram and Aidan Easter 20010
Aidan 2
Aidan 1 
That’s all I have for you today – maybe next week I’ll have some Spring decorating to show you – until then enjoy life and each other.


  1. Love those geraniums! They really do look real! Let me know how you like those flip flops ~ I've seen them but haven't bought any (yet) because I guess I am skeptical when a product claims to be able to "tone" you up! LOL! Aiden is a cutie!! And yes, they do grow up way too fast. My "baby" turned 17 last week! How did that happen???

  2. Joanne's geraniums look fantastic Karen, guess I'll be stopping there this week with my coupons in hand. Aidan is so adorable. Too bad about your coneflowers but Doug's heart is in the right place, huh? Have a great night.

  3. Hi Karen, Your grandson is beautiful.Love your picture! And the flowers and flip flops looks awesome too.

  4. Hi Karen,
    If you want some free browneyed Susans to replace your coneflowers, I'm trying to find homes for several bunches. Just let me know. Guess I'll be off to Joann's tomorrow -- those geraniums look great! Thanks so much for the heads up on that one.

  5. I got the same geraniums here at my local JoAnn's. I got the cluster ones and put them in a wooden bucket that I got at the Country Living Fair. They do look very real!!
    Your little grandson sure is a cutie!!

  6. LAKEEFFECT....Well you bet I'd love some Browneyed Susans! They would look wonderful.
    Hope you get some Geraniums...they had white and bright pink as well.

  7. I love those geraniums! I saw them when I was in Idaho the other day and am now kicking myself for not picking up some. I may just have to make another 80 mile trip! I can hardly wait to do some weeding. Snow is almost gone! I am sorry your hubby got carried away! They may come up anyway... That little Aiden is the sweetest! What great pictures!

  8. Those geraniums look beautiful & so real. I don't have luck with the real ones maybe I should go check out our local JoAnn's.
    Little Aiden sure is a cutie! Might have to go look for some of those flip flops for myself!

  9. What a precious little fellow Aiden is!

  10. Hi Karen... I think Aiden is adorable and looks very much like his Grandma...
    I wish I didn't live so far away from a JoAnne's.. I would surely get the red ones.. They are lovely.
    Have a great week.. Blessings.
    Faye / Primitive Lace

  11. I love geraniums and I can't grow them or keep them alive! That's why I go faux too! I saw those flip flops when I was shopping too. I bought some addidas so hopefully they'll be comfy.


  12. Okay, now you've got me all ready to run to Joann's for some geraniums! I'd like some for the house and also the shop. Nothing says summer more than red geraniums - real or not. Little Aiden is a doll, I'll bet you have a ball with him. Have a great week, Dawn

  13. Karen:
    Your little Aidan is sooooo sweet.. I love his smile and bright eyes.. He does have your cheeks,chin and mouth.. I know you enjoy him so much..
    I need some geraniums but do not have a Joann's close but I sure did a lot of shopping there when living in Michigan.. Only less than half/mile from home..
    Don't be too hard on " hubby" . He's a keeper.

  14. Hi Karen!....your grandson is adorable!! and those geraniums look wonderful! I'm expecting a shipment of potted ones next month and I hope they will look that good!


  15. Aiden is a real cutie!!! Love your flowers too!

  16. I already have my geraniums from Joanne's. They look so real. Last year I took them to our family plot at the cemetery. My, what a memorial statement they made at the big headstone. No watering either! LOL!

    Those sketchers look so comfy. I have heard alot of good things about them.

    Your grandson is such a cutie-pie.

    Happy spring, Karen!

  17. Love the pic of you and your grandson....and my son's name is Aidan!

  18. Hi Karen!
    That little Aiden is too sweet! Great pictures of both of you. How is his Dad doing? I think its his Dad?, that had the surgery?
    Enjoy those beautiful flowers.

  19. I love your geraniums. So summery!!! Little Aidan is a sweetie. Thanks for sharing.

  20. ohhh..I gotta go check my local joannes for some..Id admired yours a while is just adorable....and yes, a few choice words is right if my hubs pulled up my is springing here..been working in the yard the past few days..and love your new sandals...

  21. Hi Karen,
    I have, I think two potted ones from JoAnn's and love them:) I work two doors down from JoAnn's and the last time I looked they were all gone...must be more primitive women in our area than I thought.LOL

    Adian is adorable and has such a pretty Grammy!
    Have a great day,

  22. I remember when these Geraniums were all the rage on the CS Forum. I think every member on there was searching for them. I know I had to have them. JoAnn's have the best flowers don't they.
    How precious is Aidan! I think he has his grammy's smile. I cannot believe he is almost 2 already. I remember when he was born. Didn't seem like that long ago. By the way, how is Darren doing these days?
    Enjoy your day Karen,
    Hugs, AMY

  23. Hi Karen,

    Aiden is adorable! Love the picture of the two of you!♥
    Those geraniums look so real. Guess I'll have to make a trip to JoAnn's. Sorry to hear about the mishap with your Coneflowers! Poor hubby...Ed has done the same thing...only he weed-whacked a bunch of my flowers. :-(
    Enjoy your day.
    Prim Blessings,

  24. Hi Karen,
    Love the picture of you and your little man...he is so adorable..
    The geraniums look great...I bought mine a few weeks ago at Michaels for 50% off...a large hanging basket of them for 15.00...25 buds in all...
    I think all hubbys are alike...I don't let mine near my flower gardens..if I did my flowers would be gone to...Got to love them
    Have a great day and a wonderful weekend..
    Prim hugs,

  25. Good Morning Karen! *hugs*

    I love the faux geraniums. I have wanted some for the past year but always too late in finding them. Our closest JoAnn's is about a 90 minute drive. Sorry about your coneflowers. At least it was an accident. Wendell has a tendency to run over everything with his mower or the weed eater. I had one lonely clump on the outside of our fence near the mailbox and have been trying to keep a close eye out for them.

    Aidan is a cuties and he does look a lot like his grandma. I love grandbabies. Mine turned 2 last November.


  26. Aiden is such a beautiful boy. What a blessing.
    I love the geraniums. It made me want to pull mine out. Amazing what a little splash of color can do for a room and my mood.
    I am sorry hubby got carried away but if you have him helping with the weeding you are ahead of the game;)

  27. Hey Karen I have a selling blog and would love to have you put mine on your blog..I have an etsy site as well..
    Now that I am on Etsy..I don't use my general store site much..I will be happy to put your button on my selling bar..Thank you so much for helping us that make handmades get our names out there.:) have a wonderful day.:)

  28. I have the same problem as your hubby! I never know what's a weed and what's a flower....I really don't have a green thumb at all! I should really stick with flowers from JoAnns. LOL!

  29. Karen, that's so funny reading your post about the geraniums, because I was going to head over to AC Moore and pick some up for the bench in my foyer. I will definately check Joanne's first - they are very realistic!
    Have a great day,

  30. Oh My Goodness - Aidan is so adorable! What a cutie!

    Love the geraniums - I have a few myself and I love the red color in the summer. Makes we want to get mine out now!!

  31. Hi
    Aiden is precious, he looks a lot like your son! You look way to young to be grandma!

    I love the geraniums, I have some that I display inside for summer decor. I also have 3 that I leave out in the family room since everything in there is red/white/blue, more of a country look.

  32. Thanks Karen for mentioning JoAnns for those Geraniums. I stopped by on my way to work this morning and picked up a few. I love how real they look.

  33. Karen, Sorry I have not been around lately but as you know Granny went home to be with the Lord so my life is not the same. I am catching up on my favorite blogs tonight and of course I had to come here. I totally agree about facebook. I like blogging better too. I deactivated mine the night Granny passed away. I wanted to thank you for your kind words and your prayers. It means the world to me. I am still taking care of your books!! I promise. I am so stupid....I didn't realize that there was an order to them. Funny huh?

  34. Your grandson is adorable..I am off to get me some geraniums tomorrow..They look so real..

  35. Karen~

    The flowers do look real! Aidan is a cutie! I can't believe he is that big already! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  36. I am so sorry, I guess I should have continued reading :)

    I do love them so, for they do look so real!

  37. Goodness Karen, I am behind on your blog!

    I love those Geraniums, they do look real! Sorry to hear about your coneflowers. So, has hubby told you he's done helping you? Lol. Poor guy.

    Aidan is adorable! Him and I share birthdays! He is a cutie.


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